Football Banter Archive September 27 2012


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27 Sep 2012 13:12:30
On trial Etienne Esajas is very good at
scoring from free kicks & long range.
Very good reports about him from
Sheff Weds supportors. Would be
good signing when fully fit.

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27 Sep 2012 08:23:10
couple of points !

newcastle fan... yes its the pie and pea
cup so dont go !!!!!!

hudderfield fan...
i didnt post nothing about rhodes ..
just about your rubbishe support at wembley
and keith southern being crap..the last
bit came back to haunt me ...
you played very well ... but this was the
back 4 that played in the prem and
conceded 80+ goals .. holloway
sometimes loses the plot..

oh and the last bit ..if any of your fans
need a job .. they could always try
working for star wars .. in one of there
bars as an extra....ive been to matches
for many years .. and never seen more
ugly looking of them had two heads
or it was a large spot.

finally i walked out after 55 mins .. the worst
ive seen blackpool play in 6 years ..
and on the other side of the coin ..the
best away team at bloomfield since
leicester came last year..


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You're funny ...not.
Leave before the end??
Our support rubbish, look at your own attendances.
What a beautful lot you are over on the Fylde coast, how sad you are.
At least you hold your hand up to the result, and yes it is a one off game and I'm not getting carried away.

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