Football Banter Archive September 20 2011


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20 Sep 2011 22:00:23
OLDHAM ATHLETIC, are about to get a very large amount of cash to spend in JAN transfer window

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What £20, thats a large amount of cash in Oldham ;-).....seriously, i hope they do, Paul Dickov deserves a war chest for a change instead of trying to create miracles out of nothing, good luck!

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20 Sep 2011 19:37:34
Man Utd
40 Amos
20 Fabio Da Silva
51 Fryers
11 Giggs
13 Park Ji-Sung
16 Carrick
25 Valencia
07 Owen
09 Berbatov
27 Macheda
32 Diouf

Team for tonight, very strange!

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It worked though, did'nt it.....Leeds fans very conspicuous by their absence this morning!

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We lost yes, but we played bloody well and with the players you had on the pitch you should have scored more shouldn't you!

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No we didnt play just highlighted how far behind the top teams we are,without a mega-rich buy out we will never reach the dizzy heights once enjoyed,its now an unfair playing field with the likes of Man U ,Man C and Chelsea buying all the best players,even Arsenal are now a feeder club to the elite,even big clubs like Villa,Everton,Spurs will never win the league,the title is now bought,not earned.

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Man U. Celebrating a C.C. Victory over Leeds. You really are a classy bunch arnt you?

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Title has also been bought, the teams with the biggest budgets will always compete for the biggest prices in every sport, in every country and always have done.

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The scum should have scored more, 3 goals with berba, valencia, giggs, owen, park, carrick, wellbeck and you're proud! ha ha muppets.

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Just bin reading your posts above wow!
two points !
leeds if you want prem , then you should be beatin man utd reserves!
man utd ,change your name to salford united your not even from manchester !


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20 Sep 2011 17:05:34
all these people saying liverpool are sh*t and only 4 games hav been played if anything they need to look at some of the prevous years and unlucky man u coz in a couple months time you aint gonna be the best in the prem

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Not you lot either.

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20 Sep 2011 15:59:04
Ah yes, both clubs have a great chance of reaching the Premier League... forget the fact that the season is only 7 games old, forget the fact that there are another 117pts to be played for, let's just declare Brighton and Southampton to be Premier League bound now and let's base that statement on the first six weeks of the season. Let's ignore the fact that clubs new to the Championship often have a superb start to the season and let's ignore the bit that happens to most newley promoted sides after a while, the slide back into mediocracy...........................................

You are clearly a fan of a team that is underachieving and have the need to snipe at teams performing well...Just remind who got promoted to the Prem last Season...yep thats right Norwich the team promoted from league 1 and Leeds and Millwall to name the other 2 were pushing all the way last season hardly mediocrity is it.
Teams promoted only have a good start if they have the quality to do so and yes Saints and Brighton have got go away and have a go at the real
underachievers like Burnley, Birmingham, Forest and Those Fishy people from Portsmouth to name a few.

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I appreciate that you're doing your best, English obviously isn't your first language so congratulations must be given as you almost understood the point... The point being, only a fool would consider the season a success (or failure) after 7 games. If 7 games is all it takes, then why is the season 46 games long? and while we're at it, can you tell me how Leeds and Millwall got on in the playoffs last season? You see, "pushing all the way" would suggest that both teams made the playoffs at least, so come on, how'd they do?

Like i've said, numerous times, both Southampton and Brighton are good value for their place at the top of the league, but before we play billy, shouldn't we wait until they actually achieve something? You can swagger around all you like, but anyone who knows anything will simply laugh at you. Success isn't measured by how you'd done after 7 games, it's measured against what you've done after 46 games, now jog on back to la la land and pretend you're about to win the Champions League or something you pillock.

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It seems to me the only person talking about Southampton and Brighton being top of the league is you fella. So why don't you worry about your own club and leave us to 'swagger' all we want.


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20 Sep 2011 14:22:26
we need 4 signings because we made
the mistake of singn hendsons
total waste of money
we should sign
cahill 16m or alex 9m
daniel sturridge 15m
moussa sissoko 8m
edin hazard 35m plus lucas loan or
robino 18m plus aqualini
going out
skertel 8m or agger 10m

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Everton wouldn't seel you Cahill and the others on your list would want champions league football, something you can't offer and don't look like offering anytime soon

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You need to stop dreaming

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I am not a liverpool fan and don't care who they sign or don't sign. But clearly this person means G.Cahill not Evertons Cahill (cahill 16m or alex), as they listed an alternative defender to Cahill... you Muppet. {Ed025's Note - give the guy a break, he obviously misunderstood.....a bit like kenny, when newcastle asked for £35,000 for carroll...he gave them..£35 million lol

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Love it ed lol

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20 Sep 2011 12:00:57
Fantastic news!

The Euroes will not only be Capello's last competition as England boss, but they will also be the last for Frank Lampard, who will retire from international football.

Now we might finally start to win something. Nah, jokes.

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20 Sep 2011 09:32:21
Brighton 1-0 Leeds
Birmingham 2-0 Barnsley
Bristol City 1-1 Hull
Burnley 0-1 Southampton
Coventry 0-0 Reading
Derby 2-1 Millwall
Doncaster 2-2 Palace
Middlesbrough 2-1 Ipswich
Portsmouth 1-1 Blackpool
West Ham 3-0 Peterbrough
Watford 1-2 Notts Forest
Cardiff 2-2 Leicester

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Brighton 1-2 Leeds
Birmingham 1-1 Barnsley
Bristol City 1-2 Hull
Burnley 2-2 Southampton
Coventry 1-0 Reading
Derby 2-2 Millwall
Doncaster 1-2 Palace
Middlesbrough 2-0 Ipswich
Portsmouth 1-3 Blackpool
West Ham 3-1 Peterbrough
Watford 0-2 Notts Forest
Cardiff 1-3 Leicester

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