Football Banter Archive September 22 2012


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22 Sep 2012 21:26:14
After tonight's performance, Craig Davies is attracting interest from all the under achieving managers in the championship, if Rhodes is worth 8 million, then get ready because Davies is twice the player, with a bit more pace, Steve keane eat ya heart out

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2 seasons ago rochdale suprisingly agreed a contract with him and unfortunately keith hill left for barnsley so hill signed him there instead! :(

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Dont talk rubbish, he had a good day at the office, but brum were s***e, and rhodes wasnt worth 8 mil, its just what was paid for him

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22 Sep 2012 21:03:37
Looks like we have signed a new keeper any one know anything about him

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About as much as whatever team you are going on about

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Artur boruc ? southampton and yes my balls are crystal

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22 Sep 2012 20:33:15
Swindon Town fans are laughing tonight...after a constant barrage of nonsense from AFCB fans that they will be taking Matt Ritchie from them....Two wonder goals from Matt today helped Swindon crush a very poor Bournemouth side 4 nil.....Matt was delighted to ram the nonsense back down their throats........

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22 Sep 2012 20:01:28
Southampton sign Polish 'keeper Artur Boruc on a one year deal.
-Southamton official site.

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Another marquee signing

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22 Sep 2012 18:38:03
Leighton Baines said Newcastle were a long ball team on Monday. Watched Swansea v Everton today and if Everton played a ball under 30 ft long, then i missed it. Everything went 40/50 yards towards Fellaini. WAKE UP Baines and smell the coffee. {Ed025's Note - you are obviously an idiot!...everton played a good footballing the park!!...and are playing some of the best football seen this season..or any season come to that...ask your carer, if you can watch it again..

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Everton are looking the real deal this season, what a nonsense of a post

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The cartoon army played long ball almost all game today. Riding their luck all last season and so far this season

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22 Sep 2012 18:20:16
This is not aimed at all AFCB supporters, just the ones that have come on here constantly trying to wind people up by claiming they are going to sign Matt Ritchie to such an extent that ED001 was binning up to 50 posts a day, and to the ones that when Ritchie signed a contract extension claimed Ritchie wasn't good enough for them anyway.... Did you see the wonderful 4 - 0 victory for Swindon over you today....and did you see the TWO fantastic Matt Ritchie goals?? Especially the first? He who laughs last........

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22 Sep 2012 16:42:27
Bournemouth boss Paul Groves has got to go now after that absolute embarrassment against Swindon today, Mitchell listen to the fans!! Groves out!

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22 Sep 2012 15:39:19
Brilliant performance by EFC NSNO

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Did they sing ' im sexy and i know it ' ?

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22 Sep 2012 07:53:33
bury to name the new manager in
time for the trip to stevenage!!
scource: officeal bury web site
are'nt i great knowing this stuff.

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