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15 Dec 2011 22:32:28
Big spending Tottenham Hotspur fail to qualify from a very weak Europa league group. English Premiership, the long ball style is being exposed in Europe! English premiership = weak.

Robert Swipe

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No the fact they didnt play regular first teamers in the europa league proves tottenham werenet too bothered about it and are concentrating on the league

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Robert swipe or is it a*sewipe u talk rubbish m.o.t

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Hey Ed025, this is more anti-English crap. What happened to 'goodwill to all men' :-)

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Hey sorbet wiper - why all the venom against our English teams......our third tier would hold well in the SPL......

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15 Dec 2011 21:22:25
Spurs are closing in on Carlos Tevez 27m, and Kaka on loan. Leandro Damiao will join in the summer transfer window.

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Merry christmas to you as well Oracle/Ceefax

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15 Dec 2011 20:16:07
"Untanable? So he was unable to get a good colour? - Maybe he should have spent longer on the sunbed!? I think you mean Untenable! ;-)"

Wow! your'e sharp. No I meant unTANable, geddit?

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15 Dec 2011 17:44:13
Up to 10 players will be released by Swindon, as Paolo has overspent and they need to sell before the backers will put more cash into the club.

Smith, Ferry, Caddis, Kennedy, Scott, Thompson, Pavett, Evans, Bodin and Cibocchi are rumoured to be on the way out. Ritchie will go too if the club get an offer of over 250k.

Meanwhile, Paolo himself could be gone by Jan 31st 2012.

Haha, thats ridiculous, is this one Oxford fan thats had too many Capri-suns?, PDC won't leave and Ferry, Smith, Caddis, Bodin, Thompson won't go and Bournemouth have already made a bid of 400k for Ritchie which was rejected.

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I didn't know Swindon had a boat race team

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15 Dec 2011 16:09:57
Sir Alex Ferguson says he will not speand in January. Yet Manchester United need a creative midfielder for the rest of the season. They need someone who knows what it takes to play for the club. who isn't going to cost a fortune. Well there is only one man for the job...

...David Beckham!

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15 Dec 2011 15:34:11
Hey ed was just wondering do u have any SPL rumours or SFL rumours especially falkirk once {Ed002's Note - Nothing on Falkirk.}

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15 Dec 2011 12:55:03
Why wouldn't he just train with Arsenal? Do they not train??

12 Dec 2011 13:02:47
As part of his rehabilitation program, Arsenal have allowed Jack Wilshere to train with Watford in the new year. Watford and Arsenal both train at London Colney, and, should Wilshere be fit enough, will be invited to train with the Hornets around February.

Don't know whether a potential loan deal is involved to help regain fitness or if it's just training.

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That is stupid!! Wilshere is arsenals biggest asset! (along with rvp)

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15 Dec 2011 12:23:45
Harry has stated that levy will give him the funds to strengthen in jan, also if needed he WILL be given funds also for a special player? harry then went on to say (not in so many words) they (special players) don't often come along In the january window......rumours, like wild fires, have already began...i do know he likes erikson as he does gotze & marin! but lets see what jan brings?

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Gotze, erikson and marin are not even gonna look at tottenham

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Marin nearly joined & has not ruled out joining also erikson its a spurs fan

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I can see Marin joining but Gotze and Eriksen are both injured

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15 Dec 2011 10:58:52
Not a Blackburn fan but I do know want to see them relegated... If they manage to get new owners and a new manager. Steve Keen needs to go.

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I want wigan to finish last i hate them.
reason i am a st.helens rugby fan and wigan rugby are there rivals so i want the football team to go down
p.s i support arsenal for football

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15 Dec 2011 10:50:14
its so sad to see the skates suffereing again and the saints will add to their missery this weekend, there really is only one team in hampshire wheres your money gone going down see ya

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More purile rubbish from the filthy city, how can one set of supporters be so jelous of another club, cos that is what it boils down to jelousy

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Your right - you do sound jealous mr purile chav chap.....COYRs

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Why would i be jealous of a city full of plastic cockneys and sh@te football team.through the decades saints always have been and always will be the top team in hampshire so again why would i be jealous

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The best thing about skatesville is the road out when you see that glorious sign southampton 13 miles to gods country

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Jealous? Ha! Jealous . Did he really say jealous? He did, didn't he... ha

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15 Dec 2011 09:32:45
I am a liverpool fab and I would like to see Torres back but I doubt other fans will which is understandable, he isn't half the striker he once was but he can still do some business. Also David Villa and Pijanic from lyon would be good signing , gary cahill would also be a great addition.

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15 Dec 2011 00:45:31
steven davis to return to villa in jan

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Is this because his snooker playing days are over?? :-) COYRs

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Saints will be needing snookers at the end of the season.

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