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23 Aug 2011 22:58:07

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23 Aug 2011 22:28:08
Just a note to all those who are knocking Southampton for signing everyone, we have only signed 3 players. All the other Championship teams barring Coventry and Reading (both 2), have brought in more players, some of them a lot more. Nearly all of the players we get linked to on this site are simply tosh.

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Rodriguez, Elliott and McCann - all three wanted by Southampton before the deadline - scored the goals in Burnley's very lucky 3-2 extra-time Carling Cup win against plucky Barnet.

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How do you know all 3 are wanted by Saints? Rodriguez yes, the other 2 doubtful

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23 Aug 2011 21:45:53
23 Aug 2011 20:40:43
Ammar Jemal to Southampton in the next 10 days.Issues with work permit are now thought to have been resolved.Very reliable source.

The transfer window shuts in 6 days, so 10 days seems a silly number to suggest

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It shuts in 7 days lol

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23 Aug 2011 21:42:45
Please can we sign a centre back? {Ed003's Note -Who?}

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Burnley of course. {Ed003's Note - Oh sorry,of course}

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23 Aug 2011 21:19:10
Hi ed's any chance of proper west bromwich albion page??? {Ed003's Note - I'll mention it mate,depends if there will be enough demand so spread the word}

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23 Aug 2011 20:44:10
Transfer Latest

Leicester to sign everyone

Southampton to sign everyone else

both go up by default as no other teams have any players

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The way we have been playing we need to sign everyone lol

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Saints wont go up :P haha.. bless
the best they will finish is 4th (if extremely lucky), there are so many better teams than them in this league. maybe a great start. but its about consistency. it wont last im telling you.. watch this space

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23 Aug 2011 20:20:57
Ahead of Exeters game with Liverpool, Exeter have signed Anzhi striker Samuel Eto'o, Arsenals Samir Nasri, La Galaxy's Robbie Keane and they have completed their move for Yann Kermogant for 12 million.

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23 Aug 2011 19:50:14
Millwall have accepted a £850,000 bid from Reading FC for Paul Robinson.


the first bid that got rejected was 800,000 which millwall said fell way below the price they would even consider him due to how high the current market is in the championship, we are under no pressure to sell him at all and today he has stated how proud he is to be captain of Millwall Fc

Sources: Millwall website and paul robinsons official twitter.,,10367~2428623,00.html

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23 Aug 2011 19:41:24
Is this the Southampton, burnley and leiceter site or can any team post on here??

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Give it a go and stop sulking you big girl

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23 Aug 2011 19:29:33
Saints do not want McCann, no source what-so-ever just assuming saints still want Burnley players. 1. Cork wasn't your player, he was chelsea's. 2 Fox wanted more ambition. 3. 6mil for Jay-Rod, hahah no thanks, hernandez cost united 6mil, Adkins and Cortese are not stupid.

It's believed Saints will now turn their attentions to Out of favour leicester city striker Martyn Waghorn, who is valued at 1.7m dispite leicester paying 3m for him not long ago.

QPR are keen to land Puncheon this week, and with their new invesment, will stp up their interest, although any deal would not invovle Kaspars Gorkks the other way, as Southampton have now turned their attention to Bristol City CB Liam Fontaine, and have tabled a 450,000 bid.

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Burnley were looking to get Fox off the wage bill as he was on PL wages yet he is only an AVERAGE Championship left-back. Look how many goals Burnley conceded last season - a lot of them down to Foxy's diabolical positional sense. The Clarets have mugged Saints again and done another Wayne Thomas on them.

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23 Aug 2011 18:55:05
Poor Cardiff fans with no money for players the only asset malky he has he has to sell to cut the wage bill and get more bodies in so it's off you pop whitts ... Go and play for fans that appreciate good players and good football...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you believe that the fans buy the players or summin we aint millionares whitts is not going anywhere, bellamy is coming back, he has been seen talking to malky near the ground and malky has been given a 20m budget by the malasians, yeah we have no money, good one. To be honest all cardiff fans love the players and the football that they play, even when we lose the fans stay and stick by the players. BLUEBIRDS

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Seriously , dont rise to it , its total BS and we all know it , just bitter BLUEBIRDS

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23 Aug 2011 16:56:44
Wher the Burnley fan get of saying he's waiting for Southamptons form to dip we know we will have to lose a game soon but he is in cuckoo land thinking Burnley are going to kick start there season with the squad they have saints will be in the top 6 at the end of the season and it's doom and gloom for burnley only 2 points there there pmsl

