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26 Jul 2012 22:13:20
Fulham just been given planning permission for new stand COYW

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26 Jul 2012 21:18:13
leeds must love portsmouth 4 signings

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26 Jul 2012 20:51:51
In an interview on Thursday, former Pompey administrator Andrew Androniko who is now representing Ben Haim, added a compromise was close to being completed with the defender.

"I am deeply concerned about the immediate future of the club," Androniko told The News.

"But I am convinced that if both parties, the club and the players, can come to the table and stop conducting such personal negotiations through the media, a compromise will be reached."

He added that the club were within £250,000 of reaching an agreement with Ben Haim.

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26 Jul 2012 20:45:43
Dan if norwich is a small club so is southampton are turn over in championship was more than yours. And we have smaller ground to. Looking forward to are trip to hampshire this season

Ncfc matt

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26 Jul 2012 19:56:00
Just to clear things up, Lens said in an interview that if PSV wanted to sell him (accept a bid), he would leave but if they wanted to keep him (reject any saints bid), he would be happy to stay, he wants first team football and seems very professional, which is good if saints can sign him. according to dutch papers PSV would be willing to let him go for 10 mil euros, just over 8 million pound, but I'm sure southampton are negotiating the best deal possible which they always do, if they don't think the player is worth that much they will look for other targets.

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26 Jul 2012 19:34:16
Blackburn's Steven Nzonzi is on his way to spanish side Sevilla on a season-long loan. Rovers have put in a recall clause to get him back in January and try and sell him then.


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26 Jul 2012 19:12:07
Average away supporters,

The Mighty Southampton - 2,311
The Skates - 1,166

face boys you could not pack a suitcase let alone The Park

Romsey Boy

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Lufc 5,244 in lg1

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You dont sing tho lol

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26 Jul 2012 19:07:53
Coys i dont have problem with you taking piss out portsmouth some of your fans have to be told what u lot and few others have is no diffrent. Do all you lot in southhampton talk like m channon. Greay player sounds like farmer

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Can you write that in English please - and I would be pleased to reply. Oh and by the way mighty Mick played for Saints, but he was from Wiltshire so don?「どィび「t really understand the farmer thing you?「どィび「ve got going on, but I guess you?「どィび「d recognise that country drool?「どィャカ.chirp chirp and ring the bell?「どィャカ.COYRs

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26 Jul 2012 18:55:28
Norwich are unlikely to sign Curtis Davies as they are set to sign Michael turner

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26 Jul 2012 18:13:53
It's funny now that Robert Snodgrass is leaving Leeds,he is no longer a decent player.I'm sure if they were Premier league it would be different.Same bitter Leeds managed by a bitter manager.If promises are made and not kept there can be no complaints.

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Snodgrass is a decent player ,thats all he will ever be , good enough for norwich,but when u get relegated we will just say told you so .and you know sod all of what was promised,he got greedy ,norwich got stupid and we got 3 mill,happy days

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26 Jul 2012 17:57:02
Colchester United fan here, just came over to say many of the U's fans I've spoken to are deeply saddened by what has happened to Portsmouth FC as a very built community town we know how important a football club is to everyone involved. Best wishes to the club, the fans and the young generation of players that will have to fill the gap for Portsmouth. Hope to be seeing a many few down at ours for the second game of the season, it may not seen like it but every proper football is behind you! Again best wishes and all the best for the future of not just Portsmouth but the heritage of English football

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26 Jul 2012 17:56:44
So let me get this right , schalke , hamburg , roma n spanish teams have all tabled bids of around 7m for Joselu , yet a weat ham fan thinks he will go to them for just over 4m? Get real , if he has any ambition why would he join big (corrupt) sams rug sorry football team . You're a yoyo club who are not bothering any of the premier league . You will end up with kenwyn jones n james collins .

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26 Jul 2012 16:44:41
David Norris signing for Leeds subject to medical. He joins ex Pompey players Ashdown, Pearce, Varney, Brown and Webber. So Pompey will survive, they are just moving to Yorkshire. Warnock always wanted to be Pompey manager

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Webber doesnt play for leeds , muppet

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26 Jul 2012 16:40:07
To those Derby Fans thinking we are
Done in Transfer market are wrong.
Quotes Taken from Clough and Glick
state they see good deals can be
done later on in the WIndow.

