Football Banter Archive September 16 2012


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16 Sep 2012 22:35:55
beckford to continue to warm the bench at leicester until january,once the promotion dream is dead for another season he will be sold,sheff w favourites

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16 Sep 2012 20:01:47
I watched the wolves game today ! Did u see Beckfords face when waghorn came on ! Million words paints a thousand pictures ! Town player soon !

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In ur dreams, he's staying put

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Beckford will be a Leeds player again next week.

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16 Sep 2012 17:46:11
Paul jewellery to quit town if they lose Wednesday night.

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16 Sep 2012 13:17:40
peterborough to give up there no loan policy and go into the prem clubs for experienced defenders

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.......trouble is no player from the prem would go.

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16 Sep 2012 12:14:25
Hi guys, hope all is well? Great game
at Ashton Gate yesterday, despite the
loss. Before the game, City put on
You Will Never Walk Alone on the
tannoy in mark of respect for the 96
people who tragically died in the
Hillsbrough Disaster. It was very
emotional. So a VERY big respect for
City for doing that. God bless the
families of those who lost sons,
daughters, mums, dads. Justice is just
round the corner for them! Ben.

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16 Sep 2012 10:34:13
Malky MacKay has said unless injuries or suspensions occur to his defensive players he will be bringing no players in on loan, however in the transfer window after signing Tommy Smith Mackay said he was not going to buy more players, then he went on to buy Noone and Maynard. Keep us guessing Malky!

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16 Sep 2012 10:11:21
not been on in a while , i must say im loving seeing saints get smashed every week lol i say this because saints was on the pompey rumours page all the time saying pompeyt to july blah blah blah , villa next no points then away to eds everton LOVE IT lol

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How did pompey get on against
the mighty wallsall yesterday
yyyeeeeesssss they lost again

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If you and the blue few want a good lol - then look a bit closer to home lol - pack the park? you couldnt pack a suit case...COYRs

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16 Sep 2012 09:52:26
Rotherham and Macclesfield are battling for the sensational signing of Emile Heskey. Both clubs are offering a pay as you play contract as it is believed heskey wants a club to maintain his fitness and put himself back in the shop window.

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And what exactly would be sensational about signing Heskey?!?

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16 Sep 2012 00:59:54
Please accept absolute categoric confirmation - Beckford will not be joining Huddersfield Town on loan... LCFC management are asses....


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