Football Banter Archive March 19 2013


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19 Mar 2013 16:05:54
If it had been a Manchester United player that had been injured by thuggery at Wigan there is no way and I mean absolutely no way would the FA hesitate in handing out a retrospective ban.

This also begs the question that if the third official does see a red card offence can he then get the player sent off later if the ref does not see it? Utter rubbish the FA is a joke.

And before any Wigan fan says it was a fair challenge, I am sure when you are in the championship next season playing some of the more physical teams you will see more than your fair share of fair challenges.

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Welan: silly old man. Should have gone to Specsavers.

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Welan shears his sheepdog.

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19 Mar 2013 06:56:44
Once again Southampton have played a 'top' team of the park but all that is ever said by the press and TV pundits is 'the other team did not turn up' or 'never seen a team play so badly' how about ' Southampton played them of the park' or 'what a fantastic performance by Southampton' come you so called experts how about a bit of credit where its due

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Because liverpool were s***e

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Saints made them look s***e

Romsey Saints

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Saints did play Liverpool off the park, considering liverpool were supposedly marvellous against Swansea and spurs over the previous weeks, and we're going for 4th spot in the premiership--- joke of a club liverpool

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Liverpool have nt been a top
team for years
and brendan rogers wo nt
make them a top team

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18 Mar 2013 21:14:15
yes it is administration as Swindon have breached the FL Regulations, must be last owners as new ones ain't got there feet wet yet also ain't goy a pot to pi--s in.
The embargo will not be lifted and the money they got for Ritchie is running out. So wait and see.
Tead what the GUV says he is allways spot on

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