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28 Nov 2011 22:54:07
To this clown maimum or whoever it is, i read your statement of the KP being a doss hole, i nearly fell out my truk laffing, are you for real or a clown in that tin hut of a sh*t hole ground you attend, atleast we have 4 stands complete with seats, bars on most concorses, hot food in the concorses, and what do we get at blakrock sh*ty? A howlin wind with no cover, no beer at half time, not sure if you got seats now or isit still the scaffold stand? Lets face it maximoron you cant afford the trip to a quality ground, CLOWN stik to ya sh*t town sh*t ground, sh*t fans {Ed003's Note -Bloomfield Rd is actually a very nice stadium,just smaller than most clubs in the championship,It has 4 stands and good facilities(due to the prem rules) it also generates a fantastic atmosphere rather than these new soulless stadia. I dont think Blackpool FC can do much regarding the wind just like the rest of the country cant,I'm guessing you had a bad experience once}

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Oh yes very nice caravan in the scaffold stand selling prob out of date pies and burgers, p**s weak tea, coffee but hey if that's your stature of a nice stadium I'm pleased for you, but dnt call the KP when it's far far in front of tin pan alley. We once had a cow shed many moons ago

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Went to blackpool for a break last year never again what a dump

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Blackpool ground isn't bad at all, was upgraded to prem standards.
You obviously don't actually attend games, just bitch and moan.
Oh but yes, you're a crisp muncher aren't you ha ha.
One last thing, rather than coming on here talking carp, go on a spelling course you tool. MOT

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Least Maxi attends games and knows what he's talking about ( sometimes!).
Talking rubbish little fox.

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I suppose from a northerners point of view and a fan from bell end road your right, I actually like walkers crisps fella, uncle bates can't afford to put them in your luxury 1st div ground. How long did it take you to MOT out of div1 ? Let's face it rool your not famous anymore!

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Ha ha , setting off to the doss hole leicester city.
with all that money spent and with them being top of the league by a country mile , dont think we will be coming home with anything.
remember !!!!!

where is leicester ?
little doss hole between coventry and nottingham.
am coming for you crisp munchers.


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Sorry mr walkers muncher, what's a ROOL? I don't speak crisp.
Oh and yes we've spent next to nothing and are where in the league? Your 10 mill was well spent ruppet wasn't it! MOT

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Another silly little fox thinking those chumps are real madrid now they've got a bit of cash, hasn't worked so far has it ?

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My names not ruppert,, oh thats your way of spelling muppet. And you talk english haha, i love the way were hated sooooo much and all because TOPS loves walkers crisps haha, yes maximoron were near nottingham, happy hunting fella haha smh as i laff

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Bet your name is rupert and you live with your mum! ha ha back in your box silly little fox.

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The ruppet was sarcasm of your rool, you rickhead. MOT

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Grow up man if you stopped posting drivel then perhaps we get decent banter on here,by the way has all that donkey carp been cleared off the beach yet . what a mess

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You are one point above us did'nt you know that?

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Yes blackpool have spent next to nothing and came straight back down lol

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I see the green with envy boys are posting again

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Yes it's been collected and now plays for leicester.

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Really? thought hollowhead signed it up to play for you lot after all it costs nothing

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Yes ABOVE you and leeds are 2 pts ABOVE you, what part of that is difficult to understand?

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No reply ed? Hmmmmm {Ed003's Note - Reply to what ?? }

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No mate your amazing paid 5 mill for it as usual.

