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11 Apr 2012 22:00:27
WFC to sell Scott Loach & sign Tomasz
Kuszczak from Man Utd also WFC to
get Smith, Helg & Robbo back for nxt
season .... SD will be given 12 mnth contract

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11 Apr 2012 21:04:41
in the summer, doncaster rovers will sign emmanuel ledesma from walsall, billy kee from burton and michael wilde from chester city.

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And then get relegated again !


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11 Apr 2012 21:04:36
Emnes to Sunderland £5mil
Gordon to Celtic £3.5mil
Huntelaar to Man.utd £19mil
kroos to Arsenal OR Liverpool £12mil
Mvila to Arsenal £17mil
Fowler to Leeds Free
Torres to Anzhi £35mil
Kightly to Stoke £4mil
Hennessey to Swansea £4mil
Doyle to Everton £5mil

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Fernando wont be sold now hes good again and if he was to be sold we would sell him for 50mil

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Who would pay 50 mil for torres now, get real.

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11 Apr 2012 21:00:13
Fabio and Rafael wanted by Barca for 15mil each

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11 Apr 2012 20:47:20
Reading are looking into the possibility of launching a £4 million summer bid for QPR striker Bobby Zamora. The front man, who moved from Fulham in January, is one of the club's highest earners and in the event of relegation, would be likely to leave the club.

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High earner? count us out then... hardly going break the wage cap are we

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11 Apr 2012 20:04:37
Liverpool are looking to make some bargain signings this summer David Hoilett who is available on a free transfer will likely be first in the door while they are also targeting Lassana Diarra,Klaas Jan Hunterlaar,Alex Smithies and Adam Johnson. Alberto Aquilani,Dirk Kuyt,Jay Spearing,Maxi Rodriguez,Joe Cole,Dani Pacheco and Doni all look set to leave.

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Smithies doubt it......... hudds fan

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11 Apr 2012 20:04:02
newcastle to complete the signing of royston drenthe in the summer for 6 mil a pre contract has been agreed

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11 Apr 2012 19:26:19
£58,000,000 in debt oh dear oh dear oh dear

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Looks like all the creditors
will get nothing

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Tick tock
tick tock
tick tock

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11 Apr 2012 18:26:27
SG is planning as mass clearout at Huddersfield regardless of what division we end up in, at least 12 to go, these inc:

Joey G
N Clarke

no replacements decided yet, he'll wait to see which division we in first

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Smithies won't leave!

but lee, joey, nathan and tom clarke, naysmith, mcoombe, roberts will leave for free johnson and morrinson back to parent clubs
Then rhodes leaving aswell, no way SG will be able to get rid of robinson,gobern, arfield and woods with wages there on plus absolutely useless and wage cap coming in.
IF we get promoted then we should be able to get some decent players in rather than over paying for people who just come to sit on their cash thinking they'll breeze to promotion, then bottle it when things get tough

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Bennett, Chippendale, Colgan, Cadamarteri, N Clarle, T Clarke, Gudjonsson, Lee, Miller Naysmith and Roberts are all out of contract in the Summer. Johnson and Morrisson will go back to their parent clubs.
Cannot imagine Grayson wanting to offer any a contract (other than Morrisson but don't imagine parent club will sell).
As for Rhodes, I think Hoyle will take a decent offer and Rhodes will hope a Premiership club comes in.
Possibly others that Clark bought will be on their way.
Grayson will have to be astute as to what he buys to give us a backbone to compliment players that are left.

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11 Apr 2012 18:22:45
To Norwich fans don't worry you can sign rest of Leeds team they are rubbish ( apart from snodgrass and clayton) from..... A Leeds fan :)

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Please take Snodgrass as well, if you pay more than what you did for Howson we'll be laughing!

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11 Apr 2012 18:20:37
11 Apr 2012 13:26:02
Stoke City ins and outs

Lukaku- Chelsea- Season loan
Jarvis- Wolves- £5.5m
R.Johnson- Wolves- £4m
Gordon- Sunderland- Free

Woodgate- Free agent
Jones- Reading- £5m
Soares- Hibernain- £200k
Tonge- Barnsley- £300k
Huth- Wolfsburg- £5.5m
Upson- Southampton- £500k
Sorenson- Southampton- Free

Southampton ins and outs

Leadbitter- Ipswich- Free
Sorenson- Southampton- Free
Doyle- Wolves- £3.75m
Upson- Southampton- £500k
Naughton- Tottenham- Season loan
Iago Falque- Tottenham- Loan till Jan
Stearman- Wolves- £2m
Watson- Wigan- £1.3m

Jaidi- Retired
Connolly- Released
Puncheon- Blackpool- Season loan with view to permanent deal
Seabourne- Charlton- £200k
Butterfield- Released

Reading ins and outs

Jones- Stoke- £5m
Cresswell- Ipswich- £900k
Smithies- Huddersfield- £1m
Rhodes- Huddersfield- £1.5m
Hunt- Reading- £1.6m
Faurlin- QPR- £2.5m
Pogba- Manchester United- Season loan
Miquel- Arsenal- Season loan
Khumalo- Tottenham- Season loan

Kebe- West Ham- £2m
Antonio- Sheffield United- Short Loan
Le Fondre- Watford- Loan
Tabb- Huddersfield- £250k

