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25 Nov 2012 22:01:12
Southampton will sign Jean-Armel Kana-Biyak (Stade Rennes), Matt Phillips (Blackpool) and Will Hughes (Derby) in January

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25 Nov 2012 20:45:50
Leeds United to have £8 million plus sales to spend on new players as they start their revolution.

Targets INS and OUTS:

Max Gradel- Saint Etienne- £3.5 million
Charlie Austin- Burnley- £6 million- Doubt
Adam Le Fondre- Reading- £2.5 million
Steve Morison- Norwich- £1.5 million
Andrew Surman- Norwich- £1 million
Danny Graham- Swansea- £4.7 million

Danny Pugh- Ipswich- £500,000
Davide Somma- Kaiser Chiefs- £750,000

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Don't want morrison or surman , not good enough

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Dream on leeds fans none of the above will sign for you unless your offering silly wages ,trying to buy the league? now where have i heard that one before? oh yes leeds fans when leicester were splashing the money about

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Wouldnt call that buying the lge, just building a bigger squad which is what we need, 8 mill is no more than a lot of teams have spent over the past 2 seasons, so bthink before you spout drivel, who do you support

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From what ive read today in a sunday paper leeds wont be buying much,lol

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25 Nov 2012 20:09:14
Leeds fans hoping to get rid of bates as lots of posts on here will testify,or do you love him now ? are bitterly dissapointed to find he is both landlord and still chairman until he becomes president lol for life lol have to hand it to uncle kenneth

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Since when did bates become landlord , you obviously don't know anything about Leeds

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Bates owns both via his off shore company,didnt you see the programme ? he only admitted owning the club via an off shore company when the league forced him to.

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He doesn't own either

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25 Nov 2012 18:20:21
Scott Parker
Jermain Defoe
David Beckham (loan and retirement at the end of loan)
Peter Crouch

Are all on Harry Redknapp's January transfer list

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Dream on boys dream on

Romsey Saint

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Wasn't Peter Crouch at Saints when Harry took us down?

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David beckham going to a team who took 350 fans to a prem away game don't be silly you have league 1 support

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25 nov 2012 18:07:36
swindon board meeting monday the major discussion will be the future of paolo dicanio as it seems player pressure is making the board unsure if dicanio is the right person to take club to next level.

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25 Nov 2012 17:32:24
nice one Saints- fully desrved. wheres baz? COYRs

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25 Nov 2012 16:09:35
Leeds new owners wont own the stadium or training ground,Raising fears amongst leeds fans about how much money gfh have,if they were as rich as leeds fans have been led to believe surely they would take over the entire club.Can you imagine abramovich or man city owners having such an agreement

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How many times are people gonna post this sort of rubbish without knowing what they are talking about. GFH aren't the new owners , they were brokers for a very wealthy backer , if you don't know who it is then do some research, needless to say he is worth billions, and a Leeds supporter, so say what you wish all you jealous people , we love it, lol

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I think you will find that Leeds fans have no fears whatsoever, considering that gfh don't own Leeds Utd, OP ,are you a townie or a wendy, i understand the jealousy.

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Ok so your a billionaire and buying a second division club and you think hey let ken bates still own the ground and training ground ! no ,if you let bates keep the only assetts it is because you cant afford a proper takeover.

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Don't you jealous fans realise bates didn't own Elland RD or Thorpe Arch that's why they haven't purchased them YET
But don't worry in sure it's on the agenda after the transfer window

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So please can someone explain this so called takeover at Leeds, they are being bought by an alleged multi millionaire fan but he is not buying the ground or training facilities WTF is this some kind of joke ???????

Romsey Saint

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Ken bates does own both sites via his off shore company,as stated on various leeds fan sites and the documentary who owns leeds united,he only admitted owning the club when forced to by the football league

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No way would anybody with a team of advisors buy the club and try to buy the assets later only to be held to ransome by the landlord,simple basic business sense ,you would demand the lot or nothing,unless you didnt have enough money

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Love the jealousy, thing is because opposing fans don't know anything about MIGHTY LEEDS, they just assume bates owned the ground and TA, whereas we know he owned neither,so now bates owns 0% of anything to do with leeds, he has no say on anything to do with the team or finances, he receives no money from LEEDS UTD , he is chairman in name only until the end of the year MOT

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Rubbish ,he owns both sites and is president for life at the end of the season

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He doesn't own either , love how all you numpties are so interested in the mighty whites ,lol , And who cares if he's president for life, doesn't mean anything MOT

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Ok then who does own the ground and training ground ?

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What is this fixation everyone has with the mighty whites , why does it bother you so much that we are rich , like to know who all these worriers support, because i've never known such jealousy,lol

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No jealousy ur constantly on here talking b/s, i hope the investors are real as they say it all comes out in the wash,
with the amount of offshore shell companies that owned dont be surprised if it ur own clubs money be used in the purchase.i mean buy club you replace their people with your own.ken still got his hand in the cookie jar

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Answer the question ,who owns the ground ? for all your bluster you cant answer because you know its bates

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All a bit quiet boys on who owns the ground arent we ? you normally have plenty to say for yourselves

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Answer every time , just doesnt get posted, but its not bates FACT {Ed001's Note - actually it is not fact, no one knows who owns the company who owns them. They could very well be owned by Bates or anyone else for that matter.}

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Wrong , its not bates, i do know this for a fact , but believe what you want, no odds to me

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Ed is it a fact that bates denied owning the club until the league made them admit that bates owned it via his off shore company ? {Ed003's Note - I believe so}

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Bates owns neither ground or TA , 100% fact {Ed001's Note - no it's not. You have no idea who owns them. No one does, because the ownership is under the auspices of an offshore company with the details of who owns that company kept secret.}

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A fella in Manchester owns TA, no idea who owns ER. ER has a buy back clause of £15mil though for another couple of years, whereas TA's clause has ran out.


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25 Nov 2012 01:18:21
Graham Westley has been warned by Preston's Chairman of Football Peter Ridsdale, that results need to improve quickly or he'll be sacked. Ridsdale and North End owner have been alarmed by the dwindling attendances at Deepdale this season and have left Westley in no doubt that if results don't improve over the next month he'll be relieved of his duties.

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This is true westley out if results dont pick up we cant afford to loose more ground on the top six we need to make playoffs at least this season

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24 Nov 2012 23:45:50
Reading to stop using coaches and to use tandems to take fans to away games least away fans ever at dw

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Least home fans at the dw aswell

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