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How do you know they will get into top 6. you are not that good. a few games gone and you all think your world beaters

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23 Aug 2011 16:33:32
James Constable has signed for Swindon Town this afternoon as he is a massive Swindon fan...........additional news Elvis is signing for Oxford as a direct replacement and will travel down from the moon where he parked his bus 12 years ago....2-1 to the Oxford boyyyyyyyys.....dream on DICKanio...who would want to join your team of losers??....oh i got some Czech clown who youve bought after watching a video sent by his agent//lol...ya couldnt make it up couldya?? ha ha ha

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23 Aug 2011 16:30:38
Can we not just delete the Arsenal Transfer Rumour Page? It must be years since its been used?

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23 Aug 2011 16:27:40
Hillsboro petition now goes b4 Backbench business committee to decide if put before parliament. Use this to lobby & make sure it is

Natascha Engel (Derbyshire)
Mr Peter Bone (Wellingborough)
Philip Davies (Shipley)
Jane Ellison (Battersea)
John Hemming (Birmingham)
Mr Philip Hollobone (Kettering)
Ian Mearns (Gateshead)
Mr George Mudie (Leeds East) and

Dear Backbench Business Committee Member,

As you will be no doubt aware, the e-petition calling for the full disclosure of all government documents relating to the 1989 Hillsborough disaster has passed the 100,000 signature mark needed to trigger a debate by the Backbench Business Committee.

The petition relates to a request under the Freedom of Information Act made to the Cabinet Office, requesting correspondence between then Home Secretary Douglas Hurd and Prime Minister at the time Margaret Thatcher about the disaster and the aftermath ?Ǩ as well as minutes of Cabinet meetings where it may have been discussed.

This request was initially refused by the Cabinet Office as they claimed that disclosure would impact negatively on the freedom with which ministers can engage in "free and frank discussions", and on the convention of collective responsibility.

This Cabinet Office?ǨѢs refusal was subsequently taken to the Information Commissioner?ǨѢs Office (ICO) on appeal, with the Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, ruling in favour of the enquirer that these documents should be released under the Freedom of Information legislation.

The Cabinet Office?ǨѢs argument against disclosure is flawed in several key areas. The Information Commissioner noted in his ruling that the Government?ǨѢs 30 year rule on releasing documents is currently under review with a plan to reduce this to 20 years ?Ǩ which would mean that the documents would be eligible for release anyway. Any further delay only adds to the hurt of those affected. The Cabinet Office also said that documents should be released to the Hillsborough Independent Panel prior to being released. However, the terms of reference of the panel state that it would exclude ?Ǩ?information indicating the views of ministers, where release would prejudice the convention of Cabinet collective responsibility?Ǩ ?Ǩ meaning that some or all of these documents requested under FOI may not be eligible for release by the Panel.

At the last possible moment, the Cabinet Office has appealed the Information Commissioner?ǨѢs ruling which has caused yet more pain and anguish to those affected by the disaster. The Cabinet Office?ǨѢs approach to this whole issue has been nothing short of deliberately obstructive with little regard for those affected.

The families of those who died, as well as the often forgotten victims ?Ǩ who survived that day but continue to carry the emotional and psychological scars ?Ǩ have waited 22 years to try and find out the truth of what happened on April 15 1989. There are many questions left unanswered, such as the emergency service response to the disaster. These documents may help the families and survivors piece together what happened. It is the least that they deserve.

You, as a member of this Committee, now have the opportunity to help these people. This petition is only the second to reach the required number of signatures and the speed in which it was achieved underlines the strength of public feeling that accompanies it.

The survivors and bereaved both support this petition. The level of dignity they have shown needs commending and refusing this petition a parliamentary debate would be a massive snub to not only them, but every other person who added their name to it.

I ask you to recognise the value of this request in the same way that the Information Commissioner has, and allow this petition to be debated in the Commons. To not allow it to full debate would leave suspicions as to what is contained in the documents and the reasons that the Government do not want them released, as well as leaving the e-petition scheme open to accusations that it is tokenistic empowerment.

I trust that you will make the right and moral decision.

Yours sincerely,

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23 Aug 2011 15:49:43
If Southampton think they are getting Chris McCann for £1.5million then they desperately ned to wake up from this little dream land they are in.
Yeah you beat Burnley to the signing of Jack Cork, Yeah you have signed Danny Fox, but every time i come on here you are after a different player of ours, first it was Wade Elliot, then it was Jay Rod, now its Chris McCann.
Youll be changing your red and white stripes to Claret and Blue before you know it.

