Football Banter Archive September 16 2011


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16 Sep 2011 19:49:33
Brighton boss Gus Poyet could be set to leave the South coast surprisingly after he told the board he would like to move to Ivory Coast international team. The Africans have made an approach to the former Chelsea player to be their new boss and he could sign as soon as Tuesday.

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16 Sep 2011 20:37:13
Chelsea are a joke

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So are the Hubcap Steelers (American owned Liverpool) {Ed025's Note - from liverpool,,,,and its stealers...get it right!

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We'll see on sunday

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16 Sep 2011 18:44:56
firstly i am a rangers supporter till i die but seen this on another site and even i had to laugh a little bit.

Due to Whytes cost cutting, the kick off between the Rangers, Celtic game on sunday is not going to be decided between the toss of a coin, its going to be decided by rock,scissors,papper.

regards pennyboy

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Thats really funny (not) 2p to toss the coin!
scissors are £1 , papper dont know what that is ? and a rock ,ok nothing !
you would laugh at anything cock!
got your socks out of the tumble dryer yet?

maximus {Ed025's Note - you cant help yourself, can you max?....i thought it was quite funny..

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Ok ok ! it was a bit funny !
it was just the pennyboy that through me? ??????
thought he was taking the p!ss?


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Bloomfield is an amusement park right enough.

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A bitter twisted little man is maximus. {Ed025's Note - hey.....less of the man.

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You'd be bitter and twisted if your team were embarrassed at home yet again like jokepool were yesterday, eh Maxipuss?.......................oh! the way, well done to Leicester for beating top of the table Brighton yesterday, just as they did to top of the table Southampton a couple of weeks ago, eh Maxipuss :-)

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Now now girls! didnt i predict leicester small crisps city would win?errrrrrrrrr
blackpool played terrible ,cardiff should of won,but great goal from phillips .
you lot keep ticking your own agree boxes and love the names!

yours maximus

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16 Sep 2011 18:17:25
try these results for the championship this weekend.
Barnsley 3-1Watford
Blackpool 2-0 Cardiff
Crystal palace 1-3 Middlesboro
Hull 0-2 Portsmouth
Leeds 2-0 Bristol city
Leicaster city 1-1 Brighton
Millwall 2-1 west ham
Nottingham forest 2-2 Derby
Peterboro 2-2 Burnley
Readlng 4-0 Doncaster

Its just for fun,Its got to be better then maximus

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Ha ha so are mine !

barnsley 2-1 watford;
blackpool 2-2 cardiff;
cystal palace 1-1 middlesbro;
hull city 2-1 portsmouth;
leeds 3-2 bristol city;
leicester c 2-1 brighton ;
millwall 1-2 west ham ;
notts forest 2-2 derby;
peterbro 1-2 burnley;
reading 3-1 doncaster;
southampton 1-1 birmingham;
ipswich 2-1 coventry;

havent you missed a few?

anyway 12 games £12 ; not a fortune go on , beat i beat the above scores!


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Like last week? good luck anyway, glad u put leeds to win and quite reserved of you to put blackpool to draw with the bluebirds!
Think leicester/brighton will be a good match.

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16 Sep 2011 16:50:13
Carlisle's Craig Curran to go out on loan to a local farmer to boost his shooting confidence at hitting a barn door

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16 Sep 2011 16:44:44
I am an arsenal fan and just wanted to let you know that we have 5 of our best players back from injury and suspension tomorrow.They are gervinho/sagna/gibbs/song and frimpong,we are a much better team with these players in it so if you think you will have it easy you can forget it.Also when we had our big defeat at man utd we had 7 players missing including wilshire and vermaelen.When we get these back we will shoot up the table.

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Thanks for letin us know,i will be able to sleep 2nite now

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Vermaelen, Wilshere, Walcott, Gibbs & RvP are permanent sick notes. Does it matter?

You will finish 6th this season. Sorry mate.

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Footballs a squad game bud,and its obvious your squad aint nowhere near good enough.

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Thanks for that then, did you bother to tell Blackburn coz they obviously did'nt believe you did they?

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16 Sep 2011 12:30:10
Following some recent posts on here - Poyet has been allowed to enter talks with a Thai consortium; could this be the Leicester link?

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16 Sep 2011 11:50:51
manchester united to get their own sugar daddy??,a sugar daddy who's wealth dwarfs that of roman and is superior to that of mansour over at city,cant imagine what this would do to football,they already are the biggest club by miles,worth more,make more money than anyone you care to think of,now they may have billions to spend,if it happens then it could kill footie,its not a good thing,the whole chelsea,man city thing is not good for footie,yes i know their fans love it,they got success bought for them but it does come with a price,higher player wages means higher ticket prices,higher sky subscription,players are constantly moving to another club in search of higher wages,not good at all.

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Nice try, you do know just how much debt Manchester Utd are in don't you? They may have a massive turnover, and may have just reported record profits, but those profits will go to paying a portion of the £300m plus debt they have on the books...

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But when the club are worth £1.5 billion £300 million to pay off the debt doesn't really come into it.

plus the glaziers have paid off the worst debt and plan to pay it all off. people who think united are skint are living in a dream world.

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Ahh so that's how it works eh? Why is it a book debt if they're able to pay it off in one go then? Why are they paying millions in interest if they're able to pay it off? Real Madrid are skint too, it's common knowledge. Both clubs are literally on a knife edge, they both seem far too big to go under but it's closer than you might think in real terms. The markets wobble, the share price is ruined and BOOM seeya!

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A man who lives in a house worth £1.5b with a mortgage of £300m who can afford the montly payments not a poor man.

do you not think the glaziers would sell for double what they paid if they thought there was a chance of going bust?

there would be plenty of potential buyers. we've been bearing this rubbish for years, 5 years actually and won the title 4 times and continued to keep buying players when needed. keep dreaming.

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Cool, in that case i'll consider myself told then, you're obviously a financial guru with his finger on the pulse of the economy and those foolish people on the money show clearly got it wrong when they produced a financial model of Utd before and after a stock market crash. Good stuff, i'm off to do some more dreaming then, cheers.

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16 Sep 2011 09:39:23
Whats wrong with actually enjoying football for a change. Saints and Brighton are enjoying their purple patches after several seasons of misery. There is quite alot of know it alls here who never thought either of our teams would have the impact we have had so far. Go the South!

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Good start for Brighton and Southampton but the Championship is tough, 46 games not 6 decide who gets promoted or in the play-offs, plenty of teams have been top at this time of year and not got promoted, Cardiff springs to mind.

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I have no vested interest here but fair play to Brighton and Southampton I hope they have continued success. Teams that start a Chamionship season well are invariable competitive at the end.

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