They still need

Left back
Centre Back Cover
Right mid Cover
1-2 Strikers

4 Trialists are with them currently
all 18 and none of them play in the
Posistions we need so they will
be for the future not first team.

Some of the players will be scouted
at the Olympics.
with the source saying they are
looking at players from senegal,
japan and Uruguay.

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26 Jul 2012 15:41:28
we need a striker (shrewsbury) any1 have any clue who yet?? i'm thinking roque santa cruz maybe or

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26 Jul 2012 15:16:36
As a long time suffering West Ham fan I
can't help wonder why We would spend
£18m on Carroll when the same money
would secure Joselu who is very highly
rated, Luc Castaignos and Miguel Torress

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26 Jul 2012 14:00:46
Del and Rodney to join Liam Trotter at Brighton on Friday 27th july

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Marlene and Raquel await with baited breath...COYRs

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Ha ha nice one DH

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Marlene? Wouldt think she would give a s**t. Cassandra might though!

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26 Jul 2012 13:46:52
Official Paul Anderson signed for Bristol city
This morning...formerly at Nottingham
Forrest , Swansea ,Liverpool and westbrom
He has played for England u19s he is 24
And has played 105 times in his Carear
And scored 15...

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26 Jul 2012 13:38:28
I would personally go for Cavani,Azpil and maybe Witsel to come in..thats what we still need i feel only if meireles leaves we buy Witsel

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26 Jul 2012 13:12:05
To ipwich fan who posted 1400 hours yesterday. We buy players from leeds becuse they are good enough to play in prem . Unlike ipswich who dont have one player good enough to get in our team, i would spend your time helping jewell find away to lift your team out of the bottom half championship ist time in years. Sort out your 70 million debt. Let us worry about norwich.

Ncfc matt

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I think you will find they are good in the championship next season

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"They are good in the championship next season"
They are good NEXT season?
That makes no sense

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26 Jul 2012 12:54:43
Rangers Newco to take advantage of Pompey's dire situation and petition the Football League for membership. Obviously a long way to go and there is no telling if the majority of the teams will accept Rangers' application.

The Rangers' fans and adminsitration would prefer this option as the SFA initiated transfer embargo will be automatically lifted, and the club will be in a better position going forward financially if they were to take part in the English League set up. Unconfirmed reports suggest Rangers' fans would prefer this too as they might actually get to see decent opposition play against them and for the the increase in revenue for playing in the more prestigious League One (with appearances in the much-coveted Johnstone's Paint Trophy).

Watch this space!


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Dont talk bs

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26 Jul 2012 11:59:01
Bristol City have completed the signing of former Nottingham forest man Paul Anderson today on a two year deal! Cracking player can't wait to see him star next season!
Source: sky sports

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26 Jul 2012 11:58:06
PSV aren't going to just let one if their prized assets leave on the cheap. I think 10 million euros is a fair price for the young Dutch International & I just hope we pay that & bring him to the club. He'd perfectly fit the void left by Oxlade-Chamberlain. I think getting him could be crucial to us surviving in the Prem. Just need 1 if not 2 centre backs & a keeper with some Prem experience incase any thing happens to Kelvin Davis or he doesn't cut it.

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I think we have a team to survive in the prem currently but i completely agree apart from that

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26 Jul 2012 11:52:46
james husband and kyle bennett are not league 1 players they are championship/premier league players they should not be at doncaster,dean saunders really needs to pull his finger out and start getting a team together at this rate we will be lucky to stay in division 1, he needs to get them playing together preseason and preseason is nearly over and we dont have a settled

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26 Jul 2012 12:36:58

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26 Jul 2012 12:35:22
I am sick to death southampton fans knocking portsmouth fc you have very short memories, had you not found a very good man to get u out of the #hit you could have been were they are now. To all portsmouth fans i hope
you get though this.

