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28 Dec 2012 22:19:06
What a dog Chris wood has turned out to be after being loaned out to millwall and saying he would love to stay there then to sign for Leicester to sit on the bench millwall built there team around him and offered exactly the same deal as Leicester no loyalty in the game and I am a west brom fan

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Millwall's bid was never accepted thats coming from their own website that they would offer no more than £1 million so how can the offers be the same

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31 Dec 2012 16:27:34
yh what a dog! Defo mate the wrong choice there didnt he mate? Leicester or Tin Pot Millwall? 99% of ppl would choose thd BIGGER club with the best chance of premier league football


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Mr west brom...why would any team
build a team around a loan player?
and chris wood sit on the bench at leicester ..wrong again..
same deal as leicester .wrong again..
westbrom1-2 fulham right...


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28 Dec 2012 20:59:42
Reading fc will make no permanent signings in jan any deals will be loan with subject to permanent transfers in the summer depending on what division they will be in

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28 Dec 2012 19:05:14
Cant see who will want CMS - his first touch is usually wayward, he has got no control, can't pass to save his life and doesn't score enough goals. Can run fast though!

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Should fit in well at norwich then

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10 goals in 23 aint bad, considering Cms isnt a typical lone striker which is how he is bein deployed by gus. He is better when running into the channels or onto through balls. I feel that at another team he will get the service h needs. Would love him to stay with us though!

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28 Dec 2012 14:53:34
Nigel Pearson has put together a good team but needs to add another striker (Woods) and a keeper to put Casper under pressure, Hulls keeper could be the man............

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What do you mean good team?

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And why would hull let you have their keeper, considering they have a better chance of promotion than fester

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How do they have a better chance? in no way atall do they!

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28 Dec 2012 14:53:23
PAFC board should be making a move for Sean O`driscoll for position as development of football. Would be ideal to get Argyle back to where we belong (championship side) and not languishing in Div 2. He would know a lot of players available from Forest & Doncaster etc. What do fellow greens think?

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I agree that this would be a good move. Argyles form picked up last year when he mentored Fletch. Also hope Macca deal can be sorted - he has agreed, and wants to come. Bryher Pilgrim.

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You are where you should be now ..... and next season you will be in the Conference .... !

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28 Dec 2012 12:20:33
Jeff Bonser lacks ambition at Wallsall needs to sell to someone who wants to take the club forward and does not mind investing in player recruitment

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28 Dec 2012 12:06:58
ferguson gets away with ranting and raving at the refs while other managers get charged, any1 would think david gill was a on the fa board as well as being at manchecter united

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28 Dec 2012 10:21:15
O'Driscoll, Matteo, Phil Brown, Mark Hughes or Paul Jewell ? I think Hughes needs to build his management career and perhaps lowest team in championship is a good starting point for him. Man United: Steve Mclaren, Joe Jordan, Steve Coppell all been there so plenty of phone calls and advice available to him. Anyone seen him in Bristol recently ?

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28 Dec 2012 10:14:38
BLACKBURN: Jurdan Ali an indian coach currently running a Dagenham community team is in line for a move to Ewood Park. Blackburn becoming a joke and its the VENKYS that need to move on. Div 1 looming and becoming a reality the more they try and do 'their own thing'.

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28 Dec 2012 02:54:41
So much for Beckford going to Leeds :-) was always going to stay at htafc.

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Leeds were never after Beckford , he was good for us in lge 1 , and will do ok for you, he's found his level with you , which i believe to be bottom half of championship/top half lge 1, it was a minority of Leeds fans that kept on about him. we already have better in Luciano and Ross , and will buy again, i repeat BUY, in january.

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Obviously dogbotherer as he has already played for 2 clubs this season

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Why would anyone go to a small club like Leeds with very poor support and heading for league 1 soon

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Who will sign for Leeds a selling club that gets stuffed most weeks

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He's hardly been prolific the past 2 seasons has he ?
if SG doesnt bring some decent signings in january i can see you back in league 1

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You dog botherers are funny, small club, lol, selling club, lol, keep up corgi boy, thats old news , we're rich , and as last week proved , still the best support . stuffed most weeks?, before the blip at forest we were the form team in the lge, and who stuffed udders a few weeks ago, oh yea, THE MIGHTY WHITES , LOL

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Uddersfield has i like to call them are a selling club firstly peltier then pilkington and then add to that rhodes how can you call leeds a selling club.

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Why would anyone go to leeds small club with poor support yeah and you poodles can talk you couldnt even sell out for your cup final against us need i say more mot4life.

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Heading for league one soon well where above you in the league so we cant be doing that bad can we lol

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27 Dec 2012 23:14:37
Absolute disgrace if Ferguson gets away with his childish behaviour in the game against Newcastle. Screaming at the ref,linesman and 4th official over something he was totally wrong about. The man is a FOOL who has had a hold on the old farts at the FA and its about time he was sent to the stand( or his greenhouse) for the rest of the season. A joke and an embarressment to the premier league.

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How the fa have jet him get away with what he did on boxing day, they have let every referee down in this country

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It is well known that 70 year old men can regress and act in a childish way. He should be treated with sympathy and be put out to grass. He is sometimes becoming a characture of himself and the sooner he steps down the more likely the memories of him in a footballing sense will be creditable to him.
There must be more fine wines still to try.

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He maybe not everyones cup of tea, but Alex Furguson a fool? I don't think so, and I'm not a Man U fan.

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If the boot was on the other foot, and man utd were allowed the goal, he would of said absolutely----- nothing. {Ed025's Note - your right..

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