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01 Dec 2012 23:10:51
millwall are in for wordsworth in
jan of colchester
ED CAN YOU SEE THIS ON {Ed025's Note - more chance of getting shakespeare..

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Rubbish charlton been after him the 1st season we were in league 1 3-4 years ago. only just got the jan. budget from the board and its enough for frimpong and wordsworth 2m for frimpong including joint partner ship between charlton and arsenal for loans and youths and 900k plus add ons for wordsworth who will play at Lm if he joins cos kerkar is shocking.

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01 Dec 2012 22:55:54
arsenal would like to get
ONE {Ed025's Note - out of the frying pan for me mate....both mid table mediocre sides...i think he may set his sights a bit higher..

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01 Dec 2012 21:38:32
seee alll you huudders fans have piped down now! giving it the big en before. nice to give you a humbling defeat, i always said it was fluke u had a decent start never was going to last long. this is the beggining of the end for u boys! LIAM MOT!

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Before getting too giddy i should read todays mail on can get it online,piece about your takeover,oh dear.

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Desperate udders fan praying that the takeover is a big con! Its just taken 6 months to go through so do you not think its all been checked out!? If you knew anything at all you would know GFH are backed by al khalifa, a sheikh worth about 3 billion. Go back under your rock and pray you avoid relegation.

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I should read the article before spouting bile .your own gary cooper is in the article and says he is very concerned.The guy fronting the takeover is from croydon and the bahrain website is registered to him in croydon,the article states that gfh have made many false i say read it .if you are capable.

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Why are you so bothered about leeds? your obviously a jealous fan of one of the small yorkshire clubs, your just clutching at straws hoping and praying something is wrong with the takeover.
So some bloke in croydon just had a spare 52mill and thought oh i'll buy a football club? Your making a fool of yourself pal, go worry about your own team

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I wouldn't bother reading the daily snail, its a comic

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01 Dec 2012 20:56:22
Not a rumour just heartfelt congratulations on todays result from all of us at White Hart Lane. Cheers and nice one

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01 Dec 2012 18:16:06
We are pathetic WENGER OUT we are going down WENGER OUT we are a joke WENGER OUT cut all their salaries WENGER OUT.

Heathrow Gunner

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Maybe you should move to Woolwich.....LoL!

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Sort yourself out man look what his done for you don't you just love these part time prem supporters

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No he should be sacked and then we can bring him to leeds.

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01 Dec 2012 18:01:20
where is jermaine beckford because is injury is just a hamstring strain but some players have come back the next match.

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He's propably at home thinking why did i ever sign for these poodles!

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01 Dec 2012 17:46:11
i can see the dog botherers calling for graysons head if bolton beat them next week...
i hope not though as i like the thought of a life long leeds fan pulling the strings over there

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01 Dec 2012 14:22:50
udders battered today in your cup final now hopefully you dog botherers will realise your way down the pecking order in the yorkshire teams and you mean nothing to leeds apart from 6pts a season M.O.T

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Good of beckford to feign injury so as not to play against his fave team, clayton was a prick, but fair play, apologised

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And you men nothing to Man U I would say apart from 6points but they will never take 6points of you because your never be a prem team lol

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If we mean nothing to man utd why do they constantly sing about leeds game after game after game ?? WERE NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE

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Udders fan got the first bit right, the will never take six points of us,i can see Leeds in prem next season, with udders going opposite direction

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Not a prayer of leeds going up,this season or next

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