Football Banter Archive March 17 2013


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17 Mar 2013 21:46:50
Nigel Pearson to get the sack next week, With nigel adkins favourite to take over!

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I believe they're reissuing XTC's single "Making Plans For Nigel" due to popular demand.

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I think you will find Adkins odds on to be Leeds boss

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17 Mar 2013 20:31:29
De Guzmans loan deal gave Swansea a right to buy at agreed fee upon signing
Swansea can activate this clause at any time if they choose to sign the player

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17 Mar 2013 19:08:38
Fair play to St Mirren from an Elderslie bhoy
Enjoyed that cup final
Well done!

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17 Mar 2013 18:13:12
How did Mcmanamin get away with that? Dirty, Disgusting and Cowardly tackle. I hope he fancies an evening in Newcastle sometime

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Yes it was nearly as bad as when shearer stamped on lenons head, but he was england captain and got away with it because he threatened to not go to the upcoming world cup if banned. now that's disgusting and cowardly.

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If ref halsy did not see that tackle from 10 yards away where was he looking two players and the ball arrived together and where was halsy looking he should be also banned for not doing his job properly
and where was ass ref having a cup of tea cause he also missed the tackle and would of thought that's what they are there for

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17 Mar 2013 12:49:39
Seen some people say Billy Sharp is the striker Swindon are set to sign, he was a sub for Forest yesterday! And came on too

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Swindledon can't afford sharps wages

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