Football Banter Archive February 15 2013


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15 Feb 2013 23:00:22
Chances of Swansea City signing Iago Aspas in the summer?

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15 Feb 2013 23:24:07
depending if they sell michu or not

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Swansea could afford him if they didn't sell michu

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15 Feb 2013 21:39:06
funny that saints catching west ham. like I said 3 weeks ago. above them soon. great win v man city
your def (i Think staying up)


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Very true Maxi, told bazillll that 2 things happen in january, the christmas decs come down and the hammers start to drop down the league

Romsey Saint

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Saint you need passion you never sing

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Mini - yo da
man. COYRs.

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Who do you sing for? or is it a secret.

Romsey Saint

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15 Feb 2013 17:42:53
At last Oyston has decided to appoint Paul Ince as our manager. Good for Paul to agree to take the job as he knows fully well that 7 candidates approached, have turned the job down before him!

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Wow m8. only 3 got offered the post. billy davis and new bristol city manager. owen coyle. wanted to much baggage. all his own team.
paul ince watch every game since tom arrived from liverpool. spoke with him many times. think could be good manager. tuff game tomorrow. draw me thinks.


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Good luck with the new manager mini - promo next season perhaps - tangerines were a breathe of fresh under the hotel and could have good times once again.

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15 Feb 2013 12:52:28
You Coventry fans on here are a bitter lot. On the rumours page you are wanting Town to go down because your Manager decided HE wanted to leave.
Why don't you look at the positives instead of the negativites, maybe Robins thought it was a negative environment?
It's an opportunity for you to get a Manager who may get you into the play-offs, possibly more experience, better contacts.
Maybe your Board of Directors have a think why Robins left and what they can do better.
I would think Coventry is quite an attractive proposition to some Managers in or out of work.

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I wouldn't worry Cov fans, chances are you will be swapping places with town next season

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15 Feb 2013 14:27:56
Yet another delay by the FL regarding the so called takeover is said by local newspaper that the will decide next week??
If it is not completed yes Swindon will go into administration and could be deducted 20 points at least.
Fans know this but cling to a silly dream they will get promoted. On bright side no decent club wants Dicanio who has been touting himself for the last month. He dragged Swindon down Finacially with stupid players he bought in and high wages.
Now Swindon Fans must realise the time is at an end
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15 feb 2013 08:53:20
any bristol city news please,

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