Football Banter Archive April 17 2013


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17 Apr 2013 22:52:21
To Reading in the summer

Luke Murphy 1.2m
Charlie Austin 6m
Leandro Bacun 2m

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Austin will be in the prem, reading wont

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19 Apr 2013 21:24:31
Don't think Austin would ever think of reading

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17 Apr 2013 20:09:34
Manchester United out in the summer:

Nani to Porto

Anderson back to Brazil

Manchester City out:



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17 Apr 2013 18:30:59
So what are everyones predictions for the 3 relegated from the prem? Mine are reading, qpr and wigan. safc93

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Reading, QPR and norwich

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17 Apr 2013 12:43:25
Bury FC and Rochdale AFC are on the verge of agreeing a Merger in a bid create a stronger Football League Club.

A new stadium to boost the new clubs income will be build on the Kingsway site funded by the sale of Spotland and Gigg Lane

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I heard somewhere that hell was about to experience a sharp frost. {Ed003's Note - like it}

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I do my best ;-)

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Why would the dale want burys debt they can't buy a good dinner never mind a stadium. No Mr Keith Hill rebuild our team the dale we need another couple of strikers and a good goalkeeper Lillis good enough and please Keith when you start signing players for Gods sake don't look at Joe Bloody Thompson we don't want him at spotland thanks

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17 Apr 2013 12:37:35
Just had some banter with a skate mate of mine, and he is bitterly disappointed with a pack the park match last night against an Icelandic eleven that attracted only well under 7k fans. His point was that this was meant to be a show of strength to underpin the Pompey supporters trust, and he is now concerned that the pledges made by fans before the trust won their bid to buy the club may now be defaulted by many of those that made those monetary promises. COYRs

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Could not pack a suitcase

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17 Apr 2013 12:28:30
Austin will definately join West Brom in the summer.

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17 Apr 2013 09:48:16
Well, last night's game was a total shambles, with Scannell and Smithies the only ones that are able to hold their heads up high. I am a female and over 50 and could have one a better job than Gobern. He didn't know who to pass the ball to and panicked. Not pleasant to watch and right in front of his own fans. I shod start a petition, asking fans who were at the game to sign it. Gobern should NEVER wear a town shirt again! let's see how many of you agree?

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How silly do you feel now'
mr no name

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17 Apr 2013 05:43:21
my prediction for the top 10 this season

1. Manchester United
2. Manchester City
3. Arsenal
4. Chelsea
5. Everton
6. Spurs
7. Liverpool
8. Swansea
9. West Brom
10. Southampton

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What a pointless post wih so few games left. Maybe try posting in August or September next time if you want koudos.

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