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Its not southampton fans making up these rumours because we know that we don't need mcann, we already have a quality midfield

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Every player has his price and Saints know Burnley chairman Kilby cannot wait to get his greedy mitts on even more cash for his pension pot.

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23 Aug 2011 15:34:53
Trophies come with a price tag and it was 500 million,a Russian bought it,now its 1 billion,a arab is more than willing to pay that it seems,no matter how you look at it,chelseas success and any city have will always be remembered for a sugar daddy came and bought you it.

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Hollow success if any

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23 Aug 2011 15:00:53
manchester city had two offers for there stadium sponser, eitihad and dfs, dfs wanted to call eastlands dfs soccer lounge. however the deal was worth half of what eitihad offered.

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23 Aug 2011 14:03:31
Keith Millen & Collin Sexton have both said that Nicky Maynard is not for sale to any Championship side. Also former Chairmen & major BCFC share holder Steve Lansdown has voiced his opinion to the BCFC board that Maynard is not for sale at any cost to another Championship club & that's been reiterated in the Bristol Evening Post today. Nicky Maynards Girl Friend is also about to give birth to there first born in the next 3 weeks & it's been reported that Nicky doesn't want to make any major moves or changes during the last stages of her pregnancy. Expect Nicky Maynard to sign a new 2 year deal with Bristol City before transfer window closes with a clause in his contract that should a prem club come in for him by the Jan Transfer window at the right cost being over 7mil then Nicky will be aloud to be bought---------------------------------------------------------
Well I guess he will be staying with Brizzle then Cos Prem class not a chance, and he certainly is not worth 7 Million but if someone offered him more money i think he might get in his car and drive up the road, he does not have to move house to play for another team Doh

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23 Aug 2011 13:56:21
wait...happens if mancini wins nothing this year after all the cash hes burned? XD

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They buy a manager who can do it,he gets a ton og cash ,a bunch of players leave ,a bunch join,this keeps going,until they get a team that wins trophies,and then the money dries up,team gets old,countless managers come and go,cause they cant get rid of the players,due to high wages,its chelsea all over again,I give it 4-5 years before the wheels fall off.

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23 Aug 2011 13:15:09
23 Aug 2011 08:40:40
I do a lot of Fantasy football competitions, and Im wondering if anyone knows why Rodellaga hasn't been starting for Wigan? Last two weeks the press have assumed he will start but he has been on the bench any ideas?

Rodallega missed all of our pre-season playing with Columbia in the Copa America, so is being eased in slowly... He is in talks over a new deal.

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There was a report he refused to discuss a contract ex so dw is trying to freeze him out

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He is due to sign for Stoke next week, the deal has been agreed and he is just provinding cover on the bench until Wigan can sign a replacement. Francis Jeffers is apparently favourite to fill his shoes at the DW.

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23 Aug 2011 12:39:05
Evan though it?ǨѢs now got to 100,000, please keep on signing the e petition on the government web site, these Tories will continue to squirm to protect their own, if we can get the petition into the 2/3/400s of thousands maybe then they?ǨѢll have to open the files and we can get to the TRUTH

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Too many people tried to get into a ground that didn't have the space,badly controlled by police and a severe lack of communication from stewards and those in charge,their was a mob mentality from some parts of the fans,all these factors are to blame,its awful and sad. {Ed025's Note - when the truth comes will find that the police were completely at fault..

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23 Aug 2011 12:10:55
I was at Carrow road yesterday to see Stoke earn a late but very much deserved point.When TP makes the signings that we need to strengthen then I think Stoke will push on and improve on last season.Norwich don't look to me like a team that can stay up.They don't create many chances and for most of the game looked like the away team.Their crowd was very poor too.If you want to experience a proper atmosphere you need to come to the Bear pit you carrot crunchers.It was like a scene from the deliverence coming to that place.


Sorry but what the f*** were you watching? First half we (Norwich) dominated the game and deservedly went into the break ahead. We created a few openings, not loads, but we have 8 new faces in the squad and it was the first game for many of them, they need a couple to bed in. Had it not been for a terrible decision by the ref (the foul for the penalty was barely a foul, it was 2 yards outside the box and should not have been a red card) then we would have comfortably seen the game out and collected the 3 points we deserved.

