Football Banter Archive September 20 2012


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20 Sep 2012 21:44:21
so like i said in the transfer window, kallum higgingbotham would go to Carlisle, i know the players, believe me next time ed

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20 Sep 2012 18:15:25
Bret Pitman to be announced as a temporary 'Gas Head' on Friday or Saturday ... one month loan deal completed between the two Bristol Clubs. The good friendship of the managers is a breath of fresh air !

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20 Sep 2012 12:38:11
Powell is losing fans in the board room results and performanaces are not good at the moment,
and the board might try and get Curbs back if not Mick McCarthy might take over

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What a crap fan u you!!
is man gets u up.. and after 7/8 games your posting ..get rid..
holloway got blackpool to prem ..
then relagated by 1pt .. 6-0 away to arsenal ,and other stuffing ... not one blackpool fan called for him to be sacked ..lost play-offs lsat season ..still not patient ..
he`ll get there .. the champs is a tuff league with good teams wonder manager get the sack with fans like you..

maximus {Ed020's Note - holloway is a top class manager, as a leeds fan, even i can see that with my typically biased view on everything lol}

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Well us blackpool fans think he is.. but other people dont ..thats why he is still with us..i also think ..that blackpool and holloway are made for each other..and if he went ..he wouldnt do well..i think a manager should be bigger than a club .. take liverpool for instance ..brendan rodgers fish in a very large pool.. liverpool should of gone for a bigger name..leeds are hit and miss at moment ..think warnock good championship manager takes time..
think clubs should give managers a chance ..but not paul jewell and brendan (little fish) rodgers ...ha ha


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Holla-away is one of the characters in the game, and the way pool play thier football is a breath of fresh sometimes - the bloke suits the job and vice versa....he takes everything to heart, and I think that just shows his passion - good fun to wind up though, but getting a bit easy....COYRs

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20 Sep 2012 02:06:57
what scares me bout this takeover so long do these people have the money to take us forward secondly they could be in it like KB am sorry for expressing my douts but theres deffs something that dosnet tick all boxes if they had the money an want to show ambitions to us fans why dont they give bates the offer he wants for all his shares an start taking us forward at least if they do really wana takeover us then loan the cash to kb now so NW can get his players he wants on loan till then its all down hill till every thing is signed sealed and delivered sorry for the despressing comment agains guys but somthing dosnt add up MoT4life

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