Football Banter Archive February 26 2013


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26 Feb 2013 22:40:15
Alex Mcleish to be the new manager of Aberdeen next season.

Aberdeen out: Stephan Hughes
Rory Fallon
Scott Vernon
Jamie Langfield

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26 Feb 2013 21:50:54
whats happening at bournemouth
3 defeats on the trot

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They lost 3 simple as that.


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26 Feb 2013 15:49:38
They're strong rumours that Dean Saunders could end up back at Doncaster. If Wolves having a poor season since he arrived there and Rovers still suffering from the affects of him leaving. It makes sense

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It would make sence for him to go back he be in charge of a better side that would win some thing and not go down

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26 Feb 2013 14:18:06
just found out from 2 very good sources cov council have just taken over sisu debt leaving them free to walk away. THERE IS A LORD.

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26 Feb 2013 14:04:23
Arron Martin joined Sky Blues on loan until end of season from Southampton Cody Mcdonald been recalled already eligible to play tonight if required Martin been bought in as cover for Richard Wood a shame because him and Wood together would of been some centre back partnership PUSB at Bournemouth tonight

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26 Feb 2013 14:02:23
Come on wall, let's get some solidarity. It wasn't long ago we were in the duldrums of league one and have only spent three seasons back in the championship. Surely any football minded fans have to realise that for the next five years Millwall will be trying to become an established championsgip side. Yes, like anyone else, I'd love to see us sign a couple of 20+ goal a season striker but its not going to happen. We have to realise our budgets and resources can only stretch so far and that promotion is something to look at after becoming established. I get the fact that fans become frustrated by results but the last three years are all building blocks towards becoming a team that can challenge and that's what we are doing now. Poor run of form of late but its time to wake up and smell the coffee. KJ is a great manager who is trying his hardest to work with what he has. Be patient wall, its a long process for a team like us but we'll get there. Kempo.

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26 Feb 2013 12:13:28
J Brent is shopping the club around in order to sell now or at the end of the season as he can't run the club financially. The downward spiral of the club is increasing and john sheridan won't stay on at the end of the season if we go down.

The club is doomed!

: ( Jamy

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26 Feb 2013 11:50:07
McLaren released by FC Twente. Any takers? Leeds and Wolves may be tempted.


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Good call sir, mc laren is overated and going downhill a perfect fit for either team

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26 Feb 2013 11:25:44
i hope lee carsley reads this message please leave camron on the bench he not good enough and play cody with clake

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26 Feb 2013 09:04:47
As a spurs fan I am happy to say that I hope you hammers keep hold of Sam Allardyce because your team is too old and your style is so predictable. You better take a good long look over your shoulders because your going one way and one way only under him and that's DOWN! Your tactics are so out of date "knock it up to the big man and let the midfield run of him". Your team has been setup to play like Bolton of old and revolves around 2 players: Nolan and Carroll and neither of them are particularly good. Wasn't this supposed to be a team game? Not at West ham

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You beat that old team with a very late goal when bale goes in the summer you will be very average as he is hitting all your late winners

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