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28 Jul 2012 16:20:05
Sources close to the club have mentioned that Watford FC may well build a new stadium instead of redeveloping the current stadium within the next 5 years

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28 Jul 2012 15:02:17
almunia and hall still on the pfa
transfer list as of 14.40 today so
rumours that they have signed seem
untrue {Ed001's Note - the PFA list can be a little slow to update.}

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28 Jul 2012 14:17:40
10 million plus for ashley williams

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28 Jul 2012 12:23:36
{Ed053's Note - new player profile on Jamie Ness, check out one of Stokes new additions on

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Who is Jamie Ness, any relation to Loch.... relegation here we come

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28 Jul 2012 11:11:30
my premier league prediction:

1) Man City
2) Chelsea
3) Man U
4) Aresnal
5) Spurs
6) Liverpool
7) Newcastle
9) Aston Villa
10) Everton
12) Sunderland
13) Reading
14) Swansea
15) QPR
16) Wigan
17) Southamton
18) West brom
19) Stoke
20) West Ham

FA cup: spurs
League cup: Liverpool
Champions league: bayern

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You can't count mate that's 19 teams.

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Swap 20th with 17th

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Villa fan hoping for results i see

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What about fulham and norwich? My head was fizzin then I couldn't work it out

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2 teams missing 8 & 11

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I know Norwich are bad but to not even give them 20th is harsh

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Think you forgot 8th place and Norwich but you can put them in west ham position

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Norwich & fulham ?

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Aload of rubbish the three smallest clubs will go down reading qpr wigan

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Obviously a reading fan done this absolute dreamers no fans or idea

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See you've done the right thing and left norwich out,lol

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You missed Norwich

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West ham dead certs for relegation along with southampton and reading.Norwich cannot be that bad because they were 12th last season.They changed manager thats all.It won't make any difference.

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18 Reading
19 Soton
20 Norwich

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28 Jul 2012 10:22:59
Portsmouth are goners.

They won't start the season, therefore the side that finishes in 21st place in League 1 will be safe from relegation.

Portsmouth Town FC will start in the Southern League in 2013-14, ground-sharing with Havant & Waterlooville, whilst Fratton Park gets sold for housing.

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^^ nothing better to do and write rubbish then lol quessing your a saint, be good to see what the score will be ermmm man city 6-0 saints i reckon ;)

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I hope Portsmouth do fold. They're a dreadful team, theyve lingered on for the last few seasons. They only have themselves to blame. Poor ownership and disgraceful over seas investment. I for one am sick of hearing about them. I hope all clubs that uave foreign investment fold over the next few years...selling your club to foreigners is asking for trouble. It's o nly a matter of time before they become bored and pull out. Would love it to happen to Man City,Chelsea,Watford,Forest,Sunderland,Leeds and Newcastle(just cos they think they're big when they're not) {Ed025's Note - you really are a nasty piece of work..

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Since when has current Leeds owner Kenneth Bates being a foreigner, lol. He might still keep the club yet.
I hope Portsmouth do survive, I feel sorry for the supporters having been through the same with Leeds. At the end of the day the fans didn't ask, nor did they have a say in the poorly run finances.
Bet last poster is a fan of someone like Wigan, or maybe Darlingto,. with their hatred of Newcastle and sunderland, and their jealousy of foreign owners with lots of cash.

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There is a difference between good foreign owners and bad. AS far as i can see Ellis short has spent more money than bob murray did for his whole tenure, clampet

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6 - 0 to Cithee, at least we're there again fella, please write some more inane non contributory drivel...COYRs

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* Leeds and Newcastle (cos they think they're big when they're not) not because they're foreign owned! Ed,I'm not a nasty piece if work, I'm like every other football fan. I follow a team passionately, I dislike a host of clubs for various reasons. I personally feel foreign investment is de-personalizing our football clubs and selling off years of history. Its not jealously of their investment. Man city for example have for the majority been in man utds shaddow. They hated what they stood for, with their new foreign investment they are now the type of club they stood against for so long. They've sold out and lost their tradition and history. I challenge you to admit you don't have a hatred of various clubs or dislike the foreign investors that use our clubs as a hobby or a new toy. Pompey would be better to fold and start again as a newco their fans would stick by them and they would eventually get back into the football league. A new club creating a new history..hopefully learning lessons from past foreign investors. {Ed025's Note - i can see some of your points mate...but im afraid time has moved on...and wishing misfortune to other just not on!!

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Your not a real football fan there are you wishing a club to fold, just put your self in pompeys fans shoe`s not there fault how owners have run the club im a pompey fan and i dont want to hear about that sort of news all the time but thats how it is but in a few days the 4 players left will be sold and a deal for pompey will go through then put it all behind us , any way your club might be in a bad pos one day or it might already have , thanks ed025`s nice to see some one stick up for pompey on here

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28 Jul 2012 09:48:38
Nigel Adkins has said to the bbc that southampton will be sighing more players before the first game of the season and he pointed out some storys have been made up and others could be true or close to the mark so watch this space!!

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Most of the stories are made up by their daft, deluded fans.

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Most moronic comments are made up by daft deluded individuals who dont post thier club aligience....COYRs

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28 Jul 2012 09:40:43
Not heard these rumours but why would we resign Mpenza when the last time he was here he did nothing but contribute to financially ruining us with his big headed wage demands.
We know we won't break the bank with wages especially for an over rated has been who still rates himself highly

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28 Jul 2012 01:28:50
we all know mcdermott said no more transfers for now but i still think we will snap up 2 more players long 6m antons treat and a player like gunnarson who can play cm cdm rb cb

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27 Jul 2012 23:17:11
Any wigan athletic news Ed? {Ed025's Note - check the wigan page mate..its all there..

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