Football Banter Archive March 16 2013


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16 Mar 2013 19:58:59
We have the smallest squad in Div 1 and despite Flannagan going out on loan again and now 4 1st team injuries we are notgetting nayone in - anyone heard anything about some new blood. Bamford. McCleod will never get more than 2 goals in the next 9 games so get a striker in and go for play offs - 7 wins (always hoping)

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I heard we're signing somebody alright.

I think it might be a shrink to deal with our manager's and chairman's delusion that promotion via the playoffs is still possible.

We all love to tread water at the Dons.

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16 Mar 2013 17:26:14
oh dear the billionaires lost to the neighbours today at home, that is the end of any promotion hopes lol.

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Does GFH = Goals For Huddersfield and taxi for Mr Warnock?

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Promotion hopes that you've never had, the future is bright, the future is white MOT

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No mate its going to fail heavily

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Oh dear how sad are you uddersfield like to think there are rivals but they mean nothing to leeds

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Townies wow you won your cup final when you going to realise you mean nothing to us your the 5th best team in yorkshire and even that is being kind

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Dont you just love em celebrating like they have won a cup final oops it was wasnt it lol!

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Its a shame you don't get a cup for winning yesterday after all it was your final.

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Has a leeds fan I am honestly glad we are not getting promoted as it now means warnock won't be staying

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Is that right, well how come you lot celebrated like you had won the cup final when you won at our place and how come you bood and went mental when you lost yesterday?because it hurt didn't it boys. you are nothing these days and never will be again,

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If we are 5th best you are 6th best lol. the mighty whites. good old ken bates

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How the mighty fall leeds have gone from being man united rivals to huddersfield lol brilliant

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If where 5th best then you must be 6th remind me where are you little townies in the league your not safe from relegation yet!

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18 Mar 2013 00:50:17
you lot say we came for our cup final maybe you lot came for your cup final at our place you should have gone christmass shopping your lot said maybe you should have gone easter shopping, do you still dream of playing Manchester United lol UTT

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Town fans get giddy I see again didn't hear a thing from them when we beat em at there place funny you mention man united the final you played at old trafford will be as close has you come to ever playing them DTT

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Why would we need to dream we have actually played manchester united in the prem unlike some come back when you play your first ever game in the top flight mot4life.

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Do you still dream of playing manchester united no why would we in fact your only jealous because you have never played them in the prem come on tell the truth leeds always going to be top dogs in yorkshire

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18 Mar 2013 12:01:04
you beeston boys are getting like SWFC visions of delousion got more time for you lot than that lot SWFC though. and I hope you snd em down UTT

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Dogs is right just the top bit that's wrong woof woof, mighty whites lol, its all just a dim and distant dream boys. gfh don't you just love em

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