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13 Oct 2011 22:38:59
Posted this on the celtic page but thought i would do so here aswell to get more conversation about it if possible, is it a possible goer or a complete waste of brain capacity? lol

Ed youl be distraught to hear that ive been thinking again!! (only kidding) of other possible money spinning ideas in football.. this one is for associations more than individual teams.

A while back now i posted a comment about an old firm selecct v an spl select team as a season opener / closer and it is deffo a good idea IMO.

Well this idea is a variation on this.

Have an inter FA trophy. Encompassing the top 15 ranked UEFA leagues. ( so we would sneak in at the moment...i think lol).

format is simple. Each FA has votes amongst its fans to create a select of the best players in the league say 18 players.text votes, phone votes, = some money which must be spent on say grass roots or something useful.

And enter them into a competition. 5 random groups of 3 teams, each team gets 2 games, top teams qualify for quarter finals, then the 3 next best placed, based on points, then goals scored, then goals conceded ( im sure this would seperate them out)

and straight knockout to final. Can run it as a pre season opener / closer on non world cup or euro years and max gaames would be 6 over a three/ four week period.

Problems obviously would be clubs not wanting to release players and timing of tourney.

obv cant be bothered going right into this all off the bat as lots over other connotations etc and issues and some positives

What do people think?


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Why embarress Scottish football more by suggesting a Best of EPL v best of SPL? Double figure scores do not look good in football. I suggest the SPL try to arrange a tournement with the FAs of Luxenburg,Faroe islands,Isle of man and seahouses sunday league, that way they may even reach the second round.

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Oh dear, how did i know to expect this sort of response, please look at the bigger picture, and re read the idea it isnt an idea about just the spl v epl. its sreia v la liga etc etc etc, top 15 nations in Uefa coefficients!!, Scotland probably might not make it in the first place cos we are mince from club teams to national teams, esp at the minute . This is an idea about trying to make something different happen in football, not for a case of one upsmanship or ohh we will hump yous by double figures! Everything about the SPL doesnt have to come down to ohh yous are crap etc etc, we know our limitations and accept that. Maybe the english national tems should recognise that at somepoint too!! if we want to get petty over things ( just jestin with ya bud)

This is about trying to make football an entertainment again, get away from the uber serious rivalry and join people regardless of nation or team allegiance to come together and say hey lets have a laugh and enjoy a sport. And do it for an overall good cause like funding kids footie in all countrys, or charity.


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Main Poster, what do i think? I think you should book in to a clinic and quick.

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And how would that benefit your team if you lost some of your best players in a two bob compo..and we have to many games has it is

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13 Oct 2011 21:54:32
What's all this competitive nonsense of the premier league, correct me if I'm wrong but the same 3 teams have won the premier league over the last 10 years compare that to the 2 teams of the Spanish league and I fail to find a big difference, a small team might get a result against one of the big teams now and again and that's supposed to be competitive? It makes no difference to the league, they still have no chance at winning it. {Ed003's Note - Have you seen the points difference between 2nd and 3rd place teams in the leagues you mention? and you never know their could be a new name on the EPL trophy this year. }

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Yes COULD because of the massive cash injection. Without a billionaire bankrolling you how else do you compete with barca and real? {Ed003's Note - How about how do the rest of the La Liga reign in Barca and real's dominance to make it as competitive as the EPL ? }

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We were promoted to the Prem this year and, to be honest, I find it really boring. Not because we are not a top team but because, even when we were in the lower divisions, I always thought it was boring. In all truth, the third div is the best to be in.

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13 Oct 2011 21:19:51
what do people think of rooneys 3 match ban n who should play up front my perferred chocie welbeck n sturridge comments please

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Can't go to a major championship with two players with such little experience and neither is first choice for their clubs.

Bent / Welbeck - Bent / Rooney for me

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Only reason I said them are cus they no each other n welbeck was before he got injured

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'What do people think of Rooney's ban' the right decision' he deserved all he got and more.

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Rooneys a gd player ..but whats the point in taking a player who cant play until later in the often have you seen him when things dont go right he gets that little charge on and we all no whats coming yellow/red card id like to see bent/sturridge defoe wellbeck now is the time to start blooding new players..ed how about internationals page

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13 Oct 2011 19:47:32
04 Oct 2011 16:55:25

Paolo Di Canio will leave Swindon by December 31st, and the new manager there will be Richard Money - unless he accepts the vacancy at Wrexham FC, if that happens then Ronnie Moore or Mark Robins will take over at The County Ground.

