Football Banter Archive December 22 2011


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22 Dec 2011 22:33:02
Rooney to Inter Milan as part of the deal for Sneijder

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22 Dec 2011 22:27:49
Ledley King WILL join Barcelona in the summer in a deal worth in the region of £10m {Ed025's Note - no way...pedro

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22 Dec 2011 21:39:03
Real Madrid are set to offer 20million euros plus Mesut Ozil to take Chelsea duo Frank Lampard and Dider Drogba to the Bernabeu

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22 Dec 2011 20:32:17
kyle walker to man united

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22 Dec 2011 20:04:44
Birmingham to sign David Goodwillie on loan in january

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22 Dec 2011 16:21:32
I am a saints fan and I really hope we make a fast forward our main target who would you saints fans like

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Yes i hear we are already in negotiations with billy sharp and also very strong rumour saying that jay rodriguez wife has been seen looking at houses in the new forest

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I'd prefer Sharp. J-Rod is hugely overated.
To be honest though I wouldnt be surprised if any new saints players came from abroad. Cortese has looked to surprise signings overseas before.

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A very strong rumour that J-Rod's wife has been seen looking at houses? What total b****cks! No1, who would recognize the wife of a Championship footballer and No2, how is it a 'very strong' rumour? For it to be very strong it would need to be confirmed by multiple sources, was there a bus stop full of Soton fans across the road? Someone's telling porkies

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22 Dec 2011 15:12:45
22 Dec 2011 14:08:58
norwich are going to make a £2.5 million bid for southampton striker rickie lambert who has 15 goals in the championship this season it is also believed celtic are also interested

That will just about pay for his left foot.


Wouldnt want him. Hes the same type of player as Morison and Holt and no better. We need a young, pacey striker who can finish and also has some experience of the top level so he can come in and hit the ground running. Jackson not good enough, Wilbraham is certain to leave, Chris Martin needs time to develop on loan and Vaughan needs time to fully recover and fix all his injury issues once and for all (we cant rely on him this year with his issues). R Lambert doesnt fit the bill and i wouldnt waste 2.5 mil on him even if he was available.

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Lambert is superior to Holt.
Holt only got 23 last season, and Lambert already has a total of 17, and we are not quite half way through yet.

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Before you value Lambert @ £10m (again) why not share with the group, how many of those 17 goals have come from the penalty spot? Sure he's still got to covert the spot kicks, but it's a wee bit different to being the next Pel?ɬ don't you think? Lambert is a good player, but he's not the second coming like some of you lot seem to think, if he was, he's be with a big club by now.

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Except you, who said he was the next Pele or the second coming. He does, however, bring us the goals that will potentially bring us Prem league status and the money that goes with it. Therefore he is valued at much more than 2.5M cos we could not replace him/his goals for that amount.

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22 Dec 2011 14:25:06
andre villas boas must finish in the top three by the end of the season or he will be sacked

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Well, I thought that was blatantly obvious.

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22 Dec 2011 14:20:06
carlos tevez wants to stay in argentina and wants to go to boca juniors

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No he dosent !! He's a footballer, he'll go where the money is. FACT !!

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22 Dec 2011 13:48:59
League table end of season


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Southampton are just to good they will win the championship easy

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No chance the crisp munchers will be up there.

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Surely Pompey will make the top 6

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Dont be so pathetic ! Southampton will be lucky for a play-off place at best. Brighton, Palace and Leeds will be the ones to watch after xmas. League will finish (1) Middlesbrough (2) West Ham (3) Leeds (4) Hull (5) Crystal Palace (6) Brighton (7) Cardiff (8) Southampton.

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This Saints fan is more worried about Middlesbrough than West Ham, at the moment, and thinks our game with them towards end of season could be a decider. However, to put us below Palace and Brighton and not even mention Reading is truly pathetic!

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Saints brushed aside Boro, Leeds and Brighton, and both Hull and West ham got seen off. I think this post must be written by some hopeless dreamer.

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Southampton will do the same as Leeds have done and that is Burn out and get nothing this season and won't even make the top 8

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And yet another post by someone too embarrassed by his own team's poor performance

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22 Dec 2011 13:39:24
Liam Fontain could be out for the rest of the season as the Bristol City captain injured his knee in training

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22 Dec 2011 13:09:40
Norwich Fan:
We need a defensive mid and a centre back as well any ideas anyone as 2 who Lambert looking at? OTBC!!

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Imo we should try to get huddlestone on loan, spurs might want him to get consistent playing time to get back to fitness

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That would be 3 loans, not on in this league

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22 Dec 2011 10:36:16
Vince Wolanin and Brian Howe, who tried quite a few years ago to Purchase Pompey, are again showing interest. In total, there are six parties interested. One major issue ref the selling price is whether the League will or will not sanction a points deduction. This needs speedy resolution if progress is to be made.

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22 Dec 2011 08:34:36
ashley smith ( who is really good at skill) is set to be the next one to come through the bolton youth system

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22 Dec 2011 01:08:15
There is no way on earth that Flicker will be leaving Barnsley to return to Rochdale.
And, although my initials are AP, and my last name is White, I am not the one stupidly posting tripe under the AP White name. I dont use full stops, bit of a giveaway.
Toodle pip

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22 Dec 2011 00:53:38
go mc leish go mc leish,ur a disgrace,i never wanted u in the villa job,u lack,imagination ,flair,we villa fans should march on villa park to get this person removed,go back to the rubbish scottish league,u fool

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McLeish has taken Rangers to the last 16 in Europe.And won more than O Neil did in Scotland.In a shorter space of time.Villa are lucky to have him.He won Birmingham a cup.When was the last time Villa done that?He will not care,what the anti Scottish fools think.Funny when William McGregor the Scots Aston Villa chairman,set up the English football league.And Villa have always had a history of signing Scots players.What a bunch of hypocits they are.Ally

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Thats the trouble with you lot ,always looking in the past ,never the future.

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The future for Scottish football is our under 21 sid.Who recently beat Holland and took 3 points in Nimejin.And we mist players such as,ADAM,SAUNDERS,HANLEY,NESS,FYFIE,McLEAN,NESS,FLECK,so even at that level we are producing top class players.The Dutch won the last 4 out of 4 Euro finals at that level.Players like Forrest at Celtic,is being watched bye Liverpool and Spurs.Redknapp was on radio Scotland talking about how good he is.And has had rave reviews about him,from his cheif scout.And will come up to see him.He has already rejected Bolton.Just like Gregg Wylde at Rangers has done.And young Scott Allan looks like he is moving to WBA.And Rhodes will be a EPL player soon to.We have plenty to look forward to,in the future.We are up another two places in the Euro rankings to.Ally

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Dutch won 3 out the last 4 finals of the Euroes,at under 21 level.Sorry for the typo,Ally

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God your funny , is that a joke?


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Its up on Youtube maximus.Scotland played a attacking 4 3 3 system with wingers.Forrest and Wylde terrorised the Dutch all night.Forest set up Rhodes for the first one.And Weatherspoon from Hibs got the winner.As I say there is plenty of talent around up here just now.Holloway knows we have players here.I bet his scouts will be up the morra.We do not talk about the past.We are looking forward to the future.And Feruz is not even involved yet,who plays for Chelsea.Or Ryan Harper who is with Real Madrid.Cant wait to see them involved with the under 21 team.Craig Sibbald as well,who should find a EPL club in Jan.Ally

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