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15 Dec 2012 22:52:40
any Aston Villa transfers rumours for young talented players??

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15 Dec 2012 20:45:34
loved ur honest text mate.we can only win the league were in.if we had the funds they do in the pl we would win it.we are a massive club in a small pound.they will never no how it feels to follow celtic.

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Back down to earth with a bump ..

celtic 1-1 abroath....
replay abroath 0-1 celtic.. your massive in the worst pond in the world FACT... bet i know whats its like to follow celtic .. boring every week .. you would win our league one m8..

maximus.. up the pool

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If Scottish football is so bad,why is Blackpool signing players from our league at all levels?Even going so far as to sign Harris a first division player,and Broadfoot from a division three side?Blackpool is full off rejects like Crainey who could not handle life in the SPL and with Celtic.

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Because we make them into better players... if celtic ever came into the epl.. say goodbye to european football ..cause you would never get their again ...most scottish players end up in our leagues .. cause your weather is crap and so is your tinpot leagues.. whats it like playing in a league wheres their is no competion ??? the sooner your leagues fold the better..


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Man United carved up the EPL for years,and then Chelsea did to.So the competition was not really high was it?And then Arsenal were unbeaten one year to be champsJinky Johnston never moved south to better himself and Davie Cooper never did to.Paul McStay stayed at home to,so again your talking utter dung as per usual.And the REAL reason Scots move south is for the money.When the EPL goes bust 8 or 9 years down the line,we will be able to keep our talent in our nation.And I am not a Celtic fan

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The real reason them 3 didnt play in england is because no one wanted crap players .. paul mcstay ..your havin a laugh... davie cooper was ok ..maybe playing for rochdale.. and 7/8/9 years on ..your league wont exsist .. celtic ..rangers will be in the irish leagues and the rest will be in the highlands league..and finally talent you say.. ive more in my right hand than you scottish have..


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Ruddy Gulliot said he would have loved to have played with Cooper for AC Milan,he said he was world class.And could have played anywhere in the world.And McStay was like that to,especially in his early twenties.I also forgot about Danny McGrain another world class player that played with Celtic all his days,one off the best full backs in world football at the time.And Brighton tried to sign Cooper when they were in the big league,but they could only afford Gordon Smith.Plus he never wanted to move

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You read to many comic books pal....
no one wanted any of the above players... my nan would be the best full back in scotland if she ever played there... come on m8 ..throw some more crappy names in... my pub team would make europe..if it entered the spl...


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So Gordon Smith is lying then?It was him who found out about Cooper,when he moved.Cooper knew nothing about it,as back then the clubs would not tell players about any offers.If they were contracted to the club,its not like these days with all the vulture agents.And McGrain was playing at the top in Europe and doing well and going to world cups for his nation.Celtic had a top team in the seventies,why would he have wanted a move?When he was playing top teams in Europe?And making the later stages?I watched him play a charity game a year or two back,and he still had the quality.He was just a bit slower,but took younger ex pro"s that were a lot younger and not long retired to the cleaners.Also I am not your mate {Ed025's Note - im not your mate!!! sound like kevin and perry

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And you believe Maximus hangs out with Scottish footballers

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Which cooper are we talking about ?
ive forgot ... was it tommy?
he reminds me of scottish pub football .. funny .. a laugh .. and a joke.....m8 ...ha ha


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15 Dec 2012 19:49:05
Oh dear oh dear another defeat for uddersfield grayson doing a great job there isnt he lol!

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You was playing hull, who are the best team in yorkshire. what did you expect

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Got us promoted and still only 7 points off play-offs in our bad run, ye he's doing well!

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Yeah you maybe 7 points of the play offs now but you cant even buy a win so the gap is only going to get bigger mot4life

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15 Dec 2012 17:49:54
Performance and manner of defeat if beaten are key for Brian McDermotts future on Monday Anton zigaravich is mightily disappointed with 1 win in 15

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15 Dec 2012 15:47:02
Swansea should sign a strike like chamakh

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15 Dec 2012 15:30:20
wat the hell is happening pne were playing elding and beardsley up front andy procter in midfield wiv joel byrom wats happening

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15 Dec 2012 02:39:03
Interesting news from various sources Southampton are planning to get back their youngest they sent out to other teams to gain experience. As their contracts finish the transfer money they would have had to spend on the transfers to the other clubs will be used to pay the player when they arrive back at southampton. When it happens no one would be able to live with the southampton squad. Think about it Shaw, Bale on the left. Clyne, oxland down the right, Lambert, Lallana, Ramirez, Rodriguez and Puncheon, Walcott, Cork, Schneiderlin, yoshida, Fonte, Ward-Prowse, Mayuka with a few others added.

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Got a bit difficult when you finally got to the central defence and GK, didn't it?

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15 Dec 2012 00:32:02
SEE C WOOD GOING IN Jan {Ed025's Note - on the fire?..

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15 Dec 2012 00:02:14
Hey ed why is most of the Leeds rumours in the dodgy section? {Ed003's Note - probably because they are lol}

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Harsh..... but true

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