Football Banter Archive October 24 2012


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24 Oct 2012 21:32:16
reports of a vast increase in neck injuries as millwall fans are having to look up in envy at Leicesters league position ........jimlcfc

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Youc dont win any thing in october wait till may

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Get a grip man Jesus your top after 12 13 games amazing how you all come out when your top

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Theres always an early pace-setter in the championship...they NEVER get promoted come seasons end...lucky to make the play-offs

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Oh just like southampton last year...
leicester good side and think straight up...


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Im not counting my chickens but i fancy us for at least a top six finish, i may seem biased but im also a realist we are making all the right noises but as some of u said along way to go! we will be up there come end of the season mark my words!

Devon Fox

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26 Oct 2012 00:01:37
last post 100% true, i have been winding ppl up on ere all week bout the foxes being top! i am just enjoying the fact there is something to smile about at the mo!! as a realist i would be well happy with a playoff place but hoping for more


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Well said leicesterlad its always a roller coaster with city just enjoy the ride!

Devon Fox

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I think I was one of them Leicester lad (Ipswich fan) do think at the moment we deserve the stick were getting having said that we have are wish jewel has gone so lets hope things change and quick please not another tv pundit though in sheerer ronnie Moore of tranmere for me doing wonders there anyway stick aside good luck for season but I will be on your back if and when you lose and before you say anything ed not like what your thinking Paul itfc

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Look forward to it mate! funny thing is your gonna lose a lot more times than us so it will be one way traffic!


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I did not post that someone is impersonating me the real ...jimlcfc

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24 Oct 2012 20:39:57
{Ed 003's Note - I'm thinking off doing a Tw*tter account showing some of the ludicrous posts that get discarded,score updates,general footie news etc,just looking for some feedback whether it is worth my time or not guys, What do you reckon? }

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24 Oct 2012 20:08:12
Blackburn Rovers are interviewing a number of fans as they believe could be the next first team manager, especially those who voiced concern over Steve Kean. {Ed003's Note - haha}

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24 Oct 2012 18:04:19
I came on here on monday and issued a rallying call to huddersfield fans to go to peterborough and roar the team on to victory mainly because of comments made after the play off final which they won.well we roared but we got beaten fair and square boyd was a class act (damn).I have no problem with the posh fans who are fine just the clubs owner.

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24 Oct 2012 17:41:22
Attendance at the King Power last night was 25700, not bad for a tuesday night and a small club like Leicester lol,


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Yes brighton are well supported

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24 Oct 2012 21:44:45
Very funny but pointless reply! Brighton sold 635 tickets so yeah very well supported, still over 25,000 leicester!


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Wont last leicester girl, once u start to fall again ur fickle fans will disappear into the woodwork

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What do you want us to say mate...want us to bow down and start worshipping your clearly superior team?! there is ALWAYS an early pace-setter in the championship and they usually struggle to make the play-offs!

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Parrot.. is their a parrot on this site?


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26 Oct 2012 12:36:07
think what you will! im a loyal supporter and will be here win lose or draw mate! if your were using this site last season you would know that! and leicester girl! Really? must of taken a lot of brainpower to think of that one dully! and as for early pacesetter boy! did you watch the championship last year? seem to remember a certain southampton that dominated all year till the last couple games


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LL the young girl who keeps using the fickle word is less than well endowed with any comprehension of what it is to support a club, and is usually just full of empty rhetoric with nothing constructive to say......he is the same with us all. COYRs

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24 Oct 2012 15:52:41
Kyle Richardson, an unknown quantity from non league football linked with various vacant football league jobs. {Ed003's Note - thanks Kyle}

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An up and coming young manager who has just had double promotion on a limited budget

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24 Oct 2012 15:42:37
David Connolly is a free and would be a great striker for the Dons-who lack the cutting edge in font of goal to buy.(Sunderland)

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24 Oct 2012 14:12:57
Strong rumours on the South coast
suggesting that the Southampton fans
who lived and died on this site last season
are actually a bunch of glory hounds
who have vanished without trace since
having their pants pulled down every
week (just like we said) in the Premier

No idea what happened to them, perhaps
they went the same way the money
did - remember fellas, you were busy bragging
about how rich your club was, about
how you'd be signing quality players and
about how you'd more than hold your own
in the top flight - fast forward a couple of months
and you've been exposed, your club is heading straight down, your manager is about to be sacked and, surprise surprise, virtually no investment, in relative terms, from you financial backers - couldn't happen to a nicer bunch, seeya!

