Football Banter Archive September 14 2011


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14 Sep 2011 21:40:16
Do any Bristol Rovers fans know where Jo Kuffour will be going?

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Didn't know bristol rovers had any fans....

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14 Sep 2011 21:29:27
gers fan here. hows our ex captain ferguson playing.he was quality up here.

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Very good,settled in well.

Mr.Roller Coaster

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Started slowish , and beginning to get better and better each game , excellent player and hope take blackpool into play-offs .


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Better than Adam. No real suprise though.

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Better than adam?yeh if you say so

ste liverpool

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14 Sep 2011 20:05:16
If you want to know how many shots Carroll takes during a game, just check Liverpools 'shots off target' stat.

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Same thing for frank lampard,all that guy does is hang around the penalty box and take shots at goal.

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14 Sep 2011 18:43:37
Fallon signed for Aberdeen

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14 Sep 2011 12:26:21
brighton enjoy it while it last because it wont last long you will soon be back where u belong league 1

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Oh here we go ! Another jealous 'so called' football fan. Brighton may not go up, but they certainly not going down. Brighton are not just enjoying a 'high'. They are playing a confident and well prepeared style of play. Id recommend watching a match. If you follow football that is.....

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Totally agree. So many air heads slatting Brighton it's un-true. Whoever said original comment about Brighton soon be back in league one where they belong is very, very clueless, bitter and pathetic.

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Brighton, along with Southampton, are simply overachieving. It happens virtually every season. Teams come up and have a cracking start to the season, they beat all comers and their fans get carried away to the point of predicting promotion. Reality usually bites around Christmas time, the fixture pile up caused by a combination of the festive programme, and weather affected games, generally results in tired, injured players - and THAT's when we'll see your real credentials.

Being top of the league in Aug/Sept means nothing, it impresses nobody and simply says you've had a good start. Sit atop the league once Christmas has been and gone and people will take notice. Stay top in May and you'll go up, otherwise it's just a bunch of over-excited fans getting a bit carried away and resorting to insults because they don't like the truth - and the truth is that you've both had good starts, that's it, you're the only one's predicting promotion, but if you look behind you, you'll see all the other clubs are simply forming themselves into the chasing pack, West Ham and Leicester were hot tips to go up and remain hot tips to go up, that doesn't happen by chance, the bookies don't often get it wrong, just keep looking over your shoulders.

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Both Seagulls and Saints proved last season they can and do play football, and both will be in the mix at the end of this season too......Svens LCFC will capitulate and is why the board will make a bid to bring in Poyet.

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Like i said, it's a long season, both teams have started really well and there's no denying that, but whether they can maintain that form over the course of the season remains to be seen. Neither team proved anything last year because neither team were in the Championship and it's the Championship that matters this season, not what they did in the First Division.

Sven's Leicester started with a wobble and there's no doubting that they're a country mile away from playing well, but they've now not lost in 3 games, they've already beaten Southampton and are facing Brighton at home on Saturday. A 3pt return from that game will provide a healthy boost. I'm not about to chuck insults or predictions about, facts are facts, and the fact is that a win for Leicester will be massive whereas a loss may well result in changes to the coaching staff far earlier than predicted in the press... we'll see, but for the record, i think a 3-1 home win is on the cards.

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14 Sep 2011 09:45:49
Torres was great last night, he will come good and help chelsea to silverware this season

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One decent game out of how many?hes crap.didnt score again either,a strikers judged on his goals,Torres doesnt score,ergo,hes naff.

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Mark my word torres will get 15 for chelsea this season

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Yes, Torres wants a midfield of faster players according to him? Why dont you try for Modric?

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15 what? Years?

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14 Sep 2011 01:58:43
13 Sep 2011 10:44:12
11 Sep 2011 19:00:26
Blackpool are very close to signing Sheffield Wednesday defender Lewis Buxton on loan until January with a view of a permanent transfer undisclosed in January.

What round objects you talk matey. lewis Buxton is first on the team sheet along with Semedo for the Owls. We dont need to sell and Blackpool would be a backward step for Lewis. Chances of this happening = nil

Agree there is nil chance of this happening not because it is a backwards step ( how is Championship backwards from League 1 ) but because Blackpool are overstocked with defenders. Also with the thrashing Wednesday got today hardly a proud day for the defenders. ha Ha

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Dear mr dim wit,

sheff weds league one !
blackpool champs,

stevenage 5-1 sheff weds
backward step it isnt!
more like 20 steps forward , your rubbish with< may i add a really carp manager who was sacked at blackpool 10 years ago and youve got him! ha ha ha .


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Lmao, the resident mental midget calls someone else a dimwit, that's akin to the Pot giving the Kettle a call... "i've got something to tell you", love him or hate him, you can't fail to be entertained by our heroes ability to make himself look thick.

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14 Sep 2011 01:21:23
If Spurs could get 30 games out of Ledley King this season they will finish top 4. Wolves fan

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If man united could get 30 games this season from Keane and Scholes they'd win the treble again.

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