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27 Aug 2011 19:49:34
Bristol City .F.C have turned down a 4th offer from Leicester City valued at 6.5mil with add ons. Time to realise Sven how does the song go=

Sven Sven Sven your not getting him lol.
Sorry Leicester fans but let's face it not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4 times you've tried to buy our star striker but you're just not big enough to get him. Were struggling in the league just as much as you but we haven't spent a small fortune on so called proven players.

Tell Sven if he wants to bid a 5th time 10Mil should seal the deal & he can personally pay the 20% sell on clause to crew as a good will gesture ..

The other thing is Nicky Maynard can not I'll say again can not leave on a free in January.
He has 1 year left on his contract with Bristol City that's 12 months not 5 months.

If a Prem club comes knocking for him in the January transfer market they better be ready to pay big bucks if Nicky doesn't take the deal offered to him by BCFC.

whey well said mate but we better sell him in january for over 7.5m, cant afford to let him go for free. LEICSTER FANS GET IT IN TO YOUR HEAD YOU AINT GETTING HIM AND YOUR MULTIMILLION SIDE LOST TO US 2-1

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It sounds like leicester fans are as thick as chelsea fans when it comes to understanding the words not for sale

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Umm, i thought Football clubs bought and sold players, not the fans? Maybe that's why Bristol City are potless, they've been waiting for the fans to stump up some cash but the fans don't go to games anymore and prefer to post on here instead, that's why BC are selling Maynard to Leicester, it's your own fault.

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27 Aug 2011 17:56:01
Have southampton still got that funny statue out side the ground

I can never remember if it is Charlie Drake or Ted Rogers of 321 who was southamptons biggest fan

Have you seen it its hilarious

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It ted bates you tw@t the man that the skates booed through his minute silence

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27 Aug 2011 17:40:58
Dear Southampton

Your Reference: We're going to beat Leicester

Thank you for the 3pts and for allowing us to laugh at you whilst you were losing in the rain.

We think Lambert is absolutely smashing and he'll be welcome at our house anytime, tell him that next time, we'll provide both the Cows Arse AND the Banjo, maybe he'll have better luck hitting one with the other next time.

Best regards

Leicester City x

NB: That Lallalallalallaalla fella, were you joking when you said he was the best player in the Championship? Gelson Fernandes made him look very average, maybe he just doesn't like the rain?

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Im pretty sure lallana tore your defence apart the in the second half but fair play to schmeichel and leicester, with the amount of money you've spent and with the blatant foul on lambert for your 3rd goal i dont think you have any right to brag

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27 Aug 2011 16:19:54
Maynard off injured with a hamstring injury. Thats his transfer to Leicester gone for a burton then

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I doubt it, moderate injuries heal quickly, don't fret, he'll be in a Leicester shirt before Wednesday.

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27 Aug 2011 13:01:35
Anyone know what music Newcastle come out to? I wanna download it

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Theme to benny hill mate

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27 Aug 2011 14:57:25
Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, there has been a lot said on here from Saints, Wolves, West Brom and other fans whose the biggest club.

Well to be frank, non of our teams have a scratch on the following when comparing them like for like against teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Man Utd and so on.

But for each of the true supporters their team is always the best - which of course is true.

Yes granted Wolves have won trophies.

West Brom have won trophies.

The question is when. By gone years have past and its what happens now today and tomorrow that counts.

Yes, I'm a true Southampton fan but i'm relistic that we will loose games this season.

But from the moment southampton the club where relegated through no fault of theirs. It was the holding company.

The team hasn't looked back.

We started our - 09/10 season in division 1 with a -10 point penalty and we almost made the play offs that season but we did win a cup (to you a micky mouse one, but we WON it).

Last year - 10/11 season we finished 2nd and gained promotion (Check out or stats).

This year - 11/12 season we have got off to a very good start.

So that is why Saints fans are happy.

No one knows what will happen in the future, but seeing the last two home games i have every faith in the management that the goals set by our departed Chairman and Owner will happen.

With the 5 extra players that the management are trying to get, the squad will become one of the strongest in the division and with a bit of luck that all teams require we might get promoted again.

So gentlemen lets seeing what happens.

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West Brom fan here, I think I can comment on behalf of most of our fans when I say " we have better things to concearn ourselves with" if saints and dingles want to continue the pi**ing contest, go ahead. There are and always will be many bigger teams than us put together. Just rejoice in the fact ghat you support your local team and move on

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Leicester fan here, could you possibly publish the abridged version only i keep nodding off. I think the problem is that you think anyone else cares about your squabbles, get over yourself and lighten up you turnip - now look what you've made me do, i've never called anyone a turnip before, i hope you're pleased with yourself.

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The above information I think was given to stop all you idiots out there having a go at Southampton.
But I see it hasn't worked.
Feel sorry for the guy who wrote it as he explained it very well for the non Saints supporters to understand.
At least in future when chatting about Saints get your facts right.
A football support who enjoys watching great football what ever team it is.

