Football Banter Archive October 24 2011


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24 Oct 2011 21:22:14
Lawrie Sanchez is quietly being muted for manager at the rovers due to boards frustration of Paul buckle and the fact the players don't like him.

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24 Oct 2011 21:18:22
Awesome 2 days, firstly the stum get thrashed at home, then the crisp munchers sack sven, thought he was going to easily win the league with you according to your pre season rants ha ha ha. 10 mill in transfers and how much will he get as a pay off, well spent lie cester. MOT

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No wonder nobody likes Leeds.

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Larry Grayson could be next, Leeds are looking to replace him with Coco the clown for more entertainment.

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Ouch! hit a nerve did I! MOT

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Next walkers flavour to be hard cheese and sour grapes.

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24 Oct 2011 21:16:56
Young Charlie Sherringham to Reading for 100,000 and Striker Craig Reid from Stevenage to Reading for 250,000
Brian Howard to permantley stay at Millwall and Marcus Williams to permantley stay at Sheffield United

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24 Oct 2011 20:40:16
Leicester to make move for former fox Simon Grayson.

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24 Oct 2011 19:22:39
Can't believe Leicester sacked Sven. I hope the owners are ready to pay off the rest of his contract, and considering what he earns, that will cost a fortune. I don't see how that in any way benefits the club, but there you go. Martin O'Neill is a scary on though, that could be a lethal combo if he links up with them again, although there is always the Blackburn job among others that could also appeal to highly-rated managers such as he. I guess Dave Jones and Sean O'Driscoll will apply. Jones seems to have applied for every job going and is still out of work; just goes to show, doesnt matter if you reach the play-offs, you gotta get a team out of this league, and Cardiff should have got promoted at least once.
If I see another Southend rumour I will blow my brains out. Who the hell keeps picking on them? Give them a break lol. Probably a League 2 (i.e. Crawley) fan sore that they are doing well.

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Former England manager, Steve Mclaren, is a free agent

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24 Oct 2011 19:12:57
getting better on my predictions 3 correct!
blackpool were second best again!think we will go this season win one then lose one ! hoping win next week at burnley.
crazy weekend in prem!
chelsea showin true colours ,just a bunch of babies when things not going there way! terry is a tw@t
city hammered utd , and read in paper on saturday paul scholes colume ,fergerson will quit this year after utd put city firmly in there place , well said scholes! 6-1! hummble pie .
come on the pool ,lets win the lancashire derby
shame preston dont have one!!!!


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24 Oct 2011 18:49:58
sven sacked from leicester

let the circus of who is the next manager begin.... bokies favourite martin o'neill

my gut think it will be steve mcClaren

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I bloody hope not he's and person and the thai's will lose all respect if they do go for brolley man

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24 Oct 2011 18:30:55

WOLVES PLAYER FOR SALE: rather mouthy slow useless has digs at his own fans (by calling them fickle n hostile) earns 40grand aweek no one likes him ... yes i'm talking about the one and only rodger johnson so if anyone fancies taking him from us please get in contact with your clubs

thanks Mr Morgan

p.s. does anyone want Mick mcCarthy seems he wants to fight all wolves fans i was not impressed by this as the owner of wolves

thanks again

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24 Oct 2011 00:48:18
Just to let everyone know all the United fans have now made it back home,the usual 5 hour journey took a lot more than normal because of road works around the M 6 1

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Poor prawn munchers, totally hit for six nice to know we won't see any of their drivle for a while.

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