Football Banter Archive December 22 2012


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22 Dec 2012 20:55:58
Stoke City have had a great run in the
prem so far placed 9th and backed by
Moyes for a top 4 finish.
Of which my list of players would be
essential to achieve such a goal.

Wilfried Bony-Vitesse-The prolific ,
in-form Striker from the Ivory Coast.

Martin Ollson-BBurn-The previously
targeted full-back of Blackburn.

Charlie Austin-Burnley-The CShips
second top-scorer.

And also Muniain or Marin(Loan) would
be nice comment any other players!


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Stoke top four finish , what a joke . No way, playing hoof and hold football as you do. Begovic defo to go , dunno about shawcross his england debut was farcical, main hoof and holder for stoke.

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22 Dec 2012 18:57:15
Brian McDermott is to request his scouting network be significantly increased so they can scout all over the world to find the best possible players they can

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22 Dec 2012 18:43:19
Last time Barnsley Fc won a match we were going to be subject to a takeover. Well today we won again so what is predicted this time. I guess the virgin Mary giving birth at Barnsley Fc in the centre circle. ho ho ho merry Christmas to one and all

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22 Dec 2012 17:19:00
Still no sell out at elland road when will you learn think you need to take up bingo the only way your get a full house lol

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25,500k on the final game before Xmas is a good crowd and we had a sell out on Wednesday...
You forgot to say who your team are ???

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Its you again i see your the one that never signs of his posts that just shows how scared you are to admit that leeds united are a bigger club i know it and its about time you did mot4life.

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Loving the jealous fans against my club again when will you all realise that we dont care what anybody thinks we no where the biggest club outside the prem and so do all of you small fry clubs out there leedsmad!

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Elland road Christmas wish is a full house I know Santa can do miracles but ain't that asking for to much lol

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24 Dec 2012 14:54:20
whats the use of havin a good crowd with a poor team . you USED to be a premiership side, but them days have LONG GONE and are distant memories, AVERAGE CHAMPIONSHIP SIDE at most, wake up and smell the coffee

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Biggest club outside of the prem? are you mad. your middle of the table every year, you was once a big club now a tiny tiny tiny club with average players and a joke of a manager bring on the 29th for an easy 3 points COYH

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Think you need to get yourself a new joke book because the ones you keep coming out with are not one bit funny about us not filling are ground 25k hull ground doesnt even own that enough said!

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To the post that says leeds are a average side how does that work then smart arse 5 wins from 6 games thats promotion winning form is it not

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To the hull fan that seems to think we have a average manager 7 promotions more than any other manager in the championship by a mile please do your homework.

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Elland road christmas wish is for a full house pretty sure at the weekend we got the biggest crowd in the league think you need a new joke book mate if thats all you can come up then you really are one sad person mot.

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We will always be a bigger club than hull regardless of what league we are in and what position we finish...
you cod'heads have never been and never will be a big club

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Hull have finished above TWS every season since we came down from the prem, also to the post on 5 wins from 6 your right it is promotion form if you wasnt near the bottom half of the table haha. also hulls ground is 25k do your homework. all that matters is we take 6 points from you this year, easy times merry xmas jokers

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Also your manager may have 7 promotions but as soon as he gets there he is gone. steve bruce on the other hand 10 years as a premiership manager. need i say more

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Im a leeds fan from ireland and all i can say is i have never seen or even heard of a hull fan EVER! does that not tell ya something!

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It tells me your from ireland, and also tells me you dont look at the top end of the league table

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As stated regardless of league and finishing position Hull will never be as big a club as leeds that is a Fact
The only thing hull has going for it that leeds doesnt is its dock's and they aint worth shouting about

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^^ zzzzzzzzzzz what a boring comment from another dull supporter, end of the day you are a has been club and never to be again. for the simple fact your rubbish!!!, you even got thumped by Forrest again. enough said bring on tomorrow ladies

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Is this the same hull who stuffed you again today

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22 Dec 2012 17:08:01
saints need to sign quality proven players, if we are to survive I think we should raid tottenham for Bently, Dawson and Parker.

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More like scott virgil and lady penelope

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Think Saints should have called International Rescue a long time ago.

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22 Dec 2012 12:21:22
Why would green go to Swindon he still has18 months on his contract . No brainer.

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22 Dec 2012 10:32:03
Swansea City are ready to buy
Valencia striker Soldado as he is best
mates with Pablo Hernandez and they
are willing to pay watever the asking
price is.

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