Football Banter Archive March 20 2013


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20 Mar 2013 19:44:35
The new owners of Swindon are dubious to say the least, FL will not lift the embargo as there appears to be a sensitive problem. New Directors will not comment yet it looks as if there asset strippers and in it for MONEY. Once season ticket sales are up they will drain every penny they can and leave Swindon high and dry.
They have refused to comment with the exception of the chairmans stupid tweets

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20 Mar 2013 19:20:27
food for thought
A certain Martin Oneil joined Leicester Dec 1996
he won 3 of his first 16 league matches from dec through march
he signed an unknown midfielder from chelsea (Muzzy Izzet) in March and then lost only once in the remaining 8 matches to seal a playoff place, played Palace in the final 27th May won 2 - 1

Well since Dec LCFC have won only 4 from 16 leaugue matches
signed an unknown midfielder from chelsea (Connor Clifford)in March and with 8 matches left a place in the playoffs against Palace on 27th May who Knows

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20 Mar 2013 16:34:33
Wba to get big Sam as new boss

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20 Mar 2013 11:57:06
Cannot stop laughing, I see Leeds are up for sale again. So much for the billionaire Arabs investing heavily in the club. I bet they take next years season ticket money with them, unless of course it ends up in Monaco.

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As a Cardiff City fan, I really don't think this is funny. Leeds fans have had to suffer for quite a while now and believe me I know the feeling. They are passionate supporters, as shown by the strength of their away following and deserve much better.


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Cannot stop laughing at leeds shows how sad you must be then doesn't it would love to know which small fry club you support then let's see who's laughing then shall we mot4life

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I see leeds are up for sale again wrong actually the owners are looking for investment nothing wrong with that every club does the same keep your nose out of what's going on at my club and concentrate on your own

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Leeds fan her, thanks redbird, good to hear such comments from a Cardiff fan, cheers bud.

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20 Mar 2013 19:32:33
massive club like SWFC lol

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It is hilarious, they are getting what they deserve.

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Marching into oblivion we all laugh at leeds the da dah

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Looking for investment? There are two stories coming out and the parent company says selling and looking to make the massive amount of £7 million.

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If I was you lot I wouldn't count all your chickens just yet leeds united will rise again way before any of your clubs do

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22 Mar 2013 22:24:24
SWFC no 2 we used to be massive we used to play man united but now we play udders lol

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This post is funny, and sad, Leeds still have wealthy backers, who have already invested over 10 mill in the squad, and now they want more investors to take us to the next level, so don't think the knockers on here have 2 brain cells between them, but they are corgis or the second sheffield club so it is understandable

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Lol I can't believe there's a leeds fan still hoping gfh are going to buy the players to get you promoted they are potless you silly boy

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Go on then clever clogs where has any leeds fan metioned that gfh are going to spend any money they will find it hard to when the window isn't even open

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20 Mar 2013 09:42:19
Wolves to make Bocundji Ca of Reims their priority signing if they retain Championship status {Ed002's Note -

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20 Mar 2013 08:42:49
Appleton- I wish I stayed a Portsmouth

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He's out of work not suicidal LOL

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Appleton should have not left west brom

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