Ncfc matt

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Your the one with the short memory all the abuse we had from the people down the road what goes round comes round concentrate on your little club Dan

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Ncfc matt - keep your own rivalry with the tractor boys and along with your opinion to yuourself - you have no idea of what the skates plagued us with in our moment of turmoil, and what comes around goes around - not all Saints fans want the bottom feeders to capitulate because we wouldn?「どィび「t then have that natural rivalry or anyone to take the pi55 out of on a Saturday?「どィャカ.keep pecking the trill chirp chirp?「どィャカCOYRs

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To ncfc matt
pompey owe millions to creditors
from two years ago plus 58 million
this time
does nt thattell you something
saints were never in the sh##
like that
so stop being sick to death
about saints fans
pompey deserve everything they

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26 Jul 2012 12:25:20
Feel sorry for the PFC players who
are being made scapegoats for the total
mismanagement of a football club and to cap
it all twitchy Redknapp has the cheek to
say he is going to call Kanu to speak to
him about doing a deal....
hold on doing deals
ahhh get it nice one Harry

Romsey Boy

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26 Jul 2012 12:11:54
Bristol City complete signing of winger Paul Anderson on a free transfer (source - official bcfc website)

Stroud Valley Robin

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26 Jul 2012 11:15:22
Rvp and moura in berba and anderson out. I think rvp and moura wud be perfect for united.rvp wud take the weight off roonneys shoulders coz if rooney got injured we are lost wiv out him. Rvp as proved he scores goals and at a beta team he wud be even beta. Hope fergie gets them

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26 Jul 2012 11:04:36
MELTON professional footballer Paul Anderson has this morning signed for Bristol City on a two-year contract.The 24-year-old winger joined City on a free transfer after Nottingham Forest failed to offer him a new deal before his contract expired.

Several Championship clubs had expressed an interest in securing his services including Blackpool, Huddersfield, Hull City and Cardiff City, but Anderson was impressed by what Robins manager Derek McInnes had to offer at Ashton Gate.

Dad Phil said: "He really liked the area and what Derek McInnes had to say. He had several options, but Bristol City were the most proactive throughout. He felt this was the club that wanted him the most and their style of football will suit him."

Anderson made around 120 appearances in four seasons with Forest, signing from Liverpool in 2008 after a successful season on loan at the City Ground. During his time Forest made the promotion play-offs in two successive seasons, but missed out in the semi-finals on both occasions.

Anderson will join City's pre-season tour to Scotland before heading back to Bristol for a friendly with derby rivals Rovers ahead of the new campaign.

Ironically his first competitive league game in Bristol's number 21 shirt could be a return to his former employers when City kick off their Championship season at Forest on Saturday, August 18.

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He really liked the area!!! liked what the manager said, !! style of football!!
no mate ...they offered him most money ..
keep the bs up thou ..


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26 Jul 2012 11:00:31
George Boyd to Leeds United isn't a well kept secret today but people are suggesting it's just speculation. I'm suggesting it'll happen. I asked the posh chairman today and his instant response was "no comment". That's from a bloke who is very open and honest. If it wasn't true he would'vesaid so

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26 Jul 2012 09:08:39
looks like arsene wenger has finally opened hes eyes with the imminent transfer of santi cazorla from malaga sky sports are reporting a 17 million pound agreement for the spanish wonderkid also expect big transfer fees for mvilla and leighton baines in the next few weeks as well as french striker remy and goalkeeper jack butland

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They still wont win anything

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Still needs his glasses on though,its not attackers and wingers he needs its still a solid midfielder probably have enough in center defence if they can keep vermaelen fit and don't see them needing baines

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26 Jul 2012 09:19:18
Does anybody know which league 1 club has had bid accepted for okane? I think it could be swindon as have heard whispers Matt ritchie could be on way to a championship club. Or coventry who I know have been tracking him since start of last season.

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26 Jul 2012 08:57:18
Jon Stead of Bristol City has been missing from pre-season last couple of days. have heard he is back home in Huddersfield. i do not think huddersfield are intrested in signing him, just can not understand why he is home and not at Bristol City??

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26 Jul 2012 08:28:17
Petrov is finally in remission officially!
PETROV 19! The chants go on until he is back in his rightful shirt!

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26 Jul 2012 00:56:56
Southampton have launched bids for 4 different Centre backs 2 of which are rumoured to be from fellow Premier League clubs rumoured to be Stoke City and Aston Villa and 2 rumoured to be from clubs in the Dutch Eredivisie rumoured to be Feyenoord and Ajax.

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26 Jul 2012 00:50:22
Ipswich are expected to complete the
signing of Doncaster left back George
Friend for a fee of around £300,000
within the next few days, beating N.
Forest and Middlesbrough to his signa

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