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Sorry ed i was busy, i checked b'pools site, their site gives pics of two stands? Their listing is six stands and two corners? Im totaly confuzed now, i remember the scaffold stand, nothing to the left {Ed001's Note - most of their Prem money went on ground improvements.}

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This is well funny. started off as i think a plymouth fan slagging a blackpool fan then out of nowhere leicester fan slaggs leeds, mate leicester is a massive dump, you spend the millions and still do not perform. spend another 15 mill in jan for mid table

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Obviously another clown from b*llend road,, read the first post and work it out,,,,, not difficult,,, or ask for some help

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Another leicester muppet, good luck blackpool, getting really sick of these crispmunchers thinking they can say whatever 'cos they've got a bit of cash, well the reality is tools, you've spent 10mill and are below us both on your second manager by november, good going lol, what's that status quo song, down down deeper and down. jog on you're boring xxx

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Yep and you read the 1st post crispmuncher and realise the little fox was wrong and a tool hence the responce, it's not difficult or shall I rewrite my post in pictures and little words fool.

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This chain of posts was started by a disrespectful fox who obviously has never been to see blackpool, he was wrong but as usual we have the rest of the leicester muppets talking drivvle.boring boring crisp munchers

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Blah blah blah, all these little people getting so worked up about Leicester is amusing. I've been to Blackpool, it's dire! Us crispmunchers (seriously, well done to whoever came up with that one) are quite enjoying ourselves atm, and it makes it all the sweeter after a win to pop in here and see you lot crying like small girls, ahhh, a nice day at the crisp factory for me today

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28 Nov 2011 21:21:36
WHO will be sacked first ??
Grayson ; Bruce or Keane it will be a close call, maybe all 3 go within 3 weeks Gj

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28 Nov 2011 21:07:35
Hibs boss Pat Fenlon to sign Graham Carey from St Mirren. Carey played for Fenlon as Bohemians

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28 nov 2011 21:02:30
rip gary speed. a true gentleman, and a great professional. he will be sadly missed.

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28 Nov 2011 19:35:58
John Hartson is going to be the next wales manager. It is believed to Welsh FA wanted to appoint a person close to Speed to replace him and Hartson seems like the most likely candidate.

RIP Gary Speed - Forever a Legend

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28 Nov 2011 19:44:04
why do wolves fan have to put up with mad mick ,he sgould go ,along with moxey, no idea its looking very dark at wolves untill somthing happens get mick out that would be a good start

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Cos he's the only one that'll manage you.

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Whatever happens dont recall Ashley Hemmings, at our lowly level that boy is mustard! Bryher Pilgrim

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28 Nov 2011 17:26:12
Tim Cahill to Celtic

Harry Redknapp to be next England Manager

and Assistant will be David Beckham

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Cahill to Celtic, ha ha, his career isn't over quite yet

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28 Nov 2011 16:50:35
Southend United duo Ryan Hall and Anthony Grant to sign at the opening of the January Transfer Window for Swindon Town for £125,000 plus Michael Timlin.

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28 Nov 2011 14:20:54
I see the silly season is fully underway again, this site should be called the Christmas wish list page lol.

Man City may well have an endless pit of cash but I can tell you now for a fact that Lionel Messi will NEVER play for Man Sh***y while he has a hole in his a*m.

I know this because I do a sandwich round every day and I always stop at the Camp Nou at 10am every weekday morning. Whilst purchasing my goods Leo always stops for a quick fag and a chat and has indicated that hus prefered destination would infact be Bristol City as its much the same as Barcelona. (in so much as they both begin with a B, and are both cities in Europe, oh and both have water and electricity)

Fact is Barcelona nor real madrid are likely to seel anyone to Man City, unless they simply aren't needed and they certainly won't want to make citeh any stronger while weakening their own teams. Ronaldo to Man City? Yeah right ok then.

Most probably city will but Cavani, Lavezzi, Hamsik and Inler from Napoli for £975,000,000 or something stupi in January. Sadly tho I will say this I think this year is gonna be Sh***y's year.

Stick to Fifa and Championship Managerif you wanna see the worlds 2 best players in a citeh shirt people.


