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01 Nov 2012 22:36:00
Can believe this as Preston wanted the player not so long back? As a york fan He's a player that has always done well against us, and experienced player that has scored goals where he been. IMO would be a good signing for York.

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If this post is regarding anthony elding then no he is shocking, im a rochdale fan and he offers nothing to the team in build up play and suprisingly his finishing isn't amazing either, you will have to create a load of chances for him to score goals!

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01 Nov 2012 21:47:29
Told you guys on the 27th Oct that Palace would be naming Ian Holloway as their new manager by Monday, was a few days out, but a good tip at 14/1, Get in.

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Correction, i posted at 8.10pm on the 25th Oct.

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01 Nov 2012 16:55:55
Millwall midfielder Jimmy Abdou has sign new deal until 2015.


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01 Nov 2012 16:50:14
Sissoko would like a New Castle.

"Newcastle are a fantastic team and would be attractive to any player. I am no different."


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01 Nov 2012 16:46:49
Danny Kearns has extended his loan at York for a further 2 months.


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01 Nov 2012 15:38:51
Ok this is not me making up rumours about who coming to Ipswich town this is just me saying what I would do if I was Mick McCarty.

I am happy with the appointment of McCarthy to Ipswich. I know he won't take rubbish of any player and will get respect from them which Jewell didn't get.

First he needs to sort out all these loan signings
He has 8 and 1 short term contract they are

Gk Stephen Henderson
Cb Danny Higgenbothan
Cb Bibel Mohsini
Cm Gurion N'Daw
Cm Massimo Luongo
Cm Richie Wellens
Cf Daryl Murphy
Cf DJ Campbell
Cm Nigel Reo-Coker (short term contract)

Send Henderson, N'Daw and Wellens back now
Keep Higgenbothan and Campbell till Jan
Keep Luongo and Murphy till end of season
Sell Chopra and Ellington
Sign in jan Reo-Coker, Mohsini, decent centre back, decent centre forward and a decent back up keeper

Then come end of jan transfer market and with no injuries thus would be starting 11 and subs

Gk Loach
Rb Ward
Cb Chambers
Cb New cb
Lb Cresswell
Rm Martin
Cm Hyam
Cm Reo-Coker
Lm Drury
Cf Taylor
Cf New cf

New back up keeper

A mix of youth, experiance, pace, height, leaders, strength and players wanting to be here

Why I do these moves. Chopra needs to go he rubbish and has to much of field problems. Ellington is just rubbish now. There r to many loan signings and that's not good for the team by jan they would only have two in Murphy and Luongo. Why Jewell got in Henderson I don't no. Yes loach made couple mistakes but what keeper dont. How was bringing in a loan keeper and making him start meant to help are long term number 1 so Loach needs to go back in goal straight away. Sign Reo-Coker to a contract and put him in the middle with Hyam an make them are centre midfield partnership Reo-Coker is only 28 and has bags of premiership experiance to help Hyam who should be there. Ipswich need to sign Mohsini as he could push for starting roll or be a great back up. Then sign a keeper to back up Loach and then really concentrate on finding a goal scorer and a decent centre back to partner Chambers. If Ipswich do that I'm not expecting Ipswich to go up but will def not go down and will be in line to have a great 2013/14 season. what do you guys think

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Are you being serious about keeping chambers. was so glad he left forest as league 1 is about his level. hold on i've just realised thats why you want to keep him because thats where you and mr i'm waiting for a prem team McCarthy are heading

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Good luck Ipswich with McCarthy and clipboard Connor. They will soon have the players running round like headless chickens !

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01 Nov 2012 14:07:37
Just a quick one really on the whole Mark Clattenburg issue. I think that if he is guilty then he should be rightfully punished. However if it turns out that the claims are not correct or untrue, do you think that Chelsea will be facing some form of punishment based of fictitious or vexatious claims?

Whilst we only have a small amount of the actual facts it has been reported that the players who were meant to have been abused did not actually hear the abuse themselves and it was overheard by a player who speaks very little English. Also , the other officials who were still wired in at the time did not hear the abuse. This does not seem like a watertight case to me and I cant help wonder if it was better to keep the investigation under wraps until all of the facts had been established.

Also, whilst I acknowledge that the neither the FA or Chelsea reported the incident to the Police and it was reported by the Society of Black Lawyers, surely it would have been better for them not to interfere until all of the facts have been established. It seems that Clattenburg has been tried and punished by the media despite all of the facts being looked at first?


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01 Nov 2012 13:31:31
I don't understand why people are writing silly posts about Barnsley FC signing people from the Premier League. Anyone who knows anything about Barnsley FC know that we ONLY seem to get people who are either Free Agents, Injured, from League 1 (maximum) or are completely rubbishe.

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Forest fans are deluded in that way as well

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01 Nov 2012 10:55:03
Hartlepool United chairman Ken Hodcroft will NOT appoint Sven-Goran Eriksson or Rudi Voller due to their history with the press. Hodcroft's number 1 rule for managers is, "Don't embarrass the club" and he feels they may break it.

Phil Brown is the favoured choice.

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01 Nov 2012 01:17:21
Stevan gerrard, we only lost to swansea because of their informs long ball tactics, but we totally outplayed them, we are a far better team.

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As a Swans fan having played both Everton and demolishing Loserfool in their own back yard, i can firmly refute Steven Gerrard's pathetic assumption of Everton being a long ball team. They are by far a better footballing side than Loonypool. And like i say that's as a Swans fan without any ties to Everton.

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01 Nov 2012 01:16:38
I've just taken control of Barnsley on the new Football Manager 13 game but when I've gone to search for players to sign I can't take off the 'Show Rochdale Players Only' option. Need some help please!

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