What a load of rubbish. Paolo will not leave Swindon on 31st December.

Why spread such carp when you clearly don't know what you are talking about?

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13 Oct 2011 18:17:56
for me eddie howe is a better manager than owen coyle . But thanks owen it was a great ride

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13 Oct 2011 18:06:37
Justice!! Looney banned for 3 games, excellent news.

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DAMN ! now i cant bet for 3 games :(

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Did papa looney have a bet??

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13 Oct 2011 15:57:36
why would alan curbishley be watching leicester vs birmingham if he going to be bristol manager ???

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13 Oct 2011 15:57:11
Anything happening at preston? :)

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Yes, but its not football.

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Wallace on his way to nobbers

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13 Oct 2011 14:36:41
12 Oct 2011 00:13:04
Doncaster apparently gonna finish above Hull this season! lmfao about as believable as Tevez or Diarra goin Donny

First of all, diarra could be coming rovers, second of all hull drew against rovers, with rivers finishig the better side, so it's clearly possible

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13 Oct 2011 11:08:47
To early to draw up candidates for pompey, but im hearing csi have hefty ambitions for portsmouth fc, and that curbishley, o neil, and dave jones are being lined up, but time will tell i guess i just hope the worzels gone by then, hes useless and would fit in at forest! Hoof

What a complete Mug, you say to early to draw up candidates then put 3 names of candidates down, Typically Stupid from one of the Fishy few...what a Muppet.
In our shadow once again...bye bye Skates

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Ed : Can you please help me with my problem. I am 15 and pregnant and my parents don't know. They haven't met my boyfriend. He is a Jamaican yardie. He is bisexual and HIV positive and he has tourettes. He is married and 20 years older than me. He deals drugs and carries a gun. He lives in a squat, he is just out of jail and he likes animal porn. My problem is, how do i tell my parents that he supports Portsmouth fc

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How can you have ambition with the blue few home attendances - its just a complete joke, h!

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13 Oct 2011 06:58:14
Can people stop assuming that Leicester will just throw silly money at everyone. We picked up Bamba for peanuts and is worth 3 mill now, Nugent on a free, peltier for no money, Kasper was a bargain at just over 1 mill and Fernandes on a season loan. Its only Matt Mills that has grabbed all of the limelight and he has now turned into a rock..3 clean sheets in a row against 3 top 6 teams!...................................................

It is what you are paying them, not how much they cost....players picking up silly money and all they get is splinters in there arse "weve got the most money come and play for us" LCFC have the Man City Syndrome

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Just walked past leicester city ground and staff their through £200 at me!
i thought that was silly, a bag of nuts would off been enough!


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You can't apply logic and facts when you're dealing with children fella. 90% of those who throw insults are jealous that Leicester have a few bob. Forest were one of the biggest summer spenders in the Championship... they spent around £2m, just goes to show how big the gulf is, no wonder the small clubs are jealous!

Hang on... i can hear someone clearing their throat... we won't get promotion (ever) we won't make the plaoffs, we've bought rubbish players, we over-pay for players, Sven will quit, Sven will be sacked, Leicester will go bust and the owners will run off with all the money - i think that's about it isn't it?

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Prem wages at a never in the near future prem club, nuff said. shut up crisp munchers, the league table doesn't lie xxx

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There we go, you can always rely on the resident dipstick to make a point for you. Cheers dipstick, enjoy your day at mcdonalds.

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13 Oct 2011 01:30:51
Yet again, liverpool's over inflated opinion of themselves, a club that has not won it's own domestic championship in over 20 years, can be seen in its demand for a bigger share of tv income. They can, by all means sell their own rights overseas, just as soon as they leave the premiship. Then they can keep every penny of the meaningless friendlys that they would have to replace their fixtures with. IT IS THE PREMISHIP THAT GENERATES THE INCOME, STUPID. {Ed001's Note - if you actually took the time to look into things, you would find that the story in the papers is the usual nonsense. The money they are talking about is the sell on fees that TV channels gets for selling the games around the world. Not a bigger share, as currently no club actually gets a cut of that money.}

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