Football Banter Archive October 14 2011


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14 Oct 2011 23:07:41
Sam Allardyce has admitted that he is unaware of the situation regarding Carlos Tevez's purported loan switch to West Ham.

Big Sam takes his side into this weekend's Championship encounter with Blackpool having suffered a major blow this week having lost the services of David Bentley, who returned to Tottenham after been diagnosed with a knee problem that will keep him out of action for most of the season.

However when questioned as to the possibility of bringing Tevez in to fill the loan spot vacated by Bentley, Allardyce revealed that the matter was entirely in the hands of the club's board who have been negotiating with Manchester City.

"I suppose the situation from my point of view is just if and when the decision is finaly made regarding what's happening with Carlos at Manchester City," said the Hammers boss, when questioned about the possibility of signing Tevez at today's pre-match press conference, "Then perhaps my co-chairman David Sullivan might want to pursue it.

"That would be with my blessing, obviously. He [Sullivan] was the man who talked about it with me first and if we could get him back here, based on what he did here last time - and if he did love the club as much as he did, and if there was a possibility - then I think it's an outside chance.

"We will wait and see.'' {Ed003's Note - Man City might have a problem with the fact that if he got injured during this loan,they would lose a lot of money come January}

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14 Oct 2011 22:09:56
Peter Reid will be appointed as either, Bristol City, Portsmouth or Northen Ireland manager

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14 Oct 2011 20:35:14
Hi Eds,
Which of the names mentioned in the winger/attacking midefilder position is the most realistic of signing in liverpool and who do you prefer the most? {Ed002's Note - You need to check this sort of thing out on the Liverpool pages where such things are a matter of common discussion.}

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Liverpool will probably sign another over rated, over priced no mark. I have heard heskey and kilbane could be going to analfield

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14 Oct 2011 20:48:39
should have an mini league with star 11 from each league
barclays premier league
la liga
seria a

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14 Oct 2011 20:42:10
who will win tomoz?
man united- believable
liverpool- unbelievable

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Come on united beat the cheaters and send the deluded masses at analfield home unhappy


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14 Oct 2011 18:49:29
it truly is a sad sad day in Portsmouth, the manager who had been so good to us has left. Wish him all the best of luck in the future. Now pompey have to turn this around, 20th in the table and have lost our manager. But WE CAN DO IT. fan get behind our boys and heads up high.


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Sad day for Saints fans you mean. I thought Cotterill was doing a fantastic job for you boys! Good luck Forest, I reckon you're gonna need it.

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14 Oct 2011 17:39:35
And the Nottingham Pied Piper blew,
and Stevie, "I love Pompey" flew.

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Brilliant choice from Forest, he's the man to turn round a dying team and no... oh, him? forget that then, Forest are doomed.

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14 Oct 2011 13:41:04
Tony Adams to Pompey with Paul Merson as his number two when his head gets better.

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14 Oct 2011 13:27:27
After escaping a mental asylum Roy Evans said 'we can do it, never write liverpool off'. Yeah ok roy, i, we have already written them off just as we do every year because they are simply rubbish. Did you see the way spurs destroyed them, poetry.

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Oh really, wrote us off, so you forgot that trashing last year we gave you? suppose you wrote us off then aswell. Fool pitty your arrogance makes you just that more stupid just like the rest of you lot !

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You lot couldnt "trash" anyone.

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14 Oct 2011 13:13:13
Capello says Joey Barton is a very good player but he cant trust him to play for England yet he STILL picks that little clown Shrek who will cost England big time in a major tournement, leave him at home and teach Mr. me me me a lesson or leave sooner Capello.

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14 Oct 2011 09:01:03
Another word, Leicester - the two highest placed teams mighty Southampton have faced, have beaten them, ooya what a team!

Take a look at your results you muppet, Lost to Brizzle city and Reading, drawn with Notts Forest and The mighty Barnsley..... hardly setting the world on fire are they. So i suggest you get your own ship in order before slating other teams, smacks of jealousy I think.

We are top of the League, COYR, STID etc etc

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...yeah, what he said.

Southampton Till I Die.

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Oh dear, you've really got a stick up your arse about this haven't you... sheesh, one more time, just for you.

I never said Southampton were a bad side.
I never said Southampton were lucky.
I never said you didn't deserve to be top.

All i said was that i think you've had an easy start and i backed that up by highlighting the position of the sides you've beaten V's the position of the sides that have beaten you - is that really too difficult for you to grasp?

I don't give a toss who has beaten Leicester, i also don't give a toss about our current league position, why? BECAUSE THE LEAGUE ISN'T WON IN OCTOBER that's why.

If you can't handle someone having a different opinion to you then i think it says more about you than it says about me. Get over yourself little fella. If Southampton go on to win promotion, be it via the playoffs or in one of the automatic promotion places, then you'll be able to bounce about to your hearts content and more power to you too. But congratulating yourselves on being awesome in October just makes you look a bit desperate tbh.

Ok, you've had a great start, you're on top of the pile and are looking down on everyone. You were beaten by lucky teams scoring lucky goals and neither side deserved to win - is that better? Will you just let it drop now or is there to be yet another round of dick measuring? I promise i won't laugh if when you lose again and i promise never again to sully the good name of Southampton FC now, please, shush, you're boring.

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I think Soton are a very lucky bad side who don't deserve to be top.

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Shush, how dare you offer a different opinion to mighty Leicester

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