Sunderland ins and outs

Collins- Aston Villa- £3.5m
Wallace- Rangers- £2.5m
Forrest- Celtic- £4m
Drenthe- Real Madrid- £5m
Soriano- Barcelona- £3m
Agbonlahor- Aston Villa- £5.5m

Bridge and Kygriakos- end of loan
Bendtner- end of loan
McCartney- West Ham- £300k
Kilgallon- Watford- £500k
Gordon- Out of Contract
Bramble- West Brom- £1.5m

Jones back to Sunderland

This seems a realible post

(reading fan) we dont have enough pull to get jones, rhodes wont be coming to reading let alone for 1.5m stephen hunt wont be coming back, khumalo was terrible and wont be coming back, pogba too big a name to come to us, west ham fans hate kebe so he wont be going there. whereas cresswell and faurlin are players id be intersted in, buzsaky too

Butterfield has just signed a 1 year extention on his contract so wont be released

West brom need a stronger defence why sign bramble.

So Reading are going to buy Hunt from Reading for £1.6m?!?

Some might be true but i think some wont

Forrest for £ having a laugh? He's one of the most promising young players around...Celtic would laugh if they werent offered at least £10 million

Theres noel and stephen hunt.................

'this seems a reliable post' - I wrote this myself, behave yourself Faulin isn't going anywhere and most of this is rubbish

Tonge out of contract so he,s free

Rhodes 6 million minimum, Smithies 3-4 million, what is this guy smoking lol

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Smithies not worth 3-4m and only get 4-5 rhodes top........... hudds fan

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11 Apr 2012 17:58:20
Doncaster are set to sign Stuart Beavon from Wycombe, Emmanuel Ledesma from Walsall, Elliot Benyon from Southend, kyle McFadzean from Crawley and Stephen Gleeson from MK Dons.

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11 Apr 2012 17:51:34
Adam Lallana has been spotted in Central Park, Plymouth, not to far away from Home Park. However Argyle fans should not get excited as he was heading for the Life Centre to give young Tom Daley some tips ahead of the olympics! Bryher Pilgrim

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Surprised he did not fall over his own feet on the way!

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11 Apr 2012 17:37:19
Jos? Mourinho is set to become the manager of Man City this summer, and is hoping to bring Cristiano Ronaldo with him for a return to Manchester.

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11 Apr 2012 16:57:50
Leicester city to sign Carlos Cuellar and Heskey on free transfer.

Owen on season loan

Cameron Stewart 3.5mil

Jermaine Defoe interested if promoted

Jamie vardy 750,000k,

Beckford sold to Sunderland, Bolton or Southampton 2mil

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Why are ppl mentioning Leicester and defoe in the same sentence ? its absolute sh**e wether or not we go up, which by the way is still very unlikely, stop talking sh**e its ppl like you that make Leicester fans look like knobs


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11 Apr 2012 16:55:32
barnsley fc to sign anthony wordsworth when the window re opens they will also try to sign lewis grabban and richard wood

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11 Apr 2012 16:40:53
stoke made a mistake selling ben marshall to Leicester, hes quality! If only we'd got him sooner, still were still makin the playoffs!

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He's ok but nowhere near good enough for the Prem.

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Not yet bt with experience and time, hes only young

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Your right m8 so far a gr8 signing! How can you say he aint good enough for the prem after just a few games? have you seen some of the carp in the prem? Marshall will def be in the prem, with Leicester or someone else


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11 Apr 2012 16:11:19
Due to family contections just got back
from Barry's funeral and wake.Listening to the tributes from foemer players and family
Was an honour to know him and to of been on the football park with him(only being 15 local football)
Pyramid reference.GREAT and best summed up.
p.s lets hope we both stay up.

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11 Apr 2012 14:27:30
reading used to be a team with the average premiership players. (kevin doyle , leroy lita , marcus hannaman , nicky shory etc.) reading have just recently signed jason robers , who is a premiership standerd player , and will probably continue to buy these but dont have much cash

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The takeover is pending the football leagues approval, they are going to be pumping in a fair bit of money, they've already said they're going to pay for a class 1 acadamy

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You mean take advantage of the premier leagues funding towards an academy up to the tune of 5m I believe.

Mr.Roller Coaster

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11 Apr 2012 14:08:47
Do you know anything about a goalkeeper called Calum Antell, currently at Hibs playing on loan at East Stirling. His contract is up this June, he has been having rave reviews in Scotland for some outstanding performances, he's being tipped for the top !

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11 Apr 2012 00:50:30
Derby are looking to get rid of dead-wood in the summer, including the following:

Lee Croft
Connor Doyle
Saul Denney
James Bailey
Miles Addison

They will also venture into the trasnfer market, and are supposidly interested in the followeing

Marc Pugh
Ross Wallace
Jason Pearce

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Derby want Paul Dixson the Dundee Utd left back,in the summer when he is out of contract.

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With what money? Lol

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11 Apr 2012 00:28:40
Word at fratton park this evening is that Pompey could be forced out of business next week and all players up for an auction to pay off the debts..!

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Very sad if that was to happen, but a sign of the times I'm afraid. Looking at the squad though, I think most would have to go down a division or so to get a club, and accept a lot lower wages. Those who are left may find themselves playing part time.

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Where you hear this then?

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11 Apr 2012 00:27:46
Burnley midfielder Ross Wallace is apparently attracting interest from various Championship clubs including Ipswich, Derby and Milwall. Wallace wants out at Burnley after a fallout with manager Eddie Howe and is attracting interest.

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