Football Banter Archive February 19 2013


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19 Feb 2013 23:12:25
Expect another adjournment in the court case regarding Portsmouth football club. It is believed there are issues regarding funding for the PST which will delay the case once again.

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19 Feb 2013 22:24:08
Paul Buckle to be confirmed as Swindon manager next week and his first job is to try and get first team to renegotiate contracts on lesser money. Players not accepting new terms will be shipped out in the summer, new owners say it's time to get real and live within the means of the club.

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19 Feb 2013 22:21:10
The back room staff at swindon have just resigned what a circus.

Just close the place down and turn the lights off

Disgruntled fan of over 40yrs

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Yes there is only one STFC after all---- Shrewsbury town football club, properly run, and living within there means. swindon have been a joke for at least 10 years

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19 Feb 2013 22:10:37
MK Dons need to sign a striker and goalkeeper if we have any chance of getting in to the promise land, the Chamionship

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19 Feb 2013 22:01:30
football league have rejected Portsmouth take over by keith harris, orville and cuddles try and take over next

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19 Feb 2013 21:34:13
Rumour has it that Mr Hoyle has torn up his "blueprint" for Town`s future, and is preparing to leave, after seeing town`s first season in the championship turn to 3£$%, after a promising start, with the prospect of league 1 beckoning, after making cheap, incorrect decisions in a tough league, when reasonable financial decisions re team strengthening needed mid season weren`t taken, when the team and supporters cried out for help. Muddling through on a wing and a prayer doesn`t work! Latest debacle at Forest tonight.

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I agree, dean hoyles plan to bring players on and sell them is ridiculous, no team can do that and suceed on the pitch, even man united don't bring enough players through to do that. I agree that a club has to be run on a business footing but that business isn't a cattle market. we need a miracle

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19 Feb 2013 20:45:02
4-1 at half time. Will it be 8-1 at full time? Mr Hoyle, what happened to you "dipping in to the loan market" as quoted on by you to The paper. 3 of you scouring availability supposedly as far back as before the Leicester cup tie replay. SHAME ON YOU. Our defence are absolutely useless and I at the age of 53 could probably do just as well. (At least I couldn't be much worse). Never mind about stupid talk about polyfiller instead of wallpaper. Try a total refurbishment. As quoted at the Canalside questions an answers night.

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19 Feb 2013 21:01:12
dean hoyle, makes confession. we want di caneo. robins getting push at weekend.

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19 Feb 2013 20:52:02
Alan Knill at aldershot v Torquay tonight, set to be unveiled as manager in morming

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19 Feb 2013 20:17:20
have posted several times that the next swindon manager has been to several games in the past few months. the new owners were not willing to work with di canio and would not allow deal to go ahead until di canio left. the new owners did not want to be the ones to dismiss di canio hence the deal wouldn't go through until patey had removed di canio. the takeover will be completed by the end of the week when the new swindon manager will be announced. the new swindon manager will be STEVE COTTERILL who is currently coaching qpr on a short term basis until the swindon situation was sorted.

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19 Feb 2013 18:03:43
Huddersfield Town are looking to off-load their higher earners as they are resigned to relegation. Clayton and Norwood have been offered to Burnley and Bolton to name a couple.

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Good business sense by leeds telling clayton he wasnt worth the wages he was asking and that he could go. also very happy leeds didn't get beckford between both players I bet they are on 40k pw

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19 Feb 2013 17:04:10
, tv are saying that Ladrookes is giving 5/1 on Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslett being the new joint managers at Swindon Town,

Apparently they both have experience of working on a sinking ship!!!

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And black was our iceberg. so much for his 3 year plan

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19 Feb 2013 13:52:19
paul itfc. does the itfc mean.
its tuff following crap?

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Pot kettle black springs to mind

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Also try getting it right it should be iftfc and we know what the f stands for Paul itfc

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19 Feb 2013 12:15:43
billy sharp to bristol city in summer

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Me thinks he will go to spain. nice holiday wit family. bristols rubbish.


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Nah, he's said before he loves working with odriscoll and has publicly stated before he'd even take a pay cut to work with sod.

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He's not going to drop into lge 1

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He is not good enough to play in Spain, he is not even good enough for the EPL

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19 Feb 2013 11:01:56
Message to self. stop posting nasty things about Portsmouth Football Club as the Ed's won't post it LOL

Romsey Saint
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19 Feb 2013 09:41:07
Keith Harris revised bid for pompey has again failed - Orville is said to be bitterly disappointed - he wanted to fly right up to the sky, but he cant. COYRs

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18 Feb 2013 23:53:33
Right so Manager sorted! Only time will tell? Now where are the bank breaking loan signings to keep us in the Championship still not a sniff! We need a striker a winger and a midfielder?
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Manager not sorted, put lillis back in charge.

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