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23 Jun 2012 22:47:42
multiple rumours saying we have offered sigurdsson a deal (liverpool and reading) but its said reading have offered him more money then liverpool? as a liverpool fan i have to say all the reading fans said the owner had ambitions and if they get pogrebnyak and sigurdsson surely thats showing he will spend?

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23 Jun 2012 22:32:44
For all the hudds fans. mccormack hates grayson so think ya can put that rumor to bed. And as for clayton. i cant see him leaving leeds.

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He's transfer listed so any reasonable offer would be accepted


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23 Jun 2012 21:36:10
David Beattie's fellow directors are furious with him due to the grief they have been getting from fans over his ill considered remarks to the Press about Rangers about which they had not been consulted.This has led to hasty backtracking statements appearing on the club's website.Angry words behind the scenes at Firhill

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23 Jun 2012 20:45:06
Scannell has gone to Huddersfield. I think he will do wonders for the club

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23 Jun 2012 20:36:44
we all know pogrebnyak is to sign for reading fc

they are also in talks with:-
Michael Jacobs Northampton Town
Chris Herd Aston Villa
Fraser Fyvie Aberdeen
Adrian Mariappa Watford
Jordan Rhodes Huddersfield Town
Jack Payne Gillingham
Matthew Connolly Queens Park Rangers
Fabio da Silva Manchester United
Robert Snodgrass Leeds United

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Of course they are, because everybody wants to go to reading , not

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Hope not all but Rhodes and Marriapa I wouldn't want

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S**t.. youve gone up and another wonder team that everyone wants to play for ...
i dont really make predictions .. but you aint that good ..and cant see you staying up.. so ..beat on about players ..
him her that this , them you.. reading ..not good.....


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Not reading or support a club with any of the named players but good to see someone putting on a realistic list of targets for reading.

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23 Jun 2012 20:14:17
Hi ed, any believable Huddersfield Town Rumours flying around? {Ed025's Note - no mate..

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23 Jun 2012 20:05:50
Huddersfield Town in the next few days will most likely be signing the following 3 people:

1: Ross McCormack
2: Paul dixon
3: Dale Jennings

These 3 shall probably be Huddersfield Town players within the next few days and in the next week or so Huddersfield will also probably sign grant mccann and another central midfield. i have also heard from a reliable source that lee Peltier will be returning to the Yorkshire club.

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A yorkshire club, that would be leeds

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HA HA HA HA Why on earth would Peltier take a step backwards & rejoin you?


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23 Jun 2012 19:59:04
My brother goes to Leeds Uni and has been keeping his ear glued to Radio Leeds for news about Rhodes coming to us. On Friday night their chief exec said how suprised he was that no enquiries had been made for Rhodes and as far as the club and the player were concerned Rhodes would be playing the first game of the season away at Cardiff. I'm gutted

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Bit careless your brother, mind you I glued my fingers together once. Forget Rhodes he's ambitious and besides that he'll cost more than the £400,000 you couldn't afford for Joel Ward.

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We didnt want ward numb nuts, and if he is ambitious then he will definitely leave for a bigger club, which could be anyone really

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Realy, That's why his twitter site was full of Leeds fans begging him to sign for Leeds, he spent 2 days at Leeds in negotiations but Ken wouldn't or couldn't pay the money! Remove your blinkers, Leeds like many others have no divine right to be a premier league club. You have some great supporters but unfortunately some right morons!

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23 Jun 2012 19:57:15
Van Der Vart to Bayern Munich.

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23 Jun 2012 19:42:14
If andy gray is not offered a contract by a new team by the beginning of july then kieth hill will offer him a new contract but at mayor cut down on wages, rumoured to be around 3,000 a week

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23 Jun 2012 19:39:06
huddersfield town in talks with paul dixon of dundee united source sky website

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23 Jun 2012 18:53:32
Port Vale have lined up three potential signingsd and are expected to be announced in the next week.

Chris Dagnall
Billy Kee
Barry Roche

are the players Vale Boss Micky Adams fancies and has been in discussions with.

Vale boss wants 7/8 players to mount a promotion assault next season on League 2 and will be backed heavily by new owner Keith Ryder.

Also on hit list is James Beattie, Ben Davies and Jennison Myrie-Williams.

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23 Jun 2012 18:34:01
Any Doncaster Rovers news ? {Ed025's Note - no mate..

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23 Jun 2012 17:49:14
Sone Aluko was spotted getting off a train in Peterborough after he rejected a contract from Rangers {Ed025's Note - thats a lie..

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23 Jun 2012 17:26:17
luke varney,erik huseklepp,liam lawrence,dave kitson all leave pompey,and pompey sign moustapha salifou

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23 Jun 2012 16:55:08
Swindon Town are set to step up their interest in Cheltenham's Marlon Pack next week, by making an offer plus Jonathan Smith in exchange.