Stoke showed nothing up until the sending off, thankfully justice was done and that scum t**t Walters had his s**te penalty saved by Ruddy. After the sending off Stoke were the better team, but thats because you had an extra man, we were defending probably a bit too deep but its tough when it happens to you 2 weeks in a row. Weak referee and linesman, poor decision changed the game.

And as for the atmosphere your fans were s**t, we outsung you for most of the game, we became nervous after the sending off and as most fans would became a little quieter, but first half we drowned you out so much i almost forgot you were there.

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Well i watched this game and you are completely wrong sir. stoke were in control for much of the game, and if they had better finishers they would of scored more. if it wasnt for the free kick there wouldnt of been a norwich goal as they had no real attacking threats.

as for the atmosphere, all i could hear on the stream i watched was the stoke fans, and even if in your opinion "we drowned you out" what more did u expect with around 25k home fans to 1k away fans?

but enjoy the premier league while you can, because you wont be here next season

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I watched the Norwich Stoke game on sunday and have to agree that although the penalty was harsh, the foul would have required a red card anyway as the defender prevented a goal scoring opportunity. I am a Norwich fan but can't see them staying up either without strengthening.

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I was there on sunday and have to say that not only were Norwich pretty ineffective, but the free kick that led to their goal was not a foul either.They may prove us all wrong but I doubt it. Norwich, Swansea,and Blackburn for the drop i'm affraid.

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23 Aug 2011 10:54:03
'22 Aug 2011 19:06:36
IF norwich dont buy some class players they havent a chance in the premier league,so for gods sake you lot at carrow rd open your purse before its to late as you have soon got to face some real football teams as they come alot better than wigan and stoke and draws wont keep you in top flight football.'

I cant believe than Norwich fans are complaining about the point you luckily gained V Wigan, we were the better team all game and on any other day we would have put 5 past you

Norwich will be lucky to get 20 points this season, very poor team


any other day, ok, who is going to score these 5, as your team has terrible strikers and the rest of the team is just as bad, (apart from moses)
and how will be lucky to get 20 points, i admit we would be lucky to get 50, but 20 will be easy, you stupid person nit.


And your team is better Against you we was without our best defender Antolin Alcaraz, our best midfielder was injured James McCarthy, we were missing a winger thus Jordi Gomez playing their and our main striker was not match fit and only played for like 25mins in Hugo Rodallega

Our squad is so much better than yours

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23 Aug 2011 10:14:00
hi new to this site , havent watched my team hearts in years due to work committment.
went to the kilmarnock game the other nite and fell asleep after ten minutes i woke up it was pitch black and had to climb out of the ground , does any one know the score

maximus ha ha ha ha

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Funny as ever cacksimus

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23 Aug 2011 10:05:58
england need to sit up and take utd gave spurs a hammering and the likes of smalling,jones,cleverly and welbeck were quality,not to even add rooney and young.there combinations between them is deadly.we need the young fresh blood in the team.lamps and co should maybe start taling a back seat view

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23 Aug 2011 09:55:36
marcos angleri mat kilgallon nyron nosworthy all available for loan or permanent moves. somebody PLEEEEEEZE take them

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23 Aug 2011 09:42:12
Poor Cardiff fans with no money for players the only asset malky he has he has to sell to cut the wage bill and get more bodies in so it's off you pop whitts ... Go and play for fans that appreciate good players and good football...

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23 Aug 2011 09:11:08
chelsea sign a bunch of players the fans have never see play, e.g lukaku,mata,that goalie who went out on loan and the lad from barcelona b side and think they will win the league now,you need a new team and its gonna take time,and time villas boas doesnt sure mata is a good player,very much like samir nasri,lukaku? would avb pick him ahead of established big names who would get very upset? too many egos at chelsea who need to go to let avb build his own team.

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Chelsea dont need a new team to win the league. The new aqquisitions have been enough to give extra youth and depth, as well as the input from Sturridge and mcceacran to come they will be challengers.

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These are well known players you tool, how much football do you watch? the fact mata turned down arsenal and spurs speaks volumes, good times for chelsea this season.

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Mata is a top player but if i was a chelsea fan my concern would be he might be abit too lightweight for the prem.

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23 Aug 2011 08:40:40
I do a lot of Fantasy football competitions, and Im wondering if anyone knows why Rodellaga hasn't been starting for Wigan? Last two weeks the press have assumed he will start but he has been on the bench any ideas?

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23 Aug 2011 01:39:09
if the arsenal board/players are sick of arsene, can we have him??? sunderland fan xx

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