Football Banter Archive November 22 2012


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22 Nov 2012 22:48:47
wrong ,we dont need this person, how many players do we now have on our books, and at what cost. His ego is bigger than the club. {Ed003's Note - Who?? }

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22 Nov 2012 19:09:28
just read about the trouble in rome,diabolical,if it was english fans all english teams would be be banned for years.I hope the injured tottenham fans make a good recovery and win the match.huddersfield fan.

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22 Nov 2012 17:32:33
Our supposed tin pot clubs as you put it have been the breeding grounds for good players who inevitably end up at 'big' clubs like everton for next to nothing. If we didn't exist then the pot of talent available to be creamed off diminishes

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'Big club like Everton' is surely an oxymoron


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22 Nov 2012 18:43:32
Charlie Austin is going no where!!

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Going to leeds in january

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Here we go leeds fans lose the plot at the news of a takeover by a company barely solvent.

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The company were brokers for a backer, his name is al khalifa, member of the bahrain royal family, who have more than one leeds fan in their family, worth billions .Warnock will be given big money to spend in january, easily afford Austin MOT

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Austin not in a hurry to go and could do much better than Leeds both in status and performance satisfaction. He does not strike me as someone who would welcome aggravation and would prefer to play in a team that will end match with 10 other players on the pitch.

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A company barley solvent that have just paid around 50 million for the club without the ground or training ground included... if you think GFH or there backer dont have money you are wrong.. i agree austin wont go to leeds but he will be going to a premiership club in january

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Money talks , and leeds have it in abundance, im sure if austin was a target warnock would get him.he wont do much better in 'status' than the mighty whites. love the jealousy 'mr 10 other players on the pitch', lol .

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Mighty whites ! lol nearer league 1 than the prem

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Laugh all you want , love the jealousy MIGHTY WHITES ON THE WAY BACK

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Leeds are billionaires get over it!
irish leeds fan!

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I dont know about kissing the blarney stone i reckon you have swallowed it mate,just like reading and leicester leeds fans are in for a big disapointment expecting a team of world beaters and getting egg beaters

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Well said Irish, don't you just love how it gets under the skin of all these other clubs fans when something good happens at the MIGHTY WHITES, BILLIONAIRES, LOL

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22 Nov 2012 15:46:58
please please please be right, more than half our fans cannot stick him.

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22 Nov 2012 15:43:17
No loan signings of note!! SS, what are you playing at.. Borrowed time me thinks!

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22 Nov 2012 14:11:21
Getting a bit fed up with Portsmouth
rumours. Wouldn't want them to go
out of business but they did after
all cheat their way to success
including their Cup final win over us.
Not that I'm bitter, you understand.


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Don't worry redbird they will always have no fans or ground things looking up for Cardiff Coyr

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Totally agree Redbird the sooner this sorry saga ends the better..... is that the fat lady I can hear warming up

Romsey Saint

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22 Nov 2012 09:39:51
Argyle will beat Chesterfield on Satueday, the go from stregnth to stregnth and silence the doubters!! Bryher Pilgrim COYG

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Got that one wrong then,lol

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Dissapointed to admit it! We need a striker, just to state the obvious! Bryher Pilgrim

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22 Nov 2012 07:44:57
Swindon after one more player, put in moves for 3 championship players, only going to get one tho, any names anyone?

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