Football Banter Archive October 12 2011


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12 Oct 2011 20:00:02
Why does liverpool want more tv when they already have the history channel.

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Their games would be right at home on the comedy channel


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Good luck united this weekend,do everyone a favour and bring the deluded Liverpool fans back to reality by hammering them


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Liverpool have no chance as martin atkinson is not the referee,i suppose suarez could dive for a penalty


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And wonderful feedback I take my hat off to all the slating of this cr@p, there are few fans out there that will begrdge us 'little clubs' taking a slice of the pot, screw you, it amazes me any discussion I ever have with a Liverpool fan always seems to have a but near the start, but.. our history but... were a big club but.. the refs are all Man Utd fans big Fing yawn
(QPR fan)

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What do you mean Suarez "could" dive?.....He will!

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12 Oct 2011 17:26:46
Big News. Just had it on A1 authority that Mick McCarthy is hanging on to his job by his finger tips. Defeat in the Black Country derby on Sunday will see Mick removed from the job. It is believed that Steve Morgan knows exactly who he wants as his next manager and that this person would be in a position to take the job as soon as its available.

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Avram Grant...The Terminator.

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12 Oct 2011 16:51:51
To all the muppets banging on about supporting Scotland and England,someone has put it on the main pages,have a look and see what people think about it.I'm a proud Englishman and we don't need any plastic fans supporting us.If your Scottish then support your own country and less of this British BS. Britain has nothing to do with football.If there was a GB team how many of your diddy players would even be considerd, NONE.I laughed last night watching Spain trounce Scotland,thats what REAL England fans do.Never read so much carp on here before, your Eddy is right its pathetic.I've heard of glory hunters at clubs but NEVER at internationals. HAHA saddos.You have my sympathy Bond dealing with that tripe. LMAO
England '66

England 66, how can anyone be a gloryhunter supporting England lmao. You should get to the AA and try and get off the drink. No England team in the near future or even in the next 10 years will win any of the major trophies. So wake up and be alcohol free for a change lol.
Scotland 67

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Allan McGregor, Charlie Adams, Stevie Naismith, Darren Fletcher, Alan Hutton, Scott Brown. So away you go England 66 and stop slavering.
Scotland RFC 67

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Allan McGregor, Steven Naismith, Darren Fletcher, Charlie Adams, Alan Hutton just to name a few. How many of your over rated over paid diddy players would be considered for the Scotland team? NOT many.
Scotland 67

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How many of those examples are any good? Hardly members of the squad of the year are they. You lost...again, deal with it.

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If there was a European team how many english players would make it,probably none.

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Dont know, err, how many scottish players would ?

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A British team would be the England team plus Bale

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12 Oct 2011 16:38:28
Why does everyone think Wayne Rooney is world class. that term gets thrown around too much for my liking. What has rooney done in his short term as a player. Not an awful lot, he got out shone by Ronaldo when he was at united. There are only three world class players and by world class i mean a player that will get in every team in the world. they are xavi, messi and ronaldo!! Wayne rooney is not world class, he wouldnt even get on barcas bench.

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To be world class you have to do it on the world stage. And all rooney has done is get sent off and moan at cameras. Bobby moore, bobby charlton etc they were world class and this is from a leeds fan.

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Utter TOSH! You dont have to do it on the World stage to be considered World Class and I point to Messrs Ronaldo and Messi for my case in point.

Both players are far and away the most exciting and dare I say it best players on the planet and have been in my eyes for the last 3-4 years (probably the next 3-4 too) but neither have set the world alight at world cups, Euros, Copa America etc

Whilst I take your point that Moore and Charton were World Class, the rest of your statement is nonsense and typical of that of TalkSport radio's Darren know that well versed former footballer who claimed Messi would never be considered World Class until he's won a world cup.

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The way i look at world class is...

If we were playing mars :-) the players who would would be considered for the world squad are world class.

To say there's only 3 world class players in the world is just stupid.

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12 Oct 2011 13:36:44
BREAKING NEWS......Man utd have offered Liverpool Howard Webb plus cash for Martin Atkinson.......!

