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27 Nov 2012 23:26:47
Sheffield Wednesday chairman Milan Mandaric will hold talks with Dave Jones Thursday morning regarding the future of the club. Jones is expected to be sacked with two names already being lined up to replace the former Wolves man.
Wales manager Chris Coleman could potentially hold talks with Mandaric over the next week or so after declaring his desire to get back into full time management.
The favourite though is Graham Westley. The Preston manager is wanted as Mandaric wants a no nonsense boss to put some heart into the players. {Ed003's Note - lmfao}

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27 Nov 2012 22:26:30
I thought the Leeds fans said once the takeover happens they would fill there little ground because they are massive with world wide support 17000 against Leicester lol

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Our little ground will be full to the rafters very soon mr jealous,but nice to see you are so interested in the mighty whites,another leeds admirer i think, who do u support

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A lot of fans are still staying away because bates is staying as chairman. If you go on a lot of the fans forums fans are still saying they wont go back till uncle Ken is gone completely. Look back 3 seasons ago when we (Leeds) were back in the third tier we were averaging over 28,000. I know personally a few fans who have been going to Elland road for over 20 years that wont step foot in the place till Bates goes, yet they go to every away game. last season leeds Utd officially had the highest away support outside the prem, just higher than West Ham. garyd

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Delia smith is buying shares ,so there can be job share amougst players between norwich

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Your little ground will never be full in league 1 and trust me no one is jealous of you 17000 lol

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Silly me, i thought we were in the championship, oh we are, and we have the 11th biggest ground in the uk,far bigger than carrot road, so that blows the 'little' bit out of the water, so i guess it is jealousy,,oh, and we have the wealthiest owner in the championship, considerably richer than delia, so does your childish sniping bother leeds fans, yes, we are deeply hurt ,lol MOT, and trust you ?, wouldn't trust you with your granny

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Bates still owns the assetts so you have your excuse to stay at home and watch man u on tv wearing a rooney shirt,

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What's with this we have the 11th biggest ground we have this we have that we are massive think about it you may as well cut your ground down to 20000 and hope the away fans bring 5000 that's the only chance you have with filling your little ground

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Its obviously not a little ground ,whether theres 4000 or 40000, dosent change the fact that we have the 11th biggest ground in uk, you don't say who u support, but jealous fans never do, or they just make up who they follow

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Leeds united are still every teams cup final need i say more! {Ed003's Note - certainly not my cup final mate.}

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Utterly deluded leeds fan you have to laugh.i think man u man city arsenal chelsea are other clubs cup final,leeds are totaly unimportant.

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What's the point in saying that your just digging a hole for yourself who cares if your the 11th biggest ground the fact is you can't fill it and the fact you keep saying that your just trying to convince yourself and trust me your no ones cup final your a little fish with little support

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Little support funny you never metioned what team you support isnt it leeds and proud of it

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Im guessing you support the mighty terriers then a club that has to rely on away fans to fill there ground for them mot4life

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Kens stadium has 23,000 empty seats at every game,did you say mighty leeds,lol.

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Mighty LEEDS on the march , don't see anyone saying who they support, we are MASSIVE , love the jealousy

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Obviously you care that we have the 11th biggest ground in the uk, as you keep replying , but you don't say who you support, are you embarrassed, must be a townie MOT

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27 Nov 2012 20:55:49
Beckham to QPR a possibility after Victoria Beckham has been
Looking around schools in south west London

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27 Nov 2012 13:18:44
Despite being a Norwich fan I do not want Ipswich to go down. I would prefer to see Ipswich in the PL so we can have some great derby matches. Success or failure all comes from the boardroom and chief exec. Somehow you have got to sort that out. In the mean time to survive you might have to swallow your pride as ITFC fans. You cannot buy all the players you need to survive, so loans are inevitable. In the New Year Norwich will have some great players coming back from loans elsewhere - you could do much worse! Players like Jacob Butterfield and Simon Lappin who are highly motivated and professional unlike your current crew. There could be advantages for both clubs in local loans.

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27 Nov 2012 09:09:54
dont lid yourselfs the Bradford board will cash in for £500.000, FACT

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