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15 Nov 2012 22:50:24
all is not well at swindon. paolo di canio could force move as he is refusing to speak to any of the club's staff.

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What a load of bull dream on

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15 Nov 2012 21:22:48
It's not a rumour, but how many people would like to see Gylfi return to Reading on loan in january? Tottenham are looking at signing the likes of Willian and Jaoh Moutinho, which would push him further down the pecking order, could change our season.

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I would love to see him should have come back when had the chance to though

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15 Nov 2012 19:49:24
Kieth hill given go ahead to sign proven champ players local radio say whats goin on at oakwell

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15 Nov 2012 19:25:34
Has there been a power cut in leicester and blackpool ?
The boys are very quiet couldnt be because they are having a bad run could it ? ll and maximus there there it will be alright soon.the season will be over before you know it then you can come on here and tell us all how great you

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Maximus will not let you down he,ll reply?

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No power cuts in sunny blackpool ...

still cannot get my head around holloway ..understand y he left ..
but he did exellent at the pool .
probaly the best blackpool manager ever..but hes gone know so i hate him..think point at bristol city.. steady the ship..oh and i never say we will go up or win league..maybe might make play-offs ..who knows.....
rubbish all the lights have just gone off!!!!!


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Is this a post from a mighty leeds fan or from those jealous tree fans...jimlcfc

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Holloway must of wanted to leave badly to join one of the smallest championship clubs so there must of been problems there but don't cry maximus Pompey dave

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Mine was the original post,ive got to hand it to maximus he always comes back and defends his team.respect.

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Wow.. palace are alot bigger than pompey.. your manager wanted to leave
badly to join the second smallest club in
championship... reasons why he left..
your town stinks of fish ..
your clothes stinks of fish
your women stinks of fish.
you dont pay wages
and when you do.. your money stinks of ..yes you got it fish...
but dont cry fish dave..


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The post above mine wasnt posted b4 my sort of rant ... but will say one other thing .. blackpool fc is run as a business ..and makes money every year ..even thou the oystons are tight . thats how clubs and shops and pubs and all business should be run .. i had a fish
company in portsmouth years ago .. but left due to large odour problems , car stunk .. shop stunk.. felt like a skunk was around me 24 /7 .. but moved back to blackpool and smell gone .. just hope pompey dont get back to champs again ..cause the whole town byes shake and vac and rubber gloves and links for there visit..

maximus been kind ....

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LOL Max, only just seen this post so wont even bother commenting on the person who wrote the original post, 1 thing i will say is bad run? since when? im still delighted with the start of the season, got robbed by florist last week, never a pen!


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Hit the nail on the head Maxi, starts to smell more fishy the further you go east along the M27

Romsey Saint

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15 Nov 2012 19:21:27
Any chance of leeds looking up the word imminent in the dictionary ?the takeover has been imminent for weeks,have the arabs got cold feet after leeds got mauled at home to watford ? and slumped to 18th in the league,

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Seeing as its just waiting on the FL aproval i wouldnt say they have got cold feet... as for the watford game thats what happens when you go down to 9 men just like when man city did the same to man utd last season... leeds will bounce back from it and come january im sure they will get some quality in

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If it's just waiting for FL approval how come they are talking of a second party being interested? Poor judgement by Manager who makes three subs so early in a game, as there is always a good chance someone will get injured.

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15 Nov 2012 17:58:04
Birmingham's Will Packwood's recent form will earn him a permanent starting place in the blues' starting 11.

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15 Nov 2012 17:57:06
Ajay Leitch-Smith will earn a Championship move in January with several clubs wanting his signature.

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15 Nov 2012 10:03:03
Portsmouth will secure their future after the fans' trust agrees to takeover.
Quality news. Choke on that, Southampton!

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In your dreams my fishy friend...... dont count your chickens until they've hatched

Romsey Saint

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Give you 18 months
be in administration again

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Still waiting for confirmation my fishy friend

Romsey Saint

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