Football Banter Archive April 14 2013


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14 Apr 2013 21:59:53
Hahahhahah! Why would they want to replace a manager who hasn't lost a game since he took over. Balderdash!

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Clue us in will you?

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14 Apr 2013 20:25:53
Hi, Yeovil fan here. just wondering what are your thoughts of Paddy Madden?

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14 Apr 2013 11:48:12
You lot are absolute muppets, fighting between yourselves on national tv with women and kids in the crowd, it honestly beggars belief.
That sort of thing belongs in the 80's and has no place in the modern game.
Shame on you, everyone involved in that awful display wants horse whipping in public.

Concerned Toffee

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Disgraceful, if you want to fight so bad then join a boxing gym instead of putting innocent fans at risk thinking you can take the world on. To the original poster i'm looking forward to our game next week, will be exciting with PDC in charge. Safc93

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Concerned toffee? you take the biscuit mate, I've been to millwall and everton and found everton far more intimidating.
everton in the cup a few years ago and millwall this season, found them ok to be fair.
huddersfield fan {Ed025's Note - if you asked most fans mate, they would say everton fans are passionate, and sometimes exuberant, but never act in the manner of the disgraceful scenes at wembley, which seems the norm with millwall..

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I was on a Town coach in 1971 leaving Everton after the game that had bricks through the windows. Mind you it also happened on a coach I was on at Man City - I believe all clubs have this element if they have the opportunity and can get away with it. {Ed025's Note - there will always be isolated incidents mate, unfortunately, but some teams fans revel in being notoriously violent (see millwall)...the 80,s was really bad, but most fans seem to have grown up, but not all of them (see millwall)..

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14 Apr 2013 12:03:58
luis nani will move to psg in the summer

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14 Apr 2013 11:18:44
If crawley reach the playoffs do you think it will change anything with regards to buyer and or the managers positions

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