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23 Jun 2012 16:50:06
Plymouth Argyle to sign Izale McLeod Mark Ellis and jamal Campbell ryce COYG

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23 Jun 2012 16:30:34
You hull fans are deluded! You are not a good side and haven't been for a long time! Reality check needed I think

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23 Jun 2012 16:34:02
Bury want to re-sign striker Nicky Ajose from Peterborough on loan

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23 Jun 2012 16:31:07
Cheltenham midfielder Marlon Pack will join Peterborough United in a £500k deal this week.

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23 Jun 2012 16:16:06
First of all who at Reading in any authority would pass on ongoing transfer talk to Reading fans posting on the Town page? Second if a club have a player they do not want to sell then they ask a price they do not think will be matched. So Jordan Rhodes is worth £8m to Deano and he would not sell for much less than that price. Deano is a very successful businessman who knows that unless Rhodes getsinjured his price will rise. Remember he is an international player. Thirdly, West Ham offered approximately £5m plus add ons while we were still a League 1 club so unless Deano lost his fortune on black while playing roulette do you honestly think he would sell him now for £3.5? Promotion to Town meant £5 - £8m. And finally, would Jordan go to a club we will be playing in season 2013/2014 (unless of course we get promotion. Get real !

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Personally I don't want him, he has only played L1 standard. Too much risk on a player who is "worth" 8million. No offence but Reading have more chance of getting to Europe than Huddersfield getting to play offs. Lets see how he copes with better players in the championship.

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He's an international?, lol , he plays for scotland, not a great endorsement

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23 Jun 2012 15:17:57
Nick Powell will be awarded the Number 7 shirt at Man Utd... (I know somebody that is good friends with the Man Utd kit man and this is on the squad numbers list he was given yesterday)

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23 Jun 2012 15:16:58
Dazzling Bristol Rovers winger Mustapha Carayol is expected to complete a £100k move to Cheltenham Town in the next few days, with Jermaine McGlashan going the other way.

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23 Jun 2012 15:16:10
Adrian Mutu has told Italian press he is in talks with a second division English team! Rumoured teams include Leicester and Blackburn

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23 Jun 2012 15:04:59
Former Northern Ireland and Queen's Park Rangers captain Alan McDonald has died suddenly at the age of 48.

McDonald, who managed Glentoran when they won the Irish League championship in 2009, collapsed while playing golf on Saturday morning.


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True professional, Barton could learn a lot. I grew up watching McDonald and have nothing but respect for the man

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23 Jun 2012 14:56:52
Reading are thought to have given up on signing Michael Owen as it seems he will almost definitley join Stoke instead

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23 Jun 2012 14:55:28
Sunderland to make a loan offer for Adam Johnson with a view to a permanent move. Johnson is reluctant to move on but he has said if he was to move he would want it to be Sunderland as he supported them as a boy

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23 Jun 2012 14:54:30
Barry Fry revealed Peterborough have received numerous offers from agents of Rangers' players who are after securing a free transfer away from Ibrox. This doesnt look good for the future of Rangers and scottish football

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Its all a plot for Rangers to take over Peterborough and get into the Championship. Green has heard there the best team in England cos they've signed all the players

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23 Jun 2012 14:53:19
Sone Aluko in talks with Hull City, Charlton and Bolton over a free transfer

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23 Jun 2012 14:49:01
Huddersfield will sign out of contract James Beattie and will attempt to prize Adam Clayton away from Leeds

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23 Jun 2012 14:44:53
Jamie Carragher will move into more of a coaching role in the coming season although he will officially be on the playing staff. Rodgers feels that although Carragher may no longer be able to perform at the highest level, his experience in the dressing room is vital

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23 Jun 2012 14:23:01
Ruddy in Talks with Villa, WHU back in with new offer for Holt. Hughton has to sell before he can buy, as Waitrose to stop Delia adverts

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23 Jun 2012 13:53:44
NCFC should buy Sone Aluko frm Rangers, he played really well last season! Would be a good buy!

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No, they shouldn't buy him, since he's a free agent!

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Buy? He's free. He turned down the chance to move across to The Rangers.

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23 Jun 2012 12:07:11
Why are there so many absolute nonsense rumours on here, mostly peterborough, if you lot sign all the players ive read about then you would have a sqaud big enough for every team in championship, dreamers, stfctilidie

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Locally there is little or no news about possible signings. This follows a policy of saying nothing untill deal done after Fry did his gobby usual about revealing a Wrexham signing that upset both clubs.

it`s a case of be quiet or dole que, FRY.

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23 Jun 2012 00:58:10
Oxford lost 1/3 million account out now. Over 10 million in debit now. No chance of League ! promossion. Loosing good players can't sign as Swindon can 6 this week. We will fight off religation at best stay up.

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What good players

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The good players that beat s.....n twice. Still half the debt of s......n . Not spending money they don't have either can't wait till bank pulls plug in them !

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What a load of ill-informed GUFF. Can you read a set of accounts? Oxford United are nowhere near £10m in debt (DEBT not debit). Oxford posted a loss of £300k due to a stadium dispute - as confirmed by the BBC website yesterday

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