Football Banter Archive September 19 2011


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19 Sep 2011 20:36:36
Manchester United midfield Ryan Giggs will retire at end of this Season after 22 years of playing for Manchester United.

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19 Sep 2011 19:25:31
hi ed do you no if you can pay on the gate for wolves millwall tomorrow? if not does anyone else no {Ed003's Note - I have no idea sorry,check the official site out or maybe someone could help}

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19 Sep 2011 18:52:31
Can anyone tell me what is the point of the league cup,fa cup and Europa league?? When most teams will put out very weak sides , surely its time to scrap the league cup,move the Europa league to Wednesday,and give the winners of the fa cup a place in the champions league.

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This might come as a surprise, but there are more than four teams who play football in the Uk and the League Cup provides them with a chance to compete against the top clubs (depending on the draw obviously) a chance to boost their coffers with additional games, a chance to use their squad players, a chance to try out new formations and tactics and a chance of a day out at Wembley - among other things.

There is more to football than the Champions League and the Europa does all of the things the League Cup does, on a wider scale.

As for the FA Cup, are you sure? Teams put out weakened sides do they? If you think that's true you're as dumb as your question.

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Clearly you didnt watch the fa cup lately, did you see the arsenal v man utd game last season?? that is just 1 example for you.

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Oh dear, you couldn?「どィび「t have picked a worse example to prove your point with!

United: van der Sar/Brown/Smalling/Vidic/Evra/Hernandez/Rooney - on the bench were Giggs/Scholes & Berbatov

Arsenal: Almunia/Diaby/Denilson/Nasri/Wilshire/Arshavin/van Persie - on the bench were Clichy/Ebou?ノャゥ & Ramsey

If you had any idea what you?「どィび「re talking about you?「どィび「d know about a little thing called INJURIES, both Utd and Arsenal put the strongest sides out that they could manage, have a read of a few match reports maybe?

The fact is that the FA Cup is still massive, and ALL of the top sides are still desperate to win it every season.

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No team fields their strongest side in the fa cup or league cup, they save that for the league or champions league,cos staying in the league or finishing in the top 4 or doing well in the champions league is far more important, cos it pays more.

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19 Sep 2011 17:14:18
your paying the wages mate

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19 Sep 2011 16:44:29
Anyone else think ticket prices are a disgrace at the moment,different charges for clubs etc? Example, Aston Villa v Wigan Premier league next game £21. Yet they FLEECED us Newcastle fans for £43 on saturday!!!!!! I wish Newcastle would charge clubs exactly what they charge us, only Blackburn would benefit. Chelsea,Villa,QPR,Arsenal all charge way over the top, although their tiny away support would disappear all together if we did. Toon Loyal

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We dont have tiny away support your "so called big club" wont allocate the tickets we request. Dont like it dont come stay and watch your small team not win anything for another season at home where they dont over charge you... {Ed003's Note -Ouch! cant post the last bit for obvious reasons}

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19 Sep 2011 13:35:12
Look at all these jealous fans, saints and brighton will both have a great chance of reaching the premier league no doubt about it

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Saints are 2nd favourites with most bookies, so theres got to be something in it.....personaly i think saints could well have a good season

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Ah yes, both clubs have a great chance of reaching the Premier League... forget the fact that the season is only 7 games old, forget the fact that there are another 117pts to be played for, let's just declare Brighton and Southampton to be Premier League bound now and let's base that statement on the first six weeks of the season. Let's ignore the fact that clubs new to the Championship often have a superb start to the season and let's ignore the bit that happens to most newley promoted sides after a while, the slide back into mediocracy.

Nobody is disputing that both sides are playing good football and deserve their place at the top of the league, but you're made if you honestly think the season is over already and that they'll be able to hold on to those places. Let's see where they are after Christmas before we get carried away.

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Oh dear! I think someones side may be in the bottom 3 at the mo!!

Cheer up charlie! :)

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Really, you think it's just sour grapes? You honestly think the season is as good as over already and that Southampton and Brighton can hold on to their places at the top of the table? Seriously, that's what you think?


Like are said, both have been good value thus far, but if you really think that 7 games is a good indicator then you're fooling yourself pal. Let's have another look after Christmas shall we?

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19 Sep 2011 12:43:55
After loosing against Derby County at the weekend, Nottingham Forest are to appeal to the football league to see if they can play their next game against 9 or even 8 men, to give them a chance of winning a game.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha He He He etc etc.......

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Derby....PAH. Small club, small minds.

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Poor old Forest, can't even afford of tin of polish and now their 30yr old trophies are starting to gather dust. "We used to be a big club, but we're not anymore"

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19 Sep 2011 07:18:40
To all you Burnley fans who said our bubble would is still floating about....The table doesn,t lie..have a look at it...I can just about see Burnley from up the top.........4th from Bottom, you should have taken the money on offer for Jay Rod at the time because his value is now plummeting PMSL LOL ha

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19 Sep 2011 00:55:17
i have just heard that the liverpool kit will now be washed in persil. it gets all the sh*t out

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Another jealous muppet, how many times has your club won the european cup?? There are some numpties on this site, top 4 for the reds.

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Lets all laugh at the fuming liverpool fans

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Its not about european cups my dear scousers. its about being champions of england. you will not win this as you are cr*p. end of discussion..

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Nothing better than a Crestfallen K.K. Perhaps he would like to have another word with a referees top man. See if he can sort out Liverpools lack of effort.

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How is not about European cups. A european cup means champions of europe.

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