Football Banter Archive October 23 2011


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23 Oct 2011 23:10:17
dear peterboro fans thanku for a great day yesterday !! better still when u scored equalizer and called us northern s..m ! then oops !! 3 - 2 !! thanks again ! mot !!

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We are leeds we are hated and we love it M.O.T

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23 Oct 2011 22:51:42
Tinpot? We're not kept alive by a supermarket.

Evans treating people badly? The owners at Southend got themselves into a fine mess financially and now claim to be the saviours. And the rose tinted fans fall for it.

Not a selling club? You list games with Man Utd and Chelsea but its those results and year's worth of good form that sees you lose your assets.

Collymore, Fry, Thompson, Clarke, Eastwood, otto, Poole, Hunt, Edwards, Gower Fry etc spring to mind.

Even Webb saw fit to walk away 3 times.

Hall, Grant, Ferdinand and Mohsni have all signed extentions in various times. Unlikely they'll do so again because they are too good a players to be at Southend in the long run and will want to prove themselves.

They'll go the same way as those I've mentioned above.

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23 Oct 2011 22:42:34
Southend United may have beaten Man U and Held Chelsea to a replay. But its those results and a year's worth of good form which sees you lose your on field assets. Collymore, Gower, Clarke, Simpson, Eastwood , Thompson, Fry etc. All were not at Blues for very much the long run. even in the old days Bill Garner didn't last as he was flogged and Webb saw fit to walk out 3 times and he's held in high regard. Rose tinted fans perhaps. As for Evans treating people wrongly how about the Southend owners who got you in to a fine financial mess and now claim to be the savours. and you fall for it. Guys like Crown and Nicolau were offered deals by Blues only to be stitched up over it and the respective Directors at the time claimed they were traitors. Hall, Ferdinand, Grant and Mohsni have signed extentions at some point and its unlikely they'll do so again as they are too good for Blues in the long run. They'll go like the ones I';ve mentioned above. as for tinpot claim at least we are not being constantly bailed out by a supermarket in order to continously survive.

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23 Oct 2011 21:23:37
This is just like last year when Man united lost 4-1 at home to lpool. It was a blow but we won the league. The title was not won today

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23 Oct 2011 20:47:20
Must admit not seen anything about Hall.

But Grant and Ferdinand were reportedly linked to moves on the sky sports news site over the summer.

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23 Oct 2011 20:19:31
Liverpool are planning a shock £30m move for Robin Van Persie. {Ed025's Note - i think he is looking for a big club?

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Ouch, lol at that reply

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23 Oct 2011 19:26:02
Liverpoo and chelsea boo hoo hoo aww diddums bless your cheating dirty teams boo hoo hoo.

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23 Oct 2011 18:38:01
ChelseaŹ©2003, ha ha ha ha. No one likes you, your dirty team got foundout today long may it continue.
What must Nigel Spackman, Jody Morris, Kevin Hitchcock and other chelsea legends be thinking!

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Jody morris legend??? pretty sure he hardly played

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Think the main post was tongue-in-cheek pal.

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23 Oct 2011 15:45:58
Fergie to walk away after the worst defeat since 1955 at home....They were abscent in defence,midfield and attack. Shambles and a CHANGE OF GUARD.. well done city CHAMPIONS 2011/2012

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23 Oct 2011 15:37:42
I see Penny Dogleash is wanting more protection for suarez, if the man would not collapse every time a defender approached him then maybe he would. He is defo the premier leagues new top diver. Toon Loyal {Ed025's Note - TOM DALEY does,nt dive as often as

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To stop him "falling over" he should wear lead diving boots.

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Its the european thing. torres did it when he came over here so did ronaldo and drogba just need a season or 2 to kick it out of them. and due to that ronaldo is the first player to get involved when a player dives in the spanish league.

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23 Oct 2011 13:43:31
Malky Mackay is loving life as Cardiff Manager

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23 Oct 2011 13:30:01
7 years ago today a legend was taken from us, R.I.P Sir Billy Nick, we know your working your magic as manager for those footballing greats that have been taken from us on gods own football pitch, we miss you great man

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23 Oct 2011 09:09:26
Krystian Pearce of Notts County to move across the River Trent to Forest, loan move with perminant deal in January.
Attendances still too low at Meadow Lane and with the owner unable to plug the money gap Pearce is the latest player to be touted for sale.

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23 Oct 2011 06:05:18
I want to clear something up, because i see banter about it all the time.... (and have a friend that is up in arms about this issue all the time).

Sunderland and Newcastle fans continuously going at each other saying "small club" or "small town".. and so on about the others club (and most of the time much worse).

I live in the US and while i love the heated rivalry, the fact is no one that doesn't watch the premier league week in and week out, has any idea who Sunderland are!

I am not saying who is a better club (history and year end standings will do that), but even casual observers of the game know Newcastle. No one i repeat no one thinks Sunderland is a bigger club than any of the clubs (global appeal) currently in the top flight, let alone NCU.

I respect the fact that yours is a heated rivalry and the passion for both your clubs runs deep. But (and this coming from a Everton fan) the Toon army is global, follows of the black cats are few and far between away from the northeast.

So let it go Sunderland, and just be happy with your team and stop selling yourself on these lies, it makes you look small ;)

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^^ What absolute garbage!

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Who are Everton?

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23 Oct 2011 00:45:03
My main concern is that I doubt we can hold onto our top players even if we are promoted.

Next summer Hall and Ferdinand will only have a year a piece left on their contracts and the likelihood is they won't sign extentions as they are fast proving they can hack it at a much higher level.

Barker and Mohsni are immediate worries as they will be out of contract next june so there must be a chance they could leave in january. Again both are decent players and will have their admirers.

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