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28 Nov 2011 12:11:29
Aston Villa are set to hold talks with a number of players over the next few weeks after bids have been accepted for players, for moves in the January transfer window.
Alex McLiesh is keen on bringing Bolton midfielder Fabrcie Muamba to the club. Muamba is currently unhappy at Bolton after feeling that they are underachieving and feels a move to a club with ambition to get into Europe is a must if he gets the opportunity. Muamba is expected to cost Villa around £3.5 million.
Another player interesting Villa is Fulham right back Stephen Kelly. Kelly is worth by Martin Jol at around £6 million and McLeish is keen on bringing Kelly into a setup to push for European football, if a fee around £4.5 million can be arranged.
Stoke City forward Cameron Jerome is wanted by McLeish. Jerome isn't getting much first team football at City since joining them in the summer and Villa hope they can get the former Birmingham striker on loan.
Another former Birmingham player interesting McLeish is Sunderland's Sebastian Larsson. Another one that joined his respective club in the summer but could leave in January. Larsson was promised by Steve Bruce that their club can push towards Europe but with them languising at the wrong side of the table, Villa could make a bid of around £5 million. A double deal could be on the cards after Craig Gardner also made a statement saying he felt Sunderland was underachieving and was also promised the shot at European football.
If Blackburn continue to struggle, Villa could make a bid for defender Scott Dann. Dann was wanting a move to Rovers to push his name into England contention but with Blackburn being at the foot of the table, Dann might want a move away.
Another defender interesting McLeish is Wolves defender Roger Johnson. Johnson is currently happy at Wolves but has made a number of very strong performances. The defender is wanting an England call up and may jump at the chance to join Villa with McLeish offering the chance of a push at European football.
Finally, McLeish could raid his former club and Villa's main rivals, Birmingham City. Defenders Stephen Carr, David Murphy and Liam Ridgewell is on his shortlist whilst midfielder Keith Fahey is also interesting Villa.

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This is just tripe linking Villa with ex-Blues players. if you are going to make stuff up at least have a bit of imagination. More imagination than the Villa midfield at least.

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28 Nov 2011 11:16:03
R.I.P Gary Speed. Thoughts are with family. Is such a tragic lost, you were a great person and footballer/manager. You were doing a great job for Wales. You will be truly missed.

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28 Nov 2011 11:09:59
24 hours on and still can't believe Gary Speed has gone. A true Leeds United legend as you were to all the other teams you played for and an upcoming, young manager that Wales can be proud of. Thoughts are with his family and friends. This saturday Leeds will give you a minute silence in your honour, Millwall fans play the game and respect his friends and family, saturday is not about us, its about GARY SPEED RIP.


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28 Nov 2011 11:08:26
mick mcCarthy to get the sack (hopefully)

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Be careful what you wish for!

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Wolves 0-1 Sunderland 04/12/11
Sessegnon 90+3pen

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28 Nov 2011 10:48:49
Having lost someone close to suicide this year I know how painful an experience it is. Suicide has a devastating affect on those left behind, who will always believe they should have helped/known/done more. Rest in peace Gary Speed, God bless his family and friends.

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Really nice sentiment, depression is a terrible illness and everyones thoughts should be with his family at this time

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28 Nov 2011 10:41:43
Another 4 0 win for Charlton tonight!

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What are you on? Close game I think but Town to edge it 2-1.

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Huddersfield last 6 games W 3 D 2 L1 GF 10 (Av 1.6/game) GA 9 (Av 1.5/game)

Charlton last 6 games W 6 D 0 L 0 GF 20 (Av 3.3/game) GA 3 (Av 0.5/game)

What am I on? Cloud 9 :D

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Well 2-0 so maybe just cloud 8

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You may have won the battle but you won't win the war.

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28 Nov 2011 02:10:59
A huge loss for Garys kids and wife and parents. For me a consummate professional which the worlds lost a very genuine human being. Wishing mrs gary speed a long life.

RIP Gary speed

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How come this mighty unbeaten run in a nothing league of Huddersfield Town has failed to see them WIN anything???

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Be fair they are third!

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Dont think the play off final should be at Wembley. Its like a home game for Town

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28 Nov 2011 00:41:28
I am sure i speak for all millwall fans in paying respect for gary speed. A great man. It is a sad day.

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