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15 Sep 2012 23:23:46
I am not a Man City supporter but I must comment on the Stoke game. Yet again, a stoke thug gets away with a blatant elbowing in the face offence, and again, the ref does nothing. Wilkinson, not for the first time this season, has shown he is nothing more than a thug, but then he is in good company with stokes midfield of Shawcross, adams and so on. Just when will the FA do something. They are not a hard team like they would like to be, they are just thugs and sooner or later someone will be so badly injured they will never play again. Please stop such play, why don't the refs see what everyone else sees?

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A little quiz for you
1. Name three of the other elbows which happen alot according to you
2. Name shawcross' real position
3.which would you rather see strong tackles or little girls like balotelli, Suarez etc. rolling around on the floor.
4. Did you see javi garcias tackle?
Watch more games before you judge

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Who do you support then if you don't support man city

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Arsenal perhaps?

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15 Sep 2012 22:45:58
To all Norwich fans Yeovil have just got Korey Smith from yo can you tell me if he is any good

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If his from Norwich then no

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Was at barnsley last year. superb on his debut against derby with some defence spiltting passes but seemed to die out the rest of the few months.

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15 Sep 2012 22:00:10
Brunt is a midfielder and there is no way he would join us

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Who is brunt joining

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15 Sep 2012 17:40:50
There is a very small change Posh could move for out of favour Ryan Bennett on Loan after he is dropped from the Bench this season at Norwich.

Horrendous defending means three first team players are struggling to convince the manager they are worth a start, but there are no alternatives due to injury/inexperience

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15 Sep 2012 17:05:17
nigel adkins done a good job up
to this season
now i m afraid he s out of
his depth

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Does nigel adkins play for u?? no..
maybe your team are??
you cant expect to piss every league ..


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Not expecting to piss the league
the defence is not good enough
as been said since last season

did nt spend enough in the
transfer window
on the defence now we are
paying for it
we won t score more than we
will concede thats the problem

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So to strengthen the defence we need to sack the Manager?! We signed an England U21 right back and Japan's national captain at centre back. We tried and failed to sign Buttner who went to United at left back and that's just what we know for definite. Stop being a fairweather whinger and try 'supporting' your team.

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I'm a city fan u 4 games gone against good sides not over yet good luck saints enjoy the crack with the fans at eastlands

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Maximus why do u always have to leave ur name at the bottom of ur post? {Ed003's Note - it's called signing your post,I wish everyone would}

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