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Well I?ǨѢm still here fella?, and I can only take it as a compliment that you choose comment about our great club, rather than pass any constructive comment about your own ?Ǩ so thanks very much for that. I think it also goes to show how constrictive and narrow your opinion is when it comes to all things Southampton, and yes I did read some of the people on here the we are richer than thou?ǨѢ attitude, but many more of us have been red and white through the thick and thin and will remain loyal to the better side of Hampshire no matter what. Now to football ?Ǩ we are just about where I thought we would be at this stage of the season, and are struggling to cope with PL quality and pace week in and week out ?Ǩ we have signed some quality but probably not in the areas that needed strengthening the most. I thought we might get better up to speed as the season progressed, and so my fingers are crossed in the hope of that ?Ǩ can I ask please how many finger you have? Supporters opinion polls by several different medias have at least an 80% majority in favour of keeping Nigel, and because we believe he is the right man to lead us ?Ǩ he has honesty and integrity which is rare in modern football and although he lacks experience, we think he may develop in to one of the best Managers we have had ?Ǩ let?ǨѢs hope the Chairman thinks the same. Anyway, must dash ?Ǩ good luck to you and your club for the rest of the season. COYRs

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Can't be a Pompey fan who wrote that as they have none no fans or future

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'Virtually no investment'! Check out the facts and then tell us who spent more than Saints in the summer t/f window, outside of the top 6. STID and proud enough to express my allegiance unlike some arrogant cowards.

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So u spent loads and are still c**p, lucky u,lol

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Lmao! point proven i think... there are only two of them left, and one of them is attempting to bore us all to death - this time last year there would have been at least 14 replies by now, all them crowing about how super southampton are, about how they are clearly the bestist, richest team in the whole world and about how ZZZzzzz's.

Like i said, fickle fans who sing when they're winning and hide when they lose. Thier manager is proving how inept he is at the top level week after week (which is why he'll be sacked) and they're little more than whipping boys for the proper prem sides, relegation fodder and nothing more, bye bye.

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He he he he - you two anti Saints are very naughty boys? indeed - again thanks for all the compliments, its nice of you to take an interest. As for calling someone a P rick just because of a bit of banter shows that you probably have the mental capacity of small rodent. I hope thats boring enough for you numbskull. Good luck and best wishes......COYRs

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Happy days when soton fall thru the trap door to the cham'p, taking their passionless fans with them

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Pompey have found the right league for there awful support saints fans ain't fickle got crowds of over 30000 in league 1 you couldn't fill your excuse for a ground in prem your a complete joke. Loyal saint

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Another stunning result this weekend for mighty southampton, chortle! I wonder if you'll break the record for fewest points?

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They've gone a bit quiet again, all those non-fickle saints fans must be too busy washing their hair to comment, down by christmas, adkins sacked within a month

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30 Oct 2012 10:01:10
I see the gobby Saints hating cowards still haven't got the balls to give names or even mention who they support. Perhaps they'll grow some when half term's over. Btw, after the last 2 seasons' predictions, hope your not putting your cash where your mouth is.

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Bwaaaa! another hiding last night and, as per usual, the equally cowardesq 'Ain'ts fans attempt to direct attention away from their own side by playing the "name your team" game! I'm an Accrington Stanley fan, does that help you sweetheart? Does it mean that Southampton didn't get smashed by Championship Leeds last night? ha!

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'Bwaaaa'? Wtf does that mean in the playground? If you weren't such an ignorant, childish, lying coward you would give a name and mention who you support. We would then know if it's simple banter or just a hatred filled rant by a vindictive, jealous rival with a massive chip on their shoulder.

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24 Oct 2012 13:18:55
paul jewell just been sacked who next

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24 Oct 2012 10:06:08
Will James Coppinger re negotiate his contract and recognise he is better off staying with Doncaster and settling down in finishing his career here. He doesn't seem to have played for Notting ham Forest? Come on James we love you, O'Dismal doesn't think you are good enough to play with Forest's team.

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24 Oct 2012 09:40:48
Norwich can get Nile Ranger from Newcastle for a small amount. Can Chris Hughton not tame that horse?

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