Football Banter Archive November 19 2012


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19 Nov 2012 20:40:52
Leeds fans waiting for the takeover should read the piece in the guardian online regarding the company involved,they have money problems and cannot survive unless they sell assetts.The reason the takeover hasnt happened yet is that they need to sell assetts first.

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Never mind, there's always Ken to take Leeds supporters money.

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Yet more people looking stupid ,lol

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19 Nov 2012 13:35:18
Millwalls liam Trotter as all these rumours linking him to Watford,Southampton,Sunderland its getting a little bit silly now and i for one is getting fed up to the back teeth every time the transfer window comes round liam is always in the frame,i will not believe it till it happens

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19 Nov 2012 12:18:08
Im a Rangers fan but just curious as to know if Edu gets a game for yous? or is even on the bench? personally, I hated him when he was at gers....worst midfeilder I had seen in a while! dunno why Pulis went after him, Edu is a donkey.

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Edu is a good, honest, hard-working footballer. True Blue

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Are you joking? he cant pass, tackle or take a good first touch. His second touch is always a horrendous tackle. Guy gives you nothing, an empty gersey! cant see sense in the pople that still defend him! haha

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19 Nov 2012 11:37:29
will man united win the champions league

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OK Ed 0003 are you a T*m or True Blue? Most likely the former. {Ed003's Note - neither but was has that got to do with Man United's chances in Europe :/ }

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19 nov 2012 09:23:13
celtic fan here just on to say well done aberdeen fans on saturday really good attendance and atmosphere its good to see ure club going in the right direction on and off the park {Ed003's Note - what a nice post,I hope your goodwill spreads to all clubs}

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