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17 Dec 2012 20:33:26
Reading need urgent replacements in centre midfield. I recommend someone like jermaine jenas or David Vaughn stuart Holden or even Dan gosling

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17 Dec 2012 20:25:35
Jay tabb is the worst CM I've seen play in the prem for a very long time - why have reading kept him. Championship clubs are after him like Barnsley SELL HIM!!

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Your keeping him because your going to need him after this season back in the championship where you belong!

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17 Dec 2012 19:43:50
chelsea will offer more then
20 mill in a bid to get fellaini
in jan
and if he gets band chelsea
will pursure thre interest
they are also looking at
theo walcott
ED WHAT DO MAKE OF THAT {Ed003's Note - Could have made your sentences longer and seperated them and thrown the odd capital letter in but apart from that it's a good start.}

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17 Dec 2012 19:00:51
Stockport County`s financial mis-management continues to happen. The current directors have chosen to lay off the most of the back room admin staff later this week. The club really need to make cut backs, and after a bizzare choice to sell next years season tickets in January, adn the fans not happy with that idea they have no decided to cut back on staff costs and staff will be told by the end of this week.

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17 Dec 2012 16:02:39
Shawcross should also get a punishment for winding Fellaini up!! {Ed025's Note - it was totally fellaini,s fault....trying to play football against stoke is a bad idea, now if it was rugby...

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If it was rugby he could be banned for 2 years for headbutting

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18 Dec 2012 01:05:33
If it was rugby, shawcross would be a international star.

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Shawcross is an international

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Fellaini is 100% at fault for this, Shawcross has done nothing wrong apart from being professional if that has wound Felaini up he shouldnt be on the pitch. This is the physical side of English football that we need to retain to keep our identity. And by the way im not a Stoke fan, I support Saints {Ed025's Note - there is a difference between being physical, and using sly underhanded tactics to stop your opponent playing!, which is what stoke do, whatever happened to the beautiful game?....answer=..STOKE!!

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What about the sly underhand tactics that certain players use to gain an advantage in the penalty area ie suarez cazorla oscar etc cheating foreign gits

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17 Dec 2012 13:54:36
Has anyone else noticed that the official day that Ken Bates hands over the club is the 21.12.2012 the day the world is supposed to end!?

Was this the only time Ken Bates was going leave Leeds? I would not put it past him to have a hand in the end of the world on Friday too!

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17 Dec 2012 13:11:32
Charlie Austin - will be playing Premiership football after January's transfer window closes.
There is speculation surrounding a number of Clubs that are going to make a move for the most prolific English striker this season, but there's one thing certain.....

He aint staying at Burnley!!

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Let me guess, this is a derby fan replying to me post on Hughes? Got to say though a can't understand why you wasted your on time writing this obvious fact with nothing else in it, not even a predicted price or future club. Strange one you are!

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20p and a pack of haribo

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Burnley have said today on their website, Charlie Austin is not for sale like Jay rod wasn't in January! They say they plan on keeping contract talks going with him but Burnley want a quiet January with no one coming in and no one going out!

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Always quiet in burnley
you could always bank on DAVE to bail you out

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17 Dec 2012 10:27:54
adam lallana to liverpool for £7.5 million

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Is that all? I thought Liverpool like paying a lot more for average players

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Why would he want to take a backward step in his career

Romsey Saint

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17 Dec 2012 10:25:33
Arsenal to bid 20mill for diame, strong rumour. {Ed003's Note - why when his release clause is £3.5m }

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17 Dec 2012 02:02:17
Carlton Cole is 100% hammers he just took a 50% pay cut to stay a hammer for life

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Nobody else wants him thats why

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17 Dec 2012 01:23:35
people have been throwing a few names around in the air for the managers job such as Paul Trollope, although i would love to see him back at the mem i dont think he will after how he got treated last time plus i cant see him leaving hughton as him and hughton are bonding well atmo, same as for Stu Campbell when he was in charge for the last few games in 2010-2011 the team showed alot more fight and looked like a team to me which at the time didn't deserve to be relegated plus i dont think we would get him back after the way buckle treated him and higgs didn't stop it. personally i think it needs to be a young manager but with a bit of experience like Paul ince although i think Phil brown would be another good choice.
we need to get a manager sorted by January for the transfer window as i think we should send walker back ive watched him play a few times for us and yeovil and ive never rated him im surprised Chelsea haven't released him i think we should try get Logan back as the games i seen him play he was quality and a match winner. i think also we need to consider bringing in 2-3 experienced center mids i know we have a few injury's atmo but the midfield is virtually youngsters. i think it would be good to play players in the position they feel happiest in and have brang up to play in such as id play Clarkson as a striker not a winger.
just whoever we bring in please bring in some experience and belief back in the team as theyres no way a team as big as ares should b struggling in league 2!!

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17 Dec 2012 00:12:14
You derby fans don't understand football do you, the second a young player knows he has the chance to play for a premiership club, he'll do everything in his power to go. Also, it wasn't long ago since you was all saying Jason shackell was going nowhere but that happened at alot under the rams fans valuation, stop thinking your a big club than can reject decent offers for any of your players, 12million could by your whole team and if 4million is offered for hughes, he will be going!!

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There is a big difference between chance of playing for a premiership club and actually being picked to play. So, player must either move for money and not worry about playing too much or move to a team that will both select him and improve him as a player which negates around 8 premiership teams

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