Football Banter Archive November 13 2012


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13 Nov 2012 21:40:23
Please hill play this team then wee might have a chance of actually winning the game

and then throw on mido, rose/lazuras, and if hes fit enough craig davies

this is just for the bolton game btw

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13 Nov 2012 19:53:52
leeds are planning to build a 10,000000000 seater stadium to hold their worldwide fanbase,its going to be a comedy club,

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Match day would be like live at the Apollo

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13 Nov 2012 18:17:44
Could everyone who uses this site please sign the e petition for the justice 4 the 96. It would mean a lot to the mother who is dieing of cancer. See Liverpool rumours for more info. Sign petition on official Liverpool FC website. Cheers boys. I am a Scottish Chelsea fan by the way. It only takes 2 mins of your time. Much appreciated.thanks

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A scottish chelsea fan with leanings to liverpool ! agree with the idea mind

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13 Nov 2012 15:55:13
Does anyone else think that Kevin Nolan should get a place in the England squad? Not many other England players have scored the amount of goals he has from MF over the past 3 seasons, even if you take out the goals scored in the championship he is still up there....

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Yes Mrs Nolan I do think your Kevin should get a cap !

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So is the rest of the england team and staff.... baz

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Why would you want to risk one of our best players at such a crucial stage of the season on a pointless friendly?? we have a run of big games coming up and its important that our players rested up between games not trotting around the eu

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13 Nov 2012 12:28:28
I was asked earlier who I would have as my next Portsmouth manager.
The next Pompey boss for me has to be Andy Awford. Knows the club inside out after being a coach and a scout there. Now runs a successful Academy producing the future of Portsmouth and does deserve his chance. We all know he won't cost loads as Pompey aren't in the best financial situation and with him being a young boss, just like Michael Appleton, would be nice to see another fresh young approach.
Also on the topic of available managers jobs, the Ukraine have lost Oleg Blokhin to Dynamo Kiev. For me, the new boss has got to be former English based striker Sergei Rebrov. Rebrov is assistant at Kiev as well as within the setup at the national side. Blokhin has left the pastures new not because he was a poor manager so keeping the same ideas would be the best thing to do.

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13 Nov 2012 12:09:52
"Thorn has a great eye for talent, Thorn was escape goat at city for Sisu! Palace get Thorn he will do well

Thorn was a crap manager, appointed by SISU because the fans wanted him.
SISU wanted Robins.

Spooky. When Thorn failed, who did SISU get? Robins. The man SISU always wanted.

More proof that the fans are stupid.

SISU might well prove to be the best owners Coventry ever had

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13 Nov 2012 08:30:16
Anyone know of any transfer targets we have for January,in my opinion wed need a creative CM and a proven goal scorer otherwise I can see us dropping away from the playoff places

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Give us a clue.

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I think you should sign that quick lad who plays for that team up north and that spanish lad is good too! with those two in that squad the sky is the limit!

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