Football Banter Archive October 10 2012


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10 Oct 2012 14:35:13
Barnet have confirmed they have received international clearance for former Fulham striker Collins John.


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No, you mean John Collins

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10 Oct 2012 12:30:12
nigel pearson to become new bolton manager

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H cheers for the laugh m8! Iv also heard pearson and mills will be best friends for ever and ever !

Devon Fox

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10 Oct 2012 09:24:58
Ryan doble must be sat on the bench thinking " what have i got to do to get a game here " 2 new strikers needed if doble isnt getting a chance and a couple of midfielders to help summers. Summers is buzzing around trying to create but not coming off

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10 Oct 2012 08:38:08
So Coyle goes and straight away the media start banging on about McCarthy and some other 'old' managers to come in and take over.
I thought we'd seen the start of the end of this nonsense?
The new breed of younger managers (albeit in their late 30s and early 40s) seem to herald a new way of managing. Gone are the 'same old, same old' faces like Redknapp and McCarthy, O'Leary and a host of other managers who seen more sacks than a flour mill. That's what I thought - then again, didn't people say Coyle was a 'brilliant' manager and a candidate for Liverpool or Arsenal?
Football is plagued with these old hangers-on who still think they can do a good job - chairman and owners I'm talking about! But these older managers who've been through a few clubs still get jobs!
Good to see Liverpool giving a younger man a chance and same with Swansea and Spurs. Maybe Bolton need to do the same and not fall back on the old has-been who will never be again?

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Coyle was a good manager, but sometimes the players need to look at themselves. look at Di Canio he is wild, but doing a great job, the players must have respect and passion or he drops them.... Big Mick would be a massive backwards step for Bolton IMO.

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Mick Mccarthy would be a disaster just ask wolves fans , might get us up but we'll have to sack him as soon after.
he is a dinasaur manager and he will want that Connor as his no2, wolves have done great since they sacked him

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Yes Wolves did really well when they sacked Mick.....they got relegated, quality post that.

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