Football Banter Archive September 12 2012


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12 Sep 2012 22:34:22
JFT96 - 2 clubs 1 city NSNO YNWA - Everton fan

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12 Sep 2012 22:11:19
some serious digging into a few cases has uncovered that:

heskey --> blackburn or shanghai
drogba case has come out of thin air
del piero set to retire out in the sun of Australia
interestingly eidur gudjohnsen to brighton is a suprise on.
robbie fowler back to mk dons on a coaching role but on a players play as you play contract.

and charlton to loan wagstaff and sulivan to bournemouth.

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12 Sep 2012 18:09:21
I travelled on countless occasions to Hillsbrough to follow my team Newcastle United in the early eighties and the disaster that happened to the Liverpool fans was waiting to happen. Up to 15,000 of us would be crammed into the Leppings Lane end and when leaving the ground through the maintunnel, we often found the large wooden gates locked and the crush was unbelievable. On one such occasion my friends and i lifted a policewomen on to the top of the toilet block to avoid her serious injury. ALL this time the police officers would say " control wont let us open the gates". We eventually smashed the gates open and off the hinges before deaths occured. I DEFY the Police to deny all responsibility for the disaster involving Liverpool fans. JUSTICE for the 96. RIP

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Cheers mate LFC

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I got crushed fa semi forest v spurs 1966 and was at forest v liverpool and saw the gates opened hope we get the right outcome r.i.p 96

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Happened everywhere in can remember arsenal, Leicester and Coventry where things got very tricky being crammed in. Hillsborough changed football grounds everywhere due to that terrible day. Hillsborough takin plenty of stick but in reality I think many others got lucky.

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12 Sep 2012 17:16:27
Colchester manager is under increasing preasure as fans are calling for his dismissal

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12 Sep 2012 16:57:34
Who is the defender bristol city will sign?

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Stephen McManus now Middlesbrough have signed Andre Bikey.

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12 Sep 2012 14:58:50
Birmingham City subject of a takeover bid from Richard Branson, Ray Ranson and Trevor Francis.

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Would that mean a change of name to Virgin Football ?

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12 Sep 2012 14:51:17
Crawley will sign Tubbs permanently in
January not on loan now, Groves about
to be sacked as manager and Redknapp
will offload Tubbs who wants to leave
even though Bournemouth posted a
made up story saying he wanted to

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12 Sep 2012 16:29:32
Editor, this has to be the quietest day ever on your website. Can you confirm whether it is ? I hope you don't edit this 'out'.

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That's because the Jordon Rhodes saga is over........

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And because Matt Ritchie signed a new contract at Swindon, so the Bournemouth fans have to give it a rest now.

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12 sep 2012 15:01:46
with people moaning about england and some of the players i dont see who you would pick in there places.lets see your england team

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12 Sep 2012 13:24:38
3 days ago england were
world beaters
today they are rubbish
meet any team half decent
they go to pot

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I'll still support and get behind my country. Look on the bright side you could be Welsh, Scottish or N Irish.

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12 Sep 2012 13:20:26
joe hart has a big weakness
just see how many goals
have been scored against
him this season when the
ball has gone to his left

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In the top corner from a wonder strike, are you going to tell us which goalkeeper would have saved it?

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Jason Steele would have saved it.

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12 Sep 2012 12:56:36
8551 days it has taken to hear any form of an apology from the Government about Hillsborough

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Feel sorry for the families at least some closure disgusting it took that long good luck Liverpool Southampton dave

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12 Sep 2012 10:06:06
The shambles of an England game last night has only proven one thing, with our over paid, under performing, over-rated and passed there best players. we will never complete with teams like Spain and Germany. Roy Hodgson just hasn't got the tactical or motivational aspects to his managment to craft an England team and we don't have the players anymore. Dark days ahead, bring on the might of San Marino!! We were comprehesively out played last night by a Ukraine team that played with skill and belief. Skill and belief is something England just don't have at all.

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Good post mate , ithink just about everyone will agree with it

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Would have done better with Redknapp.

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12 Sep 2012 10:04:12
europa league top 3
1. undinese
2. athletico madrid
3. marseille

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12 Sep 2012 10:03:37
europa leauge
1. Udinese
2. liverpool
3. inter

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12 Sep 2012 10:02:17
champions league
1. Barca
2. juventus
3. chelsea

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12 Sep 2012 10:01:18
champions league
1. barcalona
2. chelsea
3. bayern munich

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12 Sep 2012 10:00:13
la liga at end of season
1. barcalona
2. real madrid
3. athletico madrid
4. valencia
5. mallorca
6. malaga
7. sevilla
8. athletic bilbao
9. deportivo
10. getafe
11. granada
12. real zaragoza
13. espanyol
14. valladolid
15. levante
16. real betis
17. rayo vallecano
18. osasuna
19. real sociadad
20. celta de vigo

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12 Sep 2012 09:54:41
spl at end of season
1. ross county!!!!!!
2. celtic
3. dundee utd
4. hibs
5. motherwell
6. hearts
7. aberdeen
8. st mirren
9. kilmarnock
10. dundee
11. inverness
12. st johnston

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St Johnstone will be top 6 easy

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12 Sep 2012 09:54:30
spl at end of season
2.Ross county
4.dundee united
7.aberdeen mirren
9.kilmarnock johnstone
11.inverness ct
12. dundee

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Ross county?? Legends

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12 Sep 2012 09:38:28
1. chelsea
2. manchester city
3. manchester united
4. everton
5. tottenham
6. arsenal
7. newcastle
8. fulham
9. swansea
10. liverpool
11.west brom
13. stoke
14. west ham
15. wigan
16. southampton
17. qpr
18. reading
19. norwich
20. aston villa

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Mufc champions

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No chance of everton finishing 4th, yes they've started well but they haven't got much depth when the going gets tough. Liverpool will be higher than swansea too, they've got too much quality to keep slumping

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You think a team with the two best strikers in the world and a terrific goalscorer on the bench will finish third. Van Persie and Rooney (best two) and Hernandez (bench) then you are a person {Ed020's Note - van persie is a liability with injuries, and rooney currently is too, personally i don't think man utd will make 3rd}

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12 Sep 2012 09:37:50
2.manchester city
3. manchester united
12.west brom
13.west ham
18.aston villa
19. southampton
20. qpr

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Norwich relegation

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12 Sep 2012 01:32:15
craig levien time up go now

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Grat manager give him a very long contact ....jim england fan

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Get strachan in, or joe jordan in, or susan boyle in! just make sure levein goes

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