Football Banter Archive September 13 2011


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13 Sep 2011 23:34:28
Liverpool to sign free agents diouf and beattie to add to their collection of gash strikers

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13 Sep 2011 22:10:23
Stoke to finish above Liverpool this season, get down the bookies and win yourself some money

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Newcastle will also finish above Liverpool

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So.. liverpool finish bottom and stoke second bottom.. who will come third bottom ? sorry for all the bottoms ed

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If i was a stoke fan i would be made up with getting 1 point but to get 3 after your team deserving nothing lucky liverpool played s**t

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13 Sep 2011 19:51:53
Never thought I would be jealous of Mansfield Town but fair play to there chairman but they have appointed the fittest Chief exec ever in football.....I know its sexest but I dont care and I bet Karen Brady is feeling slightly green eyed as Carolyn Still is younger, far prettier and isnt a bluenose scumbag! My god I need to get out more!

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She is hot, i need to get myself up to see the mighty Stags {Ed003's Note - Think I need to do a bit of research aswell}

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13 Sep 2011 19:44:10
How pathetic are chelsea, champions league and they have 10,000 empty seats! That my son is a sign of a small club, who got rich!

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Some facts...

1) The capacity at Stamford Bridge is 41,000 and the attendance at the game was 34,000... this is basic stuff but can you work out the difference? (it's 7000 not 10,000)

2) Bayer Leverkusen reduced ticket prices to their fans by 20+ Euros in order that they matched the price they would pay if it were a home game, even then they returned most of their allocation (hence most of the empty seats)

3) There are 14 club grounds in the country that have the ability to host 34,000 fans at a game, let alone host that many fans AND have seats to spare, not exactly the sign of a small club.

4) You're an person with about as much knowledge of football as your mum, stick to netball in future genius.

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U trying to convince us or yourself.keep telling yourself this "your so called facts"

ste liverpool

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Umm, a fact is a fact you dullard. Read a book, check a website or two, y'know try to educate yourself even just a teeny bit, and you'll see.

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Just face it you couldnt fill the seats,they would of been offered to home fans and sectioned off.were you wavin your plastic flags roman give you.i wish i was you your so clever

ste liverpool

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Well I?ǨѢm obviously brighter than you because (a) I have the ability to read and can therefore confirm 'facts' and (b) i have the ability to spell and can therefore respond without looking like i should be out collecting Supermarket trolleys for a living. Congratulations on that btw.

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Wow your big behind a keyboard.i own my garage mate.i didnt get the job collecting trolleys,or fliping should run the country mate as you are far Superior to every1.and your vast Knowledge is second to still cant get away from the FACT that chavski couldnt fill the ground

ste liverpool

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13 Sep 2011 18:38:48

Former Rangers Chairman Martin Bain has won a court ruling to freeze £500k from Rangers Bank account in relation to his upcoming court action against Rangers relating to his resignation. The Judge stated that he was satisfied that if Rangers lose the HMRC case there is a serious risk of Rangers becoming insolvent.

On top of that, HMRC has has won a court order to seize around £2.5M of unpaid tax.

And in November HMRC have a court case against Rangers, which if Rangers lose they will owe HMRC £49M. This relates to tax evasion through Employee Benefit Trusts. A further debt of £18M then also transfers back to the club from one of the current owners companies. If this tax case is lost Rangers have admitted they will go into administration.

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Thus leaving one carp team to win everything in their country.

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And how many teams will compete for the EPL - 2. How many will compete for La Liga - 2. Same everywhere mate.

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Would that be the carp fishing team.

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Sorry, meant to say 'Championship' not 'carp'.

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Gers simply have to do the same as the cheating skates and only end up paying 20p in the pound....

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13 Sep 2011 16:51:53
Norwich to get around 45 points and to stay up....... just

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This is as likely as me drinking 45 pints and staying up.

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Ha ha ha , that was good!


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13 Sep 2011 14:38:26
George Elokobi set for Leeds, the out of favour left back is looking to get away from Wolves. Firstly on a loan basis, but then permenant in January


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He is off to play in the African cup of nations in Jan old fruit & Mick wont let him go anywhere as he is our back up left back

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13 Sep 2011 12:06:01
Norwich should have got at least a point from their game with WBA but my biggest disappointment was the WBA manager saying that he didn't think the elbow was intent and that it was a pure accident when will one come out and say I saw the incident and will take action to stop this at his club, while they all come out and deny what went on players will try and get away with such actions.
1) Stop the player 2 weeks wages
2) Make him go TV after the match and explain his action
3) Fine the clubs for persistent offenders by docking points.
4) Get the Ref's on after after the game show them the incidents they missed or got wrong and let them explain their actions.
The above suggestions might also stop managers (Dalglesh) moaning that Ref's have it in for L/pool he can't get a decision that is wrong going his way and saying didn't see it then when it goes against him saying he saw all that happened lets have some honesty from all sides.

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You really need to 'man up', there may have been points in League one and the Championship for whining but not in the Premiership. It was a deliberate elbow it should have been a penalty but the referee missed it, happens all the time, happens to every team at some point. It is inevitable that the Albion manager defends his player, otherwise he invites the FA charge. Man up. Move on, if your team has your attitude you will end up with fewer points than Derby.

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That elbow was deliberate!!

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Too true, football outside the Prem is totally lightweight and girly. It's full of prima donnas rolling around on the turf and whining. You really DO know your stuff.

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The premier league is overated only 4 teams the rest are poor.
Championship more entertaining and a close league

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They may be poor but you'd give your best begging arm to be that bad.

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Whats all this man up thing !
same silly chuckle brother , man up this man up that , you man up and post you name coward and team ! what a total cokc ! have you got your dads pants on while hes out and fell big eh!bossin your little sister around sayin" man up bitch and get me some milk" oh dads home and caught! what a cokc!

maximus {Ed025's Note - its about time you "manned up" , and stopped talking down to people!, grow up...idiot..

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13 Sep 2011 10:41:24
tell me what you know,are celtic going to be in the same situation as rangers concerning the tax bill,tax free loans for some of the foriegn stars we once had,this would be a worry to me if ti were true

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13 Sep 2011 07:22:12
My source at Elland Road has told me Leeds look set for a management shake up in response to reported issues in Simon Grayson's private life.

The popular manager looks likely to take a temporary "Director of Football" role as he deals with his personal issues and will be replaced by Dennis Wise and Gwyn Williams on a temporary basis. From what I understand, all of the backroom team will remain in place and Grayson is expected return in weeks, not months.

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13 Sep 2011 07:10:39
Norwich want to boost their squad in January signing Tamas Priskin and Grant Leadbitter from rivals Ipswich

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The only boost I've seen Priskin near is the one in the lunchbox he opens as he sits on his backside at the edge of the opposition's box waiting for someone else in his team to do some work.

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Norwich? err who?

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