Football Banter Archive October 23 2012


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23 Oct 2012 22:53:14
oh did i mention still top of the league? good result for blackpool, Kasper Schmeichel is legend!! kept the foxes top of the league!! bring on palace saturday!!

LeicesterLad {Ed003's Note - not really for the pool,congrats LL}

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24 Oct 2012 00:55:09
blackpool unlucky to draw in the end but i think a draw against florist (who are looking strong at the mo) is not a bad result to stop the rot! think they can push on from now and put a run together!!

Anyway palace saturday, a very tough game! will be interesting to see what team turn up but another win and it will be 9 unbeaten! definately promotion form!!



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Told u ..u would win... well done..
balckpool match not good again ,ok.. point ..left at 2-1 up ..

how did ipswich get on??? ha ha ha ha ha .........playing bury next year... but not derby match with bury st edmonds ..thats in a couple of years maybe 2 .. but with that great manager of yours .. and 3 teams go into admin may stay up ha ha ha ..


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We lost again but you only drew anyway jewels gone now thank god so we will see

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I would worry about your own team not ares now jewels gone with the team we got we should get out of this mess

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23 Oct 2012 18:36:44
Neil Warnock is unhappy with the backing at Leeds as regards funds and the incident last Friday night was the final straw,he is very interested on returning to Crystal Palace as their new manager.

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Don't talk like an person, warnock more than happy at leeds, can't see many wanting to go to palace,least of all warnock

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Not many want the palace job? ur avin a laff mate there in a good position at the moment ,get in the queue behind the rest of em ,,,jimlcfc

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23 Oct 2012 18:04:35
Tough choices for Robins in the transfer window. Although he will be given funds for loan transfers, there is no money for permanent deals. Robins would like to get rid of Malaga, Baker and O'Donovan but there are no interested parties.

Robins is looking to sell Conor Thomas and Nathan Cameron, as well as Richard Wood, to provide a total of about £500,000 to fund a move for Notts Forest's McGoldrick. Robins faces competition for him from Notts Country.

Robins has been told that survival from relegation to League One is his priority and that Coventry do not expect to challenge for promotion, until the stadium deal is secure and until that deal starts to generate some revenue.

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23 Oct 2012 17:15:49
Whats you view on this ed? i find it strange that dougie freedman has left palace for bolton when he has had such a good start to the campaign and palace were playing nice football! im glad in a way coz we have em at the kp on saturday so should unsettle em a bit but i cant help but think its money orientated as he has been affiliated with palace for years!

LeicesterLad {Ed003's Note - I must admit I found it a strange one,I'm more surprised Bolton went for him, I know they have had a good start but points wise there isn't a lot between the top half and lower come to think of it,I've not seen Palace this year so don't know if they play nice football or not. It's up to him to prove he is good young manager now I suppose.}

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Dont wanna jinx it but i have a bad feeling about sat, but maybe im not used to Leicester playing and doing this well, think maybe give Futacs ago up front with Nudgent, not being negative but we must learn to be more ruthless and finish teams off we hung on agianst birmingham and brighton however last season we would have lost games like that so things are looking good lets have another win city!!!

Devon fox

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26 Oct 2012 00:06:43
i agree again 100% we have ground out results so far this season which is what you need to do in the champ!! defo need to score more goals! everything else is falling into place! last season only managed back 2 back wins twice which was awfull! things are still looking up for kp outfit! great fans good manager (in my opinion) and owners with the hunger for success!! they admitted a five year plan 2 seasons ago so were definately on track mate,



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23 Oct 2012 15:39:31
Hearts have escaped with a warning over their failure to pay players on time in September, but face another hearing on Wednesday.


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23 Oct 2012 13:52:56
some good games tonite .. and some
bad ones..

should be good at
leicester ... 3-1 ...brighton
blackpool....2-2 ...forest.
peterbro.....2-2 ....hudderfield

and if your going to the matches below
please take a book to read or a pillow
incase you want to sleep/..

ipswich...0-1.....derby ..
middlesbro 0-0...hull..


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23 Oct 2012 14:58:07
hope your right mate! cant see us winning tonight gota bad feeling bout brighton there very unpredictable, hope you stuff florist!

Blackpool good team with some quality players, i dunno wots beens going on with them lately, hope you turn it round!

Wouldnt bother going to ipswich,most expensive tickets in the league and you'll be watching spl quality football


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And if you want to go to a game where you can stretch out go and join the 9 thousand at Blackpool {Ed003's Note - I will look forward to seeing the attendance tonight,you might be a few thousand out I reckon.Mr No name.}

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Ha ha .. still thinkyou will win!!
holloway keeps changing the team around ... and loaning players out ..we aint that good to do that ..
have`nt a clue who in tonight ...
any way good luck.. and am off to pub..

maximus {Ed003's Note - Ludo apparently with Grandin back involved aswell.check out the 'football bets' page for your predictions I think you'd enjoy the page,blue link near the top of the page.}

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Have to disagree mate..i can see brighton doing one on leicester tonight, this league is just so unpredictable. cant see peterborough getting anything either and think boro should be comfortable against the tigers. also ipswich to draw and maybe blackpool to sneak a win!

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Think your find Leeds most expensive

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23 Oct 2012 02:48:35
Ipswich manager Paul jewell has admitted it was a mistake to bring in Watford goalkeeper Scott loach at the beginning of the season. He says he bought in to the idea that he was a tractor boy first and foremost and did not even see him play in the lead up to the transfer.

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The only mistake at Ipswich is jewell

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