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27 Aug 2011 12:11:38
Hi Ed whats the chances of signing both Cissoko and Pieters as we seem to be in for both of them? Is Pardew looking for Pieters to cover centre half as well? Also i here we have met Nolan Rouxs release clause, whats he like as i have never seen him play? {Ed025's Note - sorry mate i cant help im it on the newcastle rumours page...they will sort you out..

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27 Aug 2011 10:48:13
Hello all blue noses.
EFC are on the verge of imploding through lack of funds and lack of new talent. Unless BK can relinquish the reins and sell, EFC will do nothing.
I hear and see rumours on here all the time. EFC linked with him and him and the over paid telentless him. Unless we sell and sell big, I mean may be Jags or Mikel then we are stagnent. does anyone out see a bright future this season for EFC or am I alone. Where is the money coming from for these so-called offers like SWP etc.
DM in my mind is a great Manager, a bit too defensive but still a great Manager who likes to blood the kids but he's only brought in 1 so far. Where's the rest? Do we all think the team/squad is getting old and stale? DM's hands are tied with the finacial restraints we all know that. So, any thoughts on his thoughts? Will he stay or go for a bigger and better challenge. With more to offer, he just might. Man Utd keep (apparently) touting him as the next SAF. Big challenge, do you think.
I love EFC but I must face reallity. We are done
Your thoughts.What do you think Ed?

Marky Marc {Ed025's Note - i am a blue mark...and i have to agree with you...if we start selling the big names...we are doooomed..i say dooooomed

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27 Aug 2011 09:16:03
Are the Ipswich fans trying to convince the Ipswich fans or the Millwall fans who is better?

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27 Aug 2011 08:58:33
Wolves are a bigger club then Southampton Haha Don't make me laugh I support Middlesborough and even I know that is completely wrong Wolves have no ambition, anything above the bottom three will do them, Southampton on the other hand are one of the few clubs at the minute who are heading in the right direction, financially, on the pitch, and ambition wise. I heard that when that old Swiss guy( name escapes me) died he said to Nicola Cortese to not stop till Southampton win the premier league, Cortese replied, " no I'm gonna win the champions league" Southampton have a great fanbase and facilities, I respect Wolves but Southampton are definitely bigger.

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Both are small clubs when you compare them with man utd,arsenal,liverpool, and in fact i think i could name a few more, chelsea,spurs,man city,newcastle,sunderland,everton,villa. both wolves and southampton are tiny,cant remember the last time either was a force in english football,won a trophy or even played in a european cup tournament,so get over it,and as far as who is bigger,go find a quiet place,and compare what you have between your legs,saves time.

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I dont think he was saying that they are bigger than those clubs and they are not small clubs

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The last time saints played in an European tournament was the 03/04 season

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27 Aug 2011 08:42:13
26 Aug 2011 18:28:28
With all the recent additions to their squad, Ipswich are far better than Millwall. FACT.
YOU lot need it FACT what is your next result 8-0 to them

Look not sure where this began but lets not encourage each other. I could not care less about Millwall but equally not going to get in to a my daddy is bigger than yours slanging match. First person person for writing it second and person for replying, end of. Any more news on the Roberge to Ipswich rumours anyone?

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27 Aug 2011 01:37:26

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Sky only care for viewing figures and sponsors,the facts are most people would rather watch wigan v bolton than watch hibs v dundee utd and sponsors know that and pay more for that fact.

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Vast customer base? You're having a laugh surely? There are about 3.5m people in Scotland, all the rest of them live in England where they can make a living... why should Sky bust a nut to please 3.5m when they have 50m+ across the border in mighty England?

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Aye mighty england here is a sum for you. what is 1m scots 38 quid a month work out over a year? i hope the 50m+ are more brighter than you.

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27 Aug 2011 00:54:00
i would be suprised if he ended up in the premier league
maybe chelsea if modric dont sign
to much for spurs to old and expensive for man u
not needed at city
says it all really
arsenal and spurs cant afford his wages either

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27 Aug 2011 00:16:03
Liverpool are in chelseas shadow. FACT. Liverpool won't come in the top 4. FACT. Anfield is like a library. FACT. Carroll is going to be gash this season. FACT.

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I'd agree with all of that. Chelsea for the title. Has it been 21 years since liverpool won it??

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I think liverpool are jealous of chelsea. No doubt we will poach suaraez off them at the end of the season. They can keep donkey carroll

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You boys keep missing one thing
man utd . best team and will win prem
2nd man city
3rd chelsea
4th liverpool
5th spurs
6th arsenal
7th hearts (ha ha ha ah)


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One thing is certain and that is liverpool won't win the league. Good luck to bolton tomorrow. Hope you win at the dump.

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Chelsea rangers chelsea rangers oh oh oh :) both champions both rule britain

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I support neither chelsea or liverpool , but to say liverpool are in chelsea's shadow is laughable,right now and for the past 8 years,chelsea have been bankrolled by a very rich russian,chelsea would never have won the league without the russian,so therefore the fact it was only done cos of a very rich sugar daddy shows that its chelsea that are in the shadows,when chelsea can do it without the russian, then and only then can chelsea come out of the shadow,same goes with man city and their rich arabs.

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