Football Banter Archive September 14 2012


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14 Sep 2012 22:25:36
Can anyone tell me whether there's anyone coming in on loan. {Ed003's Note - my crystal ball say's YES }

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14 Sep 2012 22:01:30
latest wales fa news...

the wales v scotland wooden spoon
match will be all ticket...
tickets will be on sale at most farms
around wales ,if any welsh fan wants a
ticket for there sheep they must pay
going rates and must not sit on there
owner knee .. cameras will spot any
bad goings on.. we know you welsh like
your sheep .. just passing on welsh fa


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U ever thought about stand up maximus?

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Just as well we can take a joke (even if it doesn't happen to be very funny). Otherwise we could have the race relations board on you, Maximus!


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Well thank god for that ... otherwise i was contacting the rspca....
ive notice you kkep changing you nickname..bluebirds ... redbird...what next season ...thunderbirds ...are go....
good luck this season 6 for you..

maximus ..

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I think the organisation your'e looking for is the RSPB.


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14 Sep 2012 14:05:41
Any news on if poyet is going to sign n e one on loan for brighton ??

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Doubt it, you are skint.

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14 Sep 2012 14:07:00
Burnley not to make any loan signings because our team is "good enough".

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You forgot to put the `not` in front of

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Good enough for what?

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14 Sep 2012 08:36:26
Huddersfield Town won't be signing anyone

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Don't be silly. They will sign the right player for them when they become available.

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