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It was turned down as they are maxed out in that position. Atkinson, however is favourite for the C.E.O job at Citeh.

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12 Oct 2011 11:55:05
People moaning about saints are just jealous

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Brilliant bit of insight there, you should be a detective, it'd make a nice change to be called a duck for a reason other than your silly observations.

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Please tell me who the hell is jealous of you what the hell has a little club like yours got to make people jealous dream on

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Yeah we are jealous of one F.A cup win and Matt Le Tissiers big hooter.

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From one Saints fan to another - wind your neck in......your lame comments are setting us up as targets. You dont nedd to say a thing, just remember we are currently top of the Championship, playing some good football, have a modern stadium, good home attendances, fantastic away support, a very good Manager and Chairman, excellent youth policy, great academy and traing facility, and on top of that we are solvent. The icing on the cake is that we once again are looking down on the bottom feeding skates from the other end of the M27 - so we dont really have to say anything about jealousy or anything else for that matter......

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I pity you. I really do. I feel your pain. It is the pain of a man howling for sanity in the wildernesses outside the gates of a city where lunacy prevails. You, sir, are up there with John the Baptist.

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12 Oct 2011 10:44:42
If anyone has a look on the Celtic site, there are people saying that they support Scotland and England when it comes to international football.Do England fans also cheer on Scotland?Or are there any Scotland fans out there also support England?

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I have no interest in Scotland mate.No offence but I love seeing them getting humped.

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LMAO is this a wind up?

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No self respecting Scotsman should EVER cheer on England.That is just wrong!I bet it is Rangers fans saying it.

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Why the hell would any scottish fan cheer on England?And I'm English!My father would give me a slap if I even cheered a scotland goal.get a grip FFS!

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I will have to disagree with you lot, i am a massive england fan and i always want the home nations to do well, including scotland. i know that most scotland fans want england to crash and burn but i don't feel the same way about them. hope rep ireland win there play off match. garyd MOT

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England and scotland fans hate each other! fact!
the scottish are s**te at football ,thats why they didnt get through!
dirty sweaty socks, ha ha your out!!!!


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It makes no odds who it is, i always support anyone who plays the whinging jocks and i love seeing them get hammered no matter what sport it is, England knocked them out of the Rugby World Cup, brilliant! They all love Scotland so much, why don't more of them live there instead of living and working in England? bunch of skirt wearing caber tossers

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I support the rangers... the champions of scotland and the quintessential british such we should support all british teams.i love when scotland play our english brothers at any sport as it helps seal the bond of our united kingdom.

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Looks like scotland , wales and northern ireland have to settle for the pie and pea cup again ,see if luxemborg want to make the numbers up?


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Oh right the jocks are on a "charm offensive" as they want to play in our league. Go away and toss a log, thats something you are good at.

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I am also a Rangers fan but for the team that play in a top European league not the clown show put on north of the boarder, it is true the Scots hate the English as a rule but us English, well the vast majority don't really care about the Scots, would have quite liked to see them there it's not like they would have done anything except for pack their bags in the first week at least the English wait till we play a half decent side before we our outclassed!

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Listen, scotland have a poor league with a poor national team, but lets face it, the influx of foreign players in the prem has destroyed Englands chances of ever winning anything.... We are not producing the players that we need as a country, the old rule of only 4 foreign players should be re introduced, clubs like arsenal would finish below bolton.... The prem needs to do something to give English players a chance to develop.....

But the FA are more concerned with lining their pockets than developing football in this country..

Oh and I agree, I would cheer for any team playing against Scotland

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12 Oct 2011 08:13:12
Grant Holt to sign for Blackpool so he can take kids for rides along the pleasure beach

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12 Oct 2011 01:53:36
The fact that Atkinson has not faced any sanction for the rodwell red card, shows that the FA are ready to treat the fans with contempt, closing ranks behind a man who has not even had the guts to say sorry. The respect agender is a joke, it's earned, not givern.

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12 Oct 2011 00:13:04
Doncaster apparently gonna finish above Hull this season!! lmfao about as believable as Tevez